Earn a Take Action Award. All Rights Reserved. xref Your scouts will learn that not only do they have special leadership powers, but they can combine these powers to form an unstoppable team and community. I am ready to volunteer by offering: ideas about taking action to improve the community knowledge of issues that interest Girl Scout Juniors art, building, or craft skills . For these take action projects below, we focused on helping others to discover their own individual powers for most of the examples, but did include a few more hands on or physical projects for scouts who need more doing and less planning. Enter your Name and E-mail to to Get Your FREE Girl Scout Leaders Campsite Guide with all the best questions to ask and a done for you packing list. Take a picture instead. As your troop arrives for the camping trip, provide the girls a checklist for setting up camp using the minimal impact camping tips found on page 5 of the Eco Camper packet. Tinder thin materials that burns as soon as it is lit, usually includes small twigs, leaves, and small pieces of wood. So glad you found us. So the water sources and food sources in the area are also part of the animals habitat. In the meeting where you are planning for your camping trip, take time to plan out the meals you will cook. While Power, Moxie and Leader are the main vocabulary for the Agent of Change Junior journey, there are a few additional words that can help the scouts while learning on this journey. Some projects may be able to be completed today, others might need to take place another day. This will let you begin the plan prior to putting it into place. Take the . Multiple the total number pace by 4 to find each girls 1-mile walking pace. We found that a Friday or Saturday afternoon/evening through lunch or dinner the following day worked best for a journey in a day. Educate and inspire others to be part of the change. Your email address will not be published. See more ideas about fun science, science projects, alternative energy. We are a family of 6 with 4 wonderful becoming bilingual children who loves scouting, camping, and hiking with their family. Check out the Junior Girl Scout aMUSE Journey and Outdoor Junior Girl Scout Journey for more ideas. Get Your FREE Copy Today! However, you may need some ideas for new projects to try. Animals need more than just one tree or burrow to survive. For our troop, we found earning Camper badge while earning the Eco Camper badge to be helpful since there is so much overlap. Play the Real Me Game 15 minutes: Provide 3 notecards to each girl. However, our plan does help to meet at least a few requirements of the badges which Girl Scouts suggest pair best with this journey. Allyson then turned to her classmates and fellow Girl Scouts for . Juniors plan an overnight camping trip, including items to bring, activities to enjoy, and meals to prepare. Some plants and flowers have circular symmetry. The Brownies earned the Home Scientist Badge for their efforts. 0000003173 00000 n Simply ask some of the women you know who were Girl Scouts to share their favorite traditions to enjoy during your campfire. Depending on your available funds or parents willingness to pay for materials, your troop can decide the best way to use their funds. There are no physical requirements to be a leader. The Outdoor Junior Journey specifically focuses on combining learning the skills necessary for camping in the outdoors, especially camping in a way that is environmentally friendly. While the badges are not a set like some of the other Junior Girl Scout Journeys, they should be displayed together. Line up your index finger with the bottom of the sun. Trail mix can make an amazing conservation hike snack. 2016-2022 Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Prepare to take action by completing a Journey or, if youve already done one and youre a Girl Scout Junior, Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, get started on your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, respectively. What a comprehensive overview of the Outdoor Junior Journey. Moreover, they will discover more about animal habitats and how to protect these habitats today. However, ceremonies and celebrations are such an important part of Girl Scouts and journeys. Your troop will need to apply what they learned to a take action project to earn the Outdoor Junior Journey. After your hike, work with the girls to design outdoor art they would love to see in their campground. Extend your hands straight out in front of your body with your palms facing in. This could include benches for taking a rest, an archery range for scouts working on their archery badges, a community garden to teach more about flowers, seeds, and plants for those badges. Cooking 30 minutes. 9. I especially appreciate the emphasis on taking care of the environment. Conservation Hike 30 minutes to 1 hour. Opening Activity 20 minutes. to find out how much you really know about Take Action projects, and start thinking of ways you can make the world a better place. Thanks for sharing! Your email address will not be published. This Power Log will help the girls to highlight their individual strengths and places throughout their day where they helped others or made a difference. Moreover, you will decrease the number of mosquitos by being farther away from the water. Become a Volunteer. Go outside to a local animal habitat, this is easy if you are camping. Animals need shelter, but they also need food and water. The junior girl scouts should also take part in an outdoor take action project focused on helping their environment. The Junior Eco Camper badge focuses on camping while leaving minimal impact on the environment. Your troop can decide how they want to celebrate their progress and completion of the journey. During hikes and other active activities, they will want 2 cups per hour. There are a few key steps to setting up a minimal impact campsite. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This post may contain affiliate links. By allowing the girls to plan the celebrations, they will take more ownership and enjoy them even more. The Junior Simple Meals badge fits perfectly with any camping trip with your girl scouts since they will need to eat during their adventure. They have the know-how and expertise, either individually or collectively with those they motivate, to push for positive change for their community and world. We only recommend products we love to use in our home or products we wish we had found sooner. Total Time: 1 hour and 55 minutes (or longer, depending on your Take Action Project) . Take Action and community service projects are different, but both are essential to Girl Scouting. For this badge begin by teaching your Junior Girl Scouts how to tell time using the sun and their hands. The girls can use the beginning time to work with their families to set up their campsites and get ready for camping, including storing food and personal supplies. Deciding on a Take Action Project can be tricky for the girl scouts. The final step is the reflect and celebrate the troops accomplishments. The entertainment technology badge begins with animating your artwork. hb```b`` B@1VX(kXL2szL\^.%. 0000001723 00000 n This can be a painting, sculpture, collage or any other medium of art your scouts love. Theyre designed to change something for the betterforever. 0000001133 00000 n Projects associated with Journeys and the highest awards (the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award) are Take Action projects. See an amazing flower, discover a unique rock, or spot an interesting animal, take a picture instead of the item. It also extends to the outdoor journey for cadettes, seniors, and ambassadors. If you are trying to complete the Agent of Change Junior Journey in one day, you may consider modifying this plan a little. Trash Your Trash dispose of waste properly which may include packing up your trash and carrying it out. 1) Power of One Messages or Theme Days for School, 3) Meet New Friends Theme Days for Lunch or Recess at School, 4) Building Buddy Benches for the School or local park, 5) Week or Month of Announcement Statements to Help Others Discover their Powers, 7) Building Bat Houses to help with the endangered bats in the area, 8) Beautifying their School with a Rock Garden, 9) Creating a Community Garden at their School or Community, 10) Create an Outdoor Classroom or Lunch Space at their School. While habitats are where animals live, they can include so much more. Community service projects are acts of kindness and important ways to help something or someone right now. What will you need to bring? Each girl can write down their name under the line from the Girl Scout Law where they want to focus on growing this year. Afterwards, they will need to edit some pictures. Here at Creatingbutterflies we provide families with practical solutions to real life problems for everything parenting, scouting, dual language, and enjoying time outdoors. And if you are looking for more Girl Scout leader tips, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below. The Outdoor Junior Girl Scout Journey has a few key takeaways for the girls. We found that a Saturday or Sunday morning through lunch or lunch and the afternoon worked best for a journey in a day. Leaders strive for success of the entire group by listening to others and taking their advice. They had so much fun that we planned a few more journey in a day agendas for our troop. With any hiking or camping adventure, your scouts will need some basic first aid. If its a community service project, brainstorm how you might make it a Take Action project. Finally the Animal Habitats badge worked well at the end for us. When earning the Power of Team award, the scouts will explore how they can use their individual powers with others to create an unstoppable team. We appreciate your kind words. Bonus: Can you imagine a goal you might set and how you might lead a team? For many people these may include a species of bird, bat, or insect. We can all share ways to help lessen our stress, the girls could journal about their feelings before and after completing the course or even adding in some yoga to the beginning, middle, or end of the course. 525 25 About Girl Scout Cookies. When earning the Junior Camper badge, your girls will learn all about planning a camping adventure including preparing food when camping, tying knots, building a fire, and hiking. Junior Girl Scout Leaders can extends their scouts new exploration and leadership skills to the outdoors. Scouts learn new camping skills such as reading a map, tying knots, building a campfire, cooking or hiking. 0000002848 00000 n This can be extra fun to use with if you have the girls taking photographs throughout the journey. This is something they can do on their own or throughout the journey. Then look at your list of issues within the community and decide as a group which issue your troop would like to focus on, practicing building a consensus together. 0000003737 00000 n Your email address will not be published. The Brownies got to make handmade ice cream, create tie-dye milk, use static electricity to make salt and pepper dance, blow up balloons without using their breath, and make raisins dance in liquid. Another option is to plan your Take Action Project for another day. Instead, guide them to brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and come up with a plan. The Junior Animal Habitat packet comes with the aMUSE Junior Its Your Story Tell It Activity Set and the Junior Camper packet comes with the Get Moving Junior Its Your Planet Badge Activity Set, while you will need to separately buy the Junior Eco Camper packet. %PDF-1.4 % What meals will your prepare? journey series focuses on leadership skills and how to make a difference in the world. If you're a Girl Scout volunteer, go to Volunteer Toolkit for complete meeting plans and activity instructions. Encourage them to go the distance with these fun and easy badges, Journeys, and activities, adapted for both virtual and safe in-person meetings. To earn this badge, your Junior Girl Scouts will need to plan and prepare for their adventure, gather all the necessary gear, set a goal to allow them to train, and go on their outdoor climbing or snow adventure. Mom is an educator and dad is a firefighter/paramedic. You could always start or end the obstacle course with some movement too. Youll be subscribed to our family friendly newsletter, where you can unsubscribe at anytime Privacy Policy. Use shadows to help estimate the height of tall objects in nature. Let each scout take pictures of the activities throughout the process. The next travels should not be able to tell that your Junior Girl Scouts camped here. Pairs well with Junior Digital Photography Badge and Junior Scribe Badge. Next, the girls create a short story, which works well with their Power of Team Comic. 0000006064 00000 n Create a list of minimal impact recipes and cooking strategies for your Girl Scout service unit. During your campfire be sure to share girl scout songs, a story about Juliette Gordon Low the founder of Girl Scouts, and share special Girl Scout traditions from the past. While you explore a Girl Scout Journey, there are badges that often pair well with each journey. Series. Take Action projects look like. Often times people forget when we set up camp that we are intruding on the local wildlife around us. Pairs well with Junior Staying Fit Badge and Musician, Power of Team Comic 30 minutes: Share the comic SuperShelterMakers on page 46 63 of the Girls Agent of Change handbook. The first and second step look at exploring how music is made and music from around the world. Join our newsletter to receive family freebies and tips in your inbox. These help to contain the fire and keep your scouts safe too. Below we include our Junior Girl Scout Agenda for the Outdoor Journey in a Day. It will take some time to gather enough wood, but this will help to protect the environment. Guide the girls through these steps: 1. Be sure to provide some time to share.. Pairs well with Junior Digital Photography Badge, Junior Entertainment Technology Badge, Junior Scribe Badge, Make Herstory Trading Cards 30 minutes: Share the Herstory short biographies on page 17 19 of the Girls Agent of Change handbook. Step 4 and 5 look at writing an article and essay. Make a Take Action Plan 30 minutes or more: Give your scouts time to make a plan for their take action project. These may include thick fur, wings for migrating, special claws for digging, protection features, etc. The Outdoor journey series focuses on learning the skills needed for camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors safely. Create bat houses to hang outdoors to provide a safe hibernation place for bats safe from White Nose Syndrome. These strengths are their power. Tying in your Take Action Project would work here as well. Your scouts will gain an appreciation for nature and the animals that live in their communities. Check with the campground hosts on their protocol for handling the invasive species. Then allow them time to create their trading card. So we have usually opted for certificates to show the progress after each step and presentation of badges at the end of the journey. Always remember to respect the wildlife and other visitors too. We will present both methods below for leaders to choose the best way to meet the Girl Scout Junior Agent of Change journey requirements for their troop. This includes all your trash and food scraps. To complete this journey, Juniors should: Earn Animal Habitats badge Earn Camper badge Earn Eco Camper badge. The girls can then determine if their water bottles will hold enough water and how they will bring along extra water for their camping trip. This journey has 6 main goals for the girls to explore and discover amazing possibilities. Create a Leave No Trace Printable Poster for each troop in your Girl Scout service unit. Open with visiting an animal habitat while the scouts list all the animals who live here and those they actually see, listing their special adaptive features. The girls will then need to pick a project, make a plan, reach out to members of their community, invite others to join, and carry out their plan. The girls can either search for the boxes together or individually. 3) Juniors will connect their own strengths to the values in the Girl Scout Law. Find out how to buy Girl Scout Cookies, explore Girl Scout Cookie flavors, see how girls learn essential life skills, and more. Oh my goodness, isnt it Ronald. To earn the Animal Habitats Junior badge, the scouts will learn more about wild animals and their habitats. While planning for your camping trip, speak with an expert or tour your kitchen to learn about which tools you will need to prepare your food and clean up. Write down each step to accomplish your take action project. While on the geocaching site, be sure to find a Travel Bug and follow its trip on a map. Complete the bulk of the journey in one day and then tackle the Take Action Project a little at each of your next meetings, with a final culmination of a Take Action Project in a month or two. Your email address will not be published. Girl Scout Activity Zone activities have been adapted from existing Girl Scout programming. You could ask your girls to turn their Im Being Framed or Power of Team Comic into animated artwork such as a flipbook or thaumatrope. When you take a snack break, play the Leave No Trace game with your troop. Take Action Project Name: Sea Shell Overcome Allyson Willis. 0000003074 00000 n Created Date: 10/10/2017 9:44:50 AM . 0000008508 00000 n They also make a trade item. Planning Tiger Year: December Tiger Cub Scouts Meetings, Spanish January Activities for Kids from a Dual Language Family. Keep It Girl-Led: These examples are intended to give a sense of what a Take Action project could look like. look at the root of the problem in order to find long-term solutions. To find the perimeter of a leaf, simply lay a string around the outside edge all the way around the leaf. Pairs well with Junior Musician Badge. By clicking "Accept," you consent to the use of ALL cookies. We find it best to complete them together; however, that is not a requirement. Your troop learns different ways to prepare a campsite with minimal impact to the environment. Pairs nicely with Junior Simple Meals Badge. Friday Night: Set up Your Campsite and create first aid kits, Saturday Morning prepare breakfast, learn about leave no trace and local wildlife habitats before your hike, Saturday Morning Go on a conservation hike, explore animal habitats, and clean up along your way. Allow your scouts time to research the endangered habitat to learn more about why it is in danger? Pairs well with Junior Staying Fit Badge, Im Being Framed 20 minutes: Have the girls create a collage showcasing all their powers, strengths or skills that they can use to make a difference in the world. The girls will need to create a portable first aid kit, which is a must have in their hiking packs when going on a camping trip. And I love all the tips youve included also, Id love to do these things with nephews and nieces. For Volunteers, For Parents & Families Before beginning a hike, take a moment to look at the trail map. Let them practice and take charge using page 7 of the Camper packet for Junior Girl Scouts. Carry out your Take Action Project 1 hour or more: Actually make your Take Action Project a reality. Remember to prepare a snack for your conservation hike and plan to make a no-trash meal. When setting up your campfire, be sure to have a safe campfire location like a fire ring or fire pit. The first three goals focus on the Power of One award, the fourth goal is the main focus of the Power of Team award, and the final two goals are the focus of the Power of Community award. When trying to complete the Agent of Change Junior Girl Scout journey in a day, you may choose to shorten this part of the meeting. Series includes the Daisy Journey Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden and the Brownie Journey Brownie Quest. Be Careful with Fire have a plan for building a campfire, including keeping the campfire small, using sticks from the ground, and putting out your fire, Respect Wildlife observe from a distance and be sure to clean up all food you bring so wildlife dont learn to depend on humans, Be Kind to Other Visitors use a quiet voice and share the trails with others. 0 Every Girl Scout journey offers opportunities to individualize and customize the journey to best meet the needs of your scouts. Then share the Dream Team trading cards on pages 20 -22 of the Girls Agent of Change handbook. What would you have tried differently? The girls will write one truth about themselves on the True card, one false piece of information about them on the False card, and one wish they have on the Wish card.