Since they do so much for us, it only makes sense to return the favor and take proper care of your bike and battery to maximize their lifetime. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); My first introduction to the Electric Bike Company actually came last year when I reviewed their flagship model. Now, of course, an American-built electric bike isnt made solely from American-sourced parts. About Us | Today, after charging it for four hours, the battery has not gained any charge as indicated by the bars on the controller. ), PAS feature isnt working effectively, it requires close attention and troubleshooting, A common problem youll encounter is the breakage of the spoke in the rear wheel. Get something good instead. The throttle is ready to be released. We shut it down right away, dried everything as best we could, and he went back to work. This setup works for another 48v battery I have, and the Rad Power charger that . So, its easy to get solutions if you face any problem. The Semi-Integrated Battery securely fits within the bike's aluminum housing and can be locked into place with keys included with your bike. Lithium-ion batteries are a good option for e-bike batteries because they can store a lot of energy in a small amount of space, but they can be fickle too. You should either replace the linings or make a simple brake adjustment. First, monitor your battery and look for signs of wear as you would ensure your chain is lubed. Do you want to buy a battery ? A solid red light indicates that the charger is working normally and that your battery is being charged. Squealing noises show that there are vibrations between the disc pads and caliper. James Wilson of Obsession Bikes told Global News that lower-quality equipment usually causes concerns for their shop as opposed to items from Shimano, Bosch, or higher-quality e-bike brands. Same case if it releases a voltage higher or clearly lower than normal. If a battery starts smoking, emitting unusual noises, or showing signs of melting, place the battery in a safe place, if possible. Then place the throttle correctly and temporarily fix it with a zip tie. Considering how many e-bikes are on the market, the amount of fires is likely miniscule, notes a battery safety advisory from the ironically named Human Powered Solutions, however the ramifications of a battery fire are so signficant that these relatively simple steps are more than justified.. As a trader, benefit from our attractive wholesale. In a short time you will be back in the saddle with that eGrin everyone is talking about. Now you can tighten the bolts and reinstall the grip. All Rad Power Bikes come with PAS that puts the motor power in the pedal stroke. In fact, it was the goal of bringing this type of transportation assistance to South Africa that originally got Sean interested in electric bikes nearly a decade ago, and thus would be a fitting way to complete the circle on his journey through the world of electric bicycle designing and manufacturing. 2 YEARS WARRANTY ON ALL NEW EBIKE BATTERIES Home; Shop. Lets hear it for our batteries! Known Issues & Problems with Rad Power Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes. And while that price seems fairly middle-of-the-road, the quality of these bikes far exceeds the price. This is another major reason why Rad Power Bikes fail to start. Those builders receive the purchase orders from Electric Bike Companys front office, complete with a number of customization options offered to each customer, and then begin building the bike from the ground up, starting with the bare frame. But by performing as much of the process as possible locally in California, Electric Bike Company has been able to remove the weak points normally found on cheaper imported e-bikes. Consider Replacing the Battery; if it is exhausted and stops charging itself. We Specializein lithium ion batteries for electric bicycles of all brands. Here, we recommend inspecting the magnetic ring for any damage or dirt. When in doubt, ask an expert for help. Court; Dec 6, 2022; Replies 3 Views 724. A few days later the battery swelled enough to crack the track pad from underneath. It can also expose you to caustic substances and electrical shock or it could create a fire hazard, which can lead to serious injury or death. Send your tired or defective battery to us and we will take care of the rest. Rad Rover 6 Plus battery Wont Charge fix deftoner 209 subscribers Subscribe Share 9.8K views 1 year ago this is a basic guide on how to take apart the rad power bike rad rover 6 plus. Views 4K. To check whether the issue is with the outlet or another object, try plugging in another device. This is known as the Goldilocks zone where it is neither too hot nor too cold. Copyright 2012-2022 EBR Electric Bike Review, Inc. Also operating under the name EBR. But a repaired one cant provide the expected performance a new one offers. To get a charger that matches your charger, you need to follow these two points: be careful : Before buying a new charger, please make sure that the socket used is working normally. Dont use generic or third party chargers. 2023 UpHomely by ISEE PUBLISHING STUDIO. For riders 4'8" - 6'0" Lithium batteries have high energy densities up to 100x higher than a normal battery and are made up of rechargeable cells with intercalated lithium compound or electrolyte between the anode and cathode. You can use the bikes for commuting, city riding, transporting cargo, and off-roading. This can damage your electrical system or cause a hazardous situation. Finally, close the grip cap, and you are done. After getting a new or restored throttle, reinstall it. They are not serviceable. When its time to take a spin, just slide it back on. If it works, continue your research in order to find out the reasons why your charger no longer works. Rad electric bikes have fuses. Tune packages include our Basic Tune, Rad Tune, and Rad Overhaul. 48 volt Battery for my Rad Wagon electric Bike. 2 YEARS WARRANTY ON ALL NEW EBIKE BATTERIES. Company 3 Replies 214 Views January 24, 2023, 07:49:56 AM by Eric7: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Related Article: 5 Common Problems With Rad Power Bikes (Reasons Revealed!). Yet the whole thing retails for just $699 and could conceivably turn a conventional beach cruiser or other standard bicycle into an electric bike with high-quality parts for under $1,000. Local manufacturing, of course, means local employees. You need to troubleshoot your bike and correct the problem in such a case. 4000 miles on a Radwagon here- Keep your spokes tight and true. Brakes need lots of adjustments to maintain tightness. Its also worth remembering that puddles can hide bigger obstacles that can be hazardous to you and your bike. Does anyone have information about these types of battery issues? Our always-on services are here to support you daily. Rad has tested the heck out of charging the battery using the charger we created to do exactly that job. Ensure you refill the system with another brake fluid. Just be patient. All in all, Rad Power bikes are reliable bikes and are worth having. Turn it off, and remove the battery. Rad Power Bike Battery Not Charging (Do This FIRST! So, replacing the old battery is better than repairing it. Rad Power Bike batteries are designed for easy removal - no disconnecting of wires - allowing you to charge indoors or extend . The battery is the source that runs the motor. Wildfire Threat Closes Trails in New Mexico and New Singletrack 4 Hardtail MTBs on Sale, plus SRAM & RockShox AXS 3 Expert Tips to Improve Winter Mountain Bike Performance. The explanations below explain what each light on the chargers means. Some of the main cables that might be loose include: To correct the situation, begin preparing your Rad Power Bike for maintenance. If you cant find a solution with these ideas, then review the battery instructions in your bikes Owners Manual. Get a new battery if the old one is chemically exhausted. There are situations where one or more hydraulic brake system components become either non-functional or damaged. In this case, its good to replace the Pedal Assist Sensor. JavaScript is disabled. lets look at all the Reasons and Solutions, How to Convert a Mountain Bike to a Hybrid: 5 Must-Do and 7 Optional Steps, Reasons Why Your Rockshox Reverb Is Stuck Down, Reasons Your Bikes Rear Wheel Is Not Spinning Freely | The Fix, 2. As a reader-supported site, when you click through any of our links, we may earn a small commission as an affiliate partner. A low brake fluid mainly results from a leak in the system. In order to offer you another solution, it is also possible to have your bicycle battery reconditioned Rad-Power-Bikes , especially if its spare parts are not available on the market. Even packaging is an area for pride at Electric Bike Company. Lithium ion batteries are all made up of these three parts, with the electrolyte allowing electrons or ions to flow from electrode/anode (charging port) to the other electrode/cathode and vice versa. Radpower bikes mostly come with both PAS and throttle assist systems. MTB Podcast | Started by Panpaper. There is a LED on the PAS sensor. After removing the throttle, you have to diagnose it. Sometimes, the battery itself refuses to power up the bike. You will find a power button on the battery. Make sure to avoid spraying water directly into electrical components, like your display or battery tray. For instance, theyre more expensive than normal bikes, with some going to as high as $3,000. However, you can still ride the bike by peddling manually. Reasons being, its extremely dangerous and can pose lethal consequences. Frostybikes; Apr 27, 2021; 2. Rad Power Bikes is a reputable brand that has invested so many resources into developing affordable yet high-quality e-bikes. Rad Power Bikes Inc., All Rights ReservedTerms of Purchase | Terms of Use | Warranty | Returns | Privacy Policy. After you use the battery, are you charging it immediately? Are your charger cords not working as intended? Still, many riders dont have clues on how to troubleshoot their rad bikes. Best MTB Gear | Rad power electric bike batteries come with a battery level indicator. You want to get solutions that work for your battery concern of your bike Rad-Power-Bikes ? In this article you will learn why your Rad-Power-Bikes bicycle battery no longer works. Ensure the remaining battery power is fully discharged. After impressing Tektro with its professional assembly process, Tektro granted Electric Bike Company the right to assemble Tektros own brakes locally. In addition split lock washers aren't designed to be reused, as with every time they're compressed the steel loses strength and the sharp edges typically only bite the surface material and nut once. Customize your ebike so it effortlessly fits into your lifestyle. However, youre likely to encounter problems such as the bike not starting, PAS sensor not working, hydraulic brake failure, spoke failure, and Rad UI remote & display failure. 5 Common Problems With Rad Power Bikes (Reasons Revealed!). However, if your battery has no apparent damage and it can no longer charge, follow the next step: a detailed analysis of the internal parts. Cargo & utility Haul it all. Several years ago when Aaron was working for Singletracks he spilled coffee on his laptop. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2023 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | From ensuring the use of sealed bearings to employing only stainless steel rust-resistant hardware on the bike to using custom-made e-bike specific tires rated for 50 km/h (31 mph) to outfitting the bikes with Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes (which is essentially motorcycle-level quality), these bikes are well designed and even better outfitted. Here are some of the major points from Human Powered Solutions and the University of Washington:. Get some Spare Connectors and rectify the connection issues by Soldering. We still see products using split lock washers, but seldom where they're relied on for safety or security. So, check the wiring every time before you go for a ride. Who wouldnt want to bring their electric bike on a road trip? Did another ride, battery died after ten minutes again, another 12 hour charged yielded the same results. The subreddit r/spicypillows has many scary/humorous examples. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to You! However, the bike should be free from loose connections to avoid the motor cut. One has a key port on its battery, however. When you strap yours to a bike rack or place it in the back of a truck bed, remove the battery as an added safeguard against the elements and to avoid the risk that it might fall off your bike if its not attached correctly. Last week my Radrover 5 finally came in the mail- got it assembled and it looked great. Just check out the custom-made tires that Electric Bike Company designed, shown below compared to other high-quality tires they have tested. Monitor charging batteries at all times. The charger is designed to stop charging automatically when the battery is fully charged. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, dirt, debris, high temperatures, and corrosive household items until its time to ride again. All sizes and ratings. Loosen the brake lever and remove the spacer if there is any. The ice may have melted, but theres a possibility that when it turned to slush, it mixed with salt on the road and turned into a big puddle of saltwater. Unplug each of the above connectors and inspect them thoroughly. Pro tip: We know its sometimes difficult to detect exposure, but you can generally tell when the bike has encountered salt or saltwater by the white, chalky residue that salt leaves behind. However, the pedal-assist system is operated and controlled by sensors. Press the Charge Level button and check to make sure it is charging properly. Shop All Ebikes 14-day free trial 1-year warranty Shop by style Shop by model Off-road Go anywhere comfort. Dec 7, 2022. caissiel. Sometimes, your brakes might pull to one side when you step on them, thus not working efficiently. E-bikes have two notable components that are unique compared to a traditional bike batteries and motors and both can have a unique design from one to the next and a varying level of quality. So, the risk of fire reduces due to the presence of fuses in the rad electric bike. The Cycle Satiator goes from XLR to XT60 plug, then there is an adapter from XT60 to barrel plug. Here are a few best practices aimed at keeping both you and your little 48V friend happy. . Bosch battery 500 Watts (36 volts): 820 euros, Charger problem on my Mod-Bikes electric bike, Charger problem on my Lemond electric bike, Charger problem on my FLX-Ebikes electric bike. Lithium Starter Batteries for MotorCycles. From touring the factory and talking with Sean and his employees, I can see how much care is taken on every component, even the ones not built on-site. I haven't left it plugged in after charging for a long time. It may not be possible to extinguish a lithium-ion battery fire so its best to mitigate other potential consequences. C. Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Reviews. Terms | Privacy. While no fires have been reported yet, according to a news release, a recall on Santa Cruzs latest Heckler says that the latch mechanism that holds the battery in place can malfunction and drop the battery to the ground or the latch spring may cause wear on the battery housing over time and pose a fire risk. Now, loosen the clamp bolt with an Allen Key. Your subtotal today is $-.--. At first, you have to check the wiring and connection, especially the prongs. However, theyre an indication that the brake is damaged. Its crucial to keep riding the bike. Our electric bikes have won more awards than any other brand from Electric Bike Review. Some batteries have one light, while others have two. 1273 S. Cherokee St, Denver, Colorado 80223 USA. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in the event the battery ignites something else. Adding a flat washer that can spin, further weakens the joint. All Rights Reserved. After identifying the leak, have the involved part replaced. Here are some of the major points from Human Powered Solutions and the University of Washington: Another safety point: watch for signs of pressure building inside a battery. This action can even, in some cases, make your equipment even more efficient and resistant. La battery of your Rad-Power-Bikes electric bike does not turn on anymore ? You can find one or more disconnections or loose connections. Here we suggest a couple of things to check first. Its better not to risk it and to ride cautiously to avoid puddles or standing water. Search our extensive help center library or chat with an agent. More. Rad should know about it. Its safe to say that if you love your ebike, you love your battery. The battery charger displays one red light and one green light when it is connected to the battery as she attempts to charge it, the same as when the charger is not connected to a battery. However, if you arent confident to DIY the repair job, get professional help. Avoid riding your bike in temperatures lower than minus 4F to help maintain normal battery operations. If I wanted to search online what key words for the connection type? For the case of the display, unplug the Rad UI Display connector to remove the old unit. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. 3. Before you waste hours online looking for a solution, here are a few simple things that may fix your battery-not-charging issue. Make sure they are aligning and functioning correctly. When batteries explode, its said that the flow of ions has become abnormal or unstable. Only seems to charge fully intermittently. Installed all 3 and got the same 30 maintain error every single time I engaged the PAS. So, when the rad power bike throttle is not working, it means the throttle is jammed or damaged inside. Bike Battery sales and repair | Lithium Battery | bike batteries. Salt is a great partner for caramel and countless other culinary delights, but it is less so for your battery. So, you can quickly know whether or not the battery has enough charge. If none of these solutions work, then the battery may have a blown fuse and need to be replaced. If your Rad Power Bikes battery is unlike these two types, some helpful tips under "Checking for obvious fixes" may still apply. These innovations and more (I saw other interesting projects underway that arent ready for public release yet) combined with the companys emphasis on local production speak to Electric Bike Companys desire to build high-quality electric bicycles that actually improve lives both of riders and of those in the local community. Here, we discuss some challenges with Rad Power Bikes. The kit also includes a front hub motor, throttle, pedal-assist, and LCD display. Regular maintenance, like lubricating your chain, is always important but should be practiced more frequently when theres the possibility of salt or saltwater exposure. There is also the possibility of contaminants within the battery due to improper manufacturing, according to the University of Washington, and it could lead to whats called a thermal runway where the organic electrolyte within the battery is vaporized, pressurizing the battery casing, and potentially leading to an explosion when the case needs to release pressure. Is your wall outlet not working? Having received an Electric Bike Company e-bike myself, I can say that it is without a doubt the best-packaged e-bike I have ever seen. Let me explain. Located in Southern California. They briefly flicker red before turning off. And in my line of work, I must have unboxed well over a hundred e-bikes shipped from just about every corner of the world by now. document recommends a number of safety procedures. Only charge batteries with the correct charger supplied by the manufacturer. Use a Rad charger for the best results. Then diagnose the wiring and the sensor itself. The three situations described above represent the most common problems with external standard batteries. No worries! Read on! Get some Spare Connectors and rectify the connection issues by Soldering. If this hardware no longer works, you will have problems. If the sensor is too far from the magnet ring, push it to bring them closer. A day or two is not a cause for concern, but after a while, it starts to add up. There aren't many people that get particularly excited by extreme temperatures, and your ebike is in the would-rather-play-it-cool camp as well. Switching it up and using third-party batteries or chargers could result in the battery being charged too fast or losing capacity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bike Tire Deflates When Removing Pump: Why Does This Happen? FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Turn it to ON and try again. Then wipe the sensor up with a clean towel. Put the old controller back on the RR to trouble-shoot and that worked and zero errors after +350 miles. If it only has one light, and it is green, thats a go signal for you as well. German-made Continental tires, Taiwanese-made Tektro Dorado brakes, Korean-made Samsung battery cells, and other parts are all combined to create the final product. However, a difference between the voltage of the charger and that of the battery could damage your battery. 800 miles on a wagon, no real issues, but room for minor improvement. Press Esc to cancel. The bonnet isn't all smooth, you can see that it's raised a little bit. Other times green light comes on, when I put back on bike it shows one bar less than full? That allows them to use their own choice of double-walled rims and Sapim spokes to build quality wheels that last for years (and help Electric Bike Company offer such long warranties). This is important to us, Electric Bike Company CEO Sean Lupton-Smith explained to me. Some batteries that have recently been used may not start charging as soon as theyre plugged in. Use this list of reminders to check for any easily-fixable problems: Try the tips below to figure out the issue. Considering how many e-bikes are on the market, the ///amount/// of fires is likely miniscule., Rewritten: Considering how many e-bikes are on the market, the ///number/// of fires is likely miniscule., If its dirty, clean it well. This will also prevent range decline from unnecessary charging. Its also critical that you inspect the battery mount terminals. Before that, disconnect the throttle connector. These fuses are cheap and easily attainable from any local auto store. Rad Power Bikes sent me a new controller, wiring harness, and controller under warranty to resolve the issue. The bikes are designed for commuting, city riding, transporting cargo, and off-roading. The magnet ring is likely to shift from the bikes PAS sensor. As the popularity of electric bikes has grown, so have the potential safety concerns. Speaking of the Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes, Electric Bike Company originally wanted to assemble its own brake levers, lines, and calipers on the bikes from Tektros parts, but Tektro doesnt allow companies to perform such assembly, and instead only ships the brakes as a complete assembly, pre-bled from its Taiwanese factory. Find out so what to do to solve this battery problem on your Rad-Power-Bikes electric bike. Only true issue was loose spokes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Semi-Integrated Battery has the key lock on the frame of the bike, not on the battery. Secondly, check the connectors and wiring. In most cases, a new bike comes with a low spoke tension. Check to see if the connections are loose and need to be fully seated. A simple rule of thumb is charging after every ride. According to you the charging malfunction of your electric bike Rad-Power-Bikes comes from a malfunction or from the incompatible charger? Hi-C Battery has got your back. In fact, sometimes the frames are actually bare, as in unpainted aluminum. Bike is pretty much functionless right now. For that, loosen the handlebar grip cap with a Flat Head Screwdriver. While getting a new battery, avoid cheap options. How do I reset my Rad power bike battery? We offer full-service for Rad ebikes - all years and all models (subject to parts availability). No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric bikes from Rad Power as well as any help and solutions you know of. You need to make a quick replacement to avoid accidents when such happens. For example, lithium elements which replace those of a lead-acid accumulator can only strengthen the latter. Le charger for your bike Rad-Power-Bikes represents the priority to check when you notice a battery concern . What is happening: If you charge the battery and then press the Charge Level button, none of the lights stay illuminated. Reconnect the connectors to a charged battery and turn your bike on to see whether the problem is resolved. In fact, you wont even find any line workers at Electric Bike Companys factory. This problem occurs due to overload, like a sudden voltage jump. Otherwise, contact radpower bikes and get a new throttle set. You can find one or more disconnections or loose connections. First issue I've had was related to shipping and one of the Rovers with minor damage like: When you say "plug and play", what is the description? A permanent solution would be replacing and cleaning the shoe adjuster. This translates into broken spokes unless an expert takes care of it. We recommend inspecting the battery and making a replacement where possible. It may not display this or other websites correctly. So, you must fix these errors for an uninterrupted electric biking experience on your rad power bike.