All of those people have been wrong including Libert she says. Some time later, Hennepin would use this little vessel to sail to Fort Frontenac and again back to Niagara. [1], Le Griffon's pattern closely followed the prevailing type used by explorers to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. The ship landed on an island in Lake Michigan where the local tribes had gathered with animal pelts to trade with the French. So, if the Griffons final resting place isnt where Libert believes it to be, where is it? As the eagle was considered the 'king of the birds', and the lion the 'king of the beasts', the griffin was perceived as a powerful and majestic creature. The ship was righted and brought back to the port in Milwaukee and returned to service. Libert may be a secret agent by day-- he works as a senior defense analyst for the U.S. Navy -- but by night he's a passionate hunter for the old and precious. Creating a fur trade monopoly with the Native Americans would finance his quest and building Le Griffon was an "essential link in the scheme". LaSalle had the ship built on a creek near the Niagara River to accomplish his mission of finding a passage to China. According to historical sources, the vessel left England carrying packs of clothing and private trade on its way to Canton, China where it was loaded with cargo composed mostly of tea. The cargo of furs, estimated at up to $12,000 in value nearly $900,000 (640,000) in today's money likely went to the depths with her. They dragged the materials to the mouth of the Niagara, rested and warmed up a few days in an Indian village, then carried the materials single file through the snow to their settlement above the falls. 'La Salle was certain that the captain and his men committed mutiny, sank the ship and absconded with all the furs. Barge 129 was found in Lake Superior, 35 miles off Vermilion Point in 650 feet of water. In January of 1679, the Griffon's building party arrived at the mouth of Cayuga Creek on the Niagara River (about a mile from my high school) where the ship would be built. An explorer claims to have found the long lost French ship Le Griffon at the bottom of Lake Michigan. If it exists in the physical world, we think it will be there in deep water, she says. Capital News Services articles may be reprinted exclusively by subscribing media organizations. Several historical and genealogical references show Griffin making such journeys in 1633 and 1634. They come in contact with the important newsmakers of the day, from the Supreme Court justices and the governor to members of the Legislature and the people who run the state government departments, to lobbyists and public-interest organizations. Kingsford's text says Thirty-nine Mile Point, but modern charts do not show that name. - News and information from student journalists at the Michigan State University School of Journalism, About the Michigan State University School of Journalism, Michigan Chile Investigative Journalism Program, MSU journalism COVID-related reporting guidelines, Upcoming court ruling could impact trial court funding as deadline approaches, Why does your vote matter? [1][4], The site La Salle had selected for building Le Griffon has conclusively been identified as at or near the mouth of Cayuga Creek, at Cayuga Island. He learned to dive, and the quest was on. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Le Griffon was constructed and launched at or near Cayuga Island on the Niagara River and was armed with seven cannons. [1], French explorer Ren Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, sought a Northwest Passage to China and Japan to extend France's trade. A shipwreck is the remains of a ship that has been wrecked. TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) A debris field at the bottom of Lake Michigan may be the remains of the long-lost Griffin, a vessel commanded by a 17th-century French explorer, said a shipwreck . MICHIGAN -- Le Griffon, a well known shipthat sunk inLake Michigan during the 17th century, has been hiding at the depths of the lake for more than 300 years. Steve Libert diving on the ship in 2018. Moreover, Baillod said he hasn't heard of anyone looking for the Griffin near the Beaver Island archipelago, which is likely the area mentioned in La Salle's journal, Baillod said. All rights reserved. The Griffon was built by La Salle near Niagara Falls and was the first ship to sail on the upper Great Lakes. ( After launching, it sailed the Niagara River to Lake Ontario, onward to Lake Erie, then by way of the St. Clair River to Lake Huron and northward to St. Ignace, the Straits of Mackinac and, finally, Lake Michigan. Built with the Largo WordPress Theme from the Institute for Nonprofit News. The sails were merely supplemental for traveling down wind. A 2015 book The Wreck of the Griffon by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg argues that the best "discovery" proposed to date remains the 1898 find by Albert Cullis, lighthouse keeper on the western edge of Manitoulin Island in northern Lake Huron. Shipwrecks are found either beached on land or sunken to the seabed of a body of water. She says American marine archaeologists concluded that what Libert claims is the bowsprit was beyond a doubt part of a Native American fishing trap. Thought the bowsprit discovered about 3.8 miles and the remains of the wreck make the Indian attack not possible, or even a mutinous uprising. Their mission was to begin selecting a site for the construction of Le Griffon and to erect necessary structures for shelter, storage, and defense. The book's title, Le Griffon and the Huron Islands 1679 , indicates the importance the couple places on understanding the location of the Huron Islands in their search. Quick Facts about Griffins. Now, more than 335years later, the wreck of the Griffon has not definitively been found. State archaeologists reviewed the footage, and "They've been very diligent to say, 'This is really interesting; these are some neat pictures,'" Dykstra said. It would be busted up, she said. French historical documents and shipbuilding techniques, colonial-era maps, contemporary reports, what he says is a bowsprit retrieved from the wreckage, carbon-4 dating and underwater photographs of submerged parts of a vessel. We have been on the hunt for over 40 years systematically ferreting out the locations of this widely scattered wreck, he says, referring to his wife, Kathie, and himself. 'Some say that the native Indians boarded the ship and killed the crew. Its true fate remains a mystery, though it's commonly believed that the ship may have foundered in a storm or been scuttled by a mutinous crew. Future US, Inc. Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street, An infamous 'cursed' ship that disappeared more than 340 years ago has been found. Shipwreck explorers Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski and A group of maritime history enthusiasts have the announced the discovery of the schooners Peshtigo and St. Andrews, lost in 1878 in northern Lake Michigan. Michel L'Hour, a French government archaeologist who's been called 'Indiana Jones in a diving suit', took part in the excavation and theorised that the rest of the ship was nearby. [citation needed]. by | Jun 6, 2022 | ephesus elementary school principal | kristen modafferi kristin smart | Jun 6, 2022 | ephesus elementary school principal | kristen modafferi kristin smart We are no longer accepting comments on this article. They anchored on the south shore of the island and found it occupied by friendly Pottawatomies and 15 of the fur traders La Salle sent ahead. When will the Beast from the East be at YOUR door? They sailed from the Straits of Mackinac to an island (either Washington Island or Rock Island)[1] located at the entrance of Green Bay. Interactive map reveals when you may see SNOW. REVEALED: Huge sonic boom felt by thousands across the country was caused by RAF Typhoon jets scrambling to Wakey Wakey! Most often described as a 45-ton barque, Le Griffon is considered the first full-sized sailing ship to ply the upper Great Lakes. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (each updated 1/26/2023). It's the only artifact so far to be brought back from the ship wreck. Using sonar, two treasure hunters found the remains of a shipwreck in Lake Michigan. On 6 December, they landed safely on the east bank of the river at about where Lewiston, New York is today. Griffin is an English East India Company ship which sank in Sulu Sea near Basilan Island in 1761. They hadn't sailed far before a storm picked up. But the explorer ran out of money, so he disembarked with the other expedition leaders, leaving the ship and its crew to pay off his debts with furs. (Image: Great Lakes Exploration Group via Pen News) The wreck was found near Poverty Island on Lake Michigan, almost 350 years after it vanished. Countless shipwrecks sit beneath the ocean and stranded on land around the world. All of those people have been wrong including Libert she says. We apologize to Great Lakes Exploration Group for any confusion this may have caused. Inside Prince Harry's finances from when he met Meghan Markle to landing 100M with Netflix and book Spare Royally hard work! ', The wreck believed to be the Griffin was found near Poverty Island on Lake Michigan. Using a state of the art two-man submersible, Josh dives in to find a ship so elusive it's known as "The Holy Grail of Shipwrecks." His conclusion: The remains of the ship Le Griffon in French sank in shallow water in the Huron Islands of northern Lake Michigan, northeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin, with the loss of all the crew members aboard. But the ship vanished while delivering a valuable cargo of furs, amid rumours that she had been cursed by a prophet from the Iroquois tribe. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. French historical documents and shipbuilding techniques, colonial-era maps, contemporary reports, what he says is a bowsprit retrieved from the wreckage, carbon-4 dating and underwater photographs of submerged parts of a vessel. Each November, the East Lansing Film Festival showcases independent films. He teaches environmental journalism and serves as director of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. While there have been many theories over the years, there is no clear consensus as to the fate or current location of Le Griffon. He walked right behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and said, Perhaps someone in this class will find it someday. I was listening to every word, says Libert, now 67. In July 2010 the Great Lakes Exploration Group issued a press release stating that they, the state of Michigan and France had reached agreement to co-operate in the next phase of an archaeological site assessment for identifying the shipwreck. It was a calm night and they believed the vessel was securely moored. Joe Porter, publisher for Wreck Diving Magazine, has penned articles on famous ship wrecks including the Titanic, but saidthe Griffon is the most fascinating. Suffering from cold and low on supplies, the men were close to mutiny. Le Griffon may have been found by the Great Lakes Exploration Group but the potential remains were the subject of lawsuits involving the discoverers, the state of Michigan, the U.S. federal government, and the Government of France. [1][4], The short open-water season of the upper Great Lakes compelled La Salle to depart for Green Bay on 12 September, five days before Tonti's return. Only about 375 of Lake Erie's wrecks have been found. myth bird lion hippogriff griffin, also spelled griffon or gryphon, composite mythological creature with a lion's body (winged or wingless) and a bird's head, usually that of an eagle. But other experts aren't convinced that the wreck is the Griffin. Related Article:Adolf Hitler's Lost German U-Boat Allegedly Has Dead Nazis Aboard Along With Gold, Treasure, Get HNGN's Top Stories Newsletter Everyweek. Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan To Be Weighed By US Supreme Court, San Antonio Couple Allegedly Trained Their Dogs To Be Aggressive Before Air Force Veteran Gets Mauled to Death, Hungary Says Sweden Is Spreading Fake News Concerning Budapest Will Not Help Its NATO Bid, Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval-Ariana Madix Split: Raquel Leviss Admits Doing 1 Thing Amid Affair Rumors. They concluded it was likely a bowsprit dating from a ship hundreds of years old, although some think it was a common pound net stake used for fishing nets in the 19th century. Steve Libert, from the Great Lakes Exploration Group, said he is 99.9% certain . That evidence? The Ruppell's griffon vulture is Critically Endangered. 'What I suspected was a ship was confirmed by me during a dive in September 2018. It would be awesome if true, she says, a story shed love the museum to be able to tell visitors, with the aura of amateur treasure-hunting and Indiana Jones. As for the pieces of wreckage Libert photographed, they cant be the Griffons because they would have broken to bits long, long ago if theyd been in shallow water battered by storms and ice for more than three centuries, van Heest says. La Salle sent Tonti ahead on 22 July 1679 with a few selected men, canoes, and trading goods to secure furs and supplies. The Liberts have since published their book, Le Griffon and the Huron Islands 1649: Our Story of Exploration and Discovery.. After Le Griffon was launched, she was rigged with sails and provisioned with seven cannon of which two were brass. Original article on Live Science. Father Hennepin wrote that during the fearful crisis of the storm, La Salle vowed that if God would deliver them, the first chapel erected in Louisiana would be dedicated to the memory of Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron of the sailor. While they recognize that conclusive evidence has not been found, the evidence that has been found there fits with what is known of the history of that time and they postulate that if Le Griffon is found elsewhere, that would deepen the mystery of the find by Cullis.[22]. They believe the carving is of a mythical creature known as a griffon, half lion and half eagle. At the time, no other wreckage was found, but scientists noted other wreckage may not be far away.[16][17]. [citation needed], La Salle arrived on 20 January 1679 from Fort Frontenac with the full rigging, anchors, chains, cordage, and cannon that were transported by barge, then salvaged and dragged 30 miles (48km) overland to the construction site. He continued exploring the Mississippi River until his murder in Texas in 1687. They reached Niagara again on 14 January. A bowsprit is the spar that extends forward from the bow. La Salle followed the southern shore of the lake. The straight-line distance is about 75 miles (121km). 'It is just a matter of time before we achieve our goal. A bit of history: The Griffon was built in 1679 and launched that year, believed to be the largest ship on the Great Lakes. The nonprofit was created in 1997 and remains the longest running film festival in Michigan. 2 is a much sought after shipwreck. A ship that was 'cursed' by native tribesmen has been identified nearly 350 years after it vanished, solving one of America's oldest and most notorious maritime mysteries. "[5] J. C. Mills [4] quotes a letter from La Salle to the Minister of Marine that says, "The fort at Cataraqui (Fort Frontenac) with the aid of a vessel now building, will command Lake Ontario"[4] While no date is given for the letter, the location of Mill's reference to it suggests that it was sent before 1677, perhaps as early as 1675. ', He continued: 'Both the Seneca and Iroquois felt threatened by the construction and sight of Le Griffon, and felt that it was a threat to the 'Great Spirit. That is my question. After disembarking, the ship and the exploration disappeared into history. NY 10036. Some say La Salle made multiple trips, especially after the spring thaw. also was the first ship to sail the Great Lakes. Is Joe Biden Sick? WWII German shipwreck found in Black Sea Airborne laser reveals hidden city in Cambodia The ship, commanded by the French explorer La Salle, was never seen again after setting sail in September. [8], La Salle's men first had to build their lodging and then guard against the Iroquois who were hostile to this invasion of their ancient homeland. [citation needed], After La Salle and Tonti left, the pilot and the rest of the crew were to follow with the supply vessel. In 2011, Michigan-based treasure hunters Kevin Dykstra and Frederick Monroe found a shipwreck as they were searching for the $2 million in gold that, according to local legend, fell from a ferry. "The Great Lakes are a time capsule, the fresh water preserves the ship wreck," Porter said. Join the discussion, Playing Nov. 3-10: East Lansing Film Festivals silver anniversary. Revealed: The top 10 fastest-growing destinations for UK pensioners retiring overseas. The accounts agree that this little vessel played a part in the building of Le Griffon. Le Griffon was the first ship of thousands to disappear in our upper Great Lakes, Libert, president of Great Lakes Exploration Group LLC, told and The Plain Dealer. Tests on the ship part are dated to 1679; close to a year, dating of the wreck is 1632 to 1982. "It's a mystery ship that got in our way," Dykstra said, "and now, we're going for the gold.". The griffin was a favourite decorative motif in the ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean lands. The ship was constructed and launched on Cayuga Creek on the Niagara River as a seven-cannon, 45-ton barque. The Holy Grail of Great Lakes shipwrecks is Le Griffon, the first European-style ship built by explorer Robert De La Salle that is believed to have sank in Lake Michigan in a storm in 1679.. fremont hospital deaths; what happened to tropical tidbits; chris herren speaking fee; boracay braids cultural appropriation; the griffon shipwreck facts. 'She will sink beneath the deep waters and your blood shall stain the hands of those in whom you trusted!'. In Photos: Arctic Shipwreck Solves 170-Year-Old Mystery, 'Runaway' black hole the size of 20 million suns found speeding through space with a trail of newborn stars behind it, 'Unreal' auroras cover Earth in stunning photo taken by NASA astronaut.