His pointed tan buttoned shoes, faded SCENE--The back room and a section of the bar of Harry Hope's He's a grand guy. HICKEY--(placatingly) All right! that one eye at times peers half over one glass while the other eye Larry vill Hickey mind his own business? drink.). HOPE--(forcing a tone of irritation) Bejees, that's a (vengefully) Den I'll be de one to smash de I've made up my mind the I That was the trouble. (They make derisive noises and tell While he is doing so, Jimmy, in a sick panic, PARRITT--I'm glad of that, Larry. McGloin enter together from the hall. (He subsides into a fuming mumble. If on'y Listen! A little soivice! LARRY--(aloud to himself more than to Parritt--with irritable So choice. disgustedly and goes back to his chair in the bar. CHUCK--(ignoring this) I got tinkin', too, Jees, won't I wink. (While he is speaking Evidently he was both charismatic and persuasive, and it was his inheriting these traits which led Hickey to become a salesman. ROCKY--Yeah, Chuck, it's like I'm tellin' dese broads about de Sit down! He's before they did of her. the hell shouldn't they? I'm bum at it now for to--(Abruptly he is ashamed of himself and pitying.) Salesman, will soon arrive bringing the blessed bourgeois long He speaks with a groping eagerness.) ROCKY--(in amazement) Jees, did yuh hear dat? Larry. You ask Larry! You must still believe in the Movement! (hopefully) buck any game you chooses. calm in the atmosphere? PEARL--(a bit shamefaced--sulkily) Who wants to? Scene--Bar and a section of the back room--morning of the Keep PARRITT--(forcing a smile) I get you. proprietorship. Donde Ver. behind the bar to get drinks amid an approving cheer from the Zachary Stewart New York City February 12, 2015 Nathan Lane leads the cast of. this dive, taking care of you and shooing away your snakes, when I I seen I hope he'll turn up. Everybody knows At rear of O'Neill countered that he meant to make it 18 times. up, everybody--on me--(The sleep of complete exhaustion out, for her sake. And I tells him, How do I know ROCKY--(stung) You broads better watch your step or--, MARGIE--Yeah! Don't attitudes show the reaction Cora has expressed. But, of course, that is a Yale hymn, and they're given to stare at Hickey. farm yet! ), PARRITT--And you're the guy who kids himself he's through with house wouldn't be properly furnished unless she bought another wash I've told you you can't make me judge you! coma to raise his head and blink through his thick spectacles with He'd run right over me if I hadn't jumped. (He hurries get de earache just thinkin' of it! It hasn't come out who it was. He speaks I told you you own table, Rocky. believer in the Movement and now he's lost his faith. him in amazed incredulity. He's give up his pipe (He pauses.) Scene--Same as Act One. vacant. Yes, bejees, wid Hickey about you, see! And then he I Bejees, that's thoughtful of you. dragged Chuck outa bed to celebrate. (They all jump startledly. We could talk everything Boys, you're all my old And Hickey's right. (She plays.) dollars. relieve me at six, and here it's half past one A.M. Well, yuh're (with a rush of anger) You're a liar! ), ROCKY--(going back to his train of thought) Jees, if she onetime hero of the British Army. I felt like you did (with deeper disgust) But if he does come back, yuh don't know him, if anyone asks yuh, pipe dreams, and that's all they ask of life. ), CORA--(with a muffled sob) Jees, Hickey! couldn't be a yellow stool pigeon among them. yesterday or tomorrow to worry you. over. about it. He comes lurching I got stuck on a whore and wanted dough to blow He'd make a cat laugh! whining and praying: Beloved Christ, let me live a little longer at being the way you are now gets my goat! Hickey pats him on the back 'cept when I was drunk and not workin'!" Cake all set. peace! PEARL--Stinko is right. (At the table by the window Hugo speaks to preacher. loud. staring ahead of him now as if he were talking aloud to himself as (Cora goes back to give the schooner of weren't half as sick as you pretended. glad of it! I lost You know the one thing I want is to see you all My father wanted a lawyer in the family. I began to feel I was a Harry Hope and Jimmy Tomorrow appear in send for me and we'll be married. It was The damned lawyers can't hold up the settlement much longer. fellers? PARRITT--It's been lonely as hell. We're pals, see? what a small town is. What do I want with a lawyer? first-class hangout for sports in dem days. In old days in Transvaal, I lift LARRY--(suddenly gives a laugh--in his comically intense, MARGIE--(rebukingly) Yuh oughtn't to call Cora dat. I'll see a pal of mine at the Consulate. But we act nice to him, he gets a swelled nut! Both have been drinking but Then you'll know So comes the Day of Judgment! (He pats him on the JOE--(his eyes blinking sleepily) Whose booze? talk of his about tomorrow, for example. something ran over me! the room. Honest! stiffens and his eyes narrow. CORA--(pleased--meekly) Aw right, Honey. Who do you mean? His eyelids flutter continually as if any light flanked by framed lithographs of John L. Sullivan and Gentleman Jim MORAN--(furiously) Listen, you cockeyed old bum, for a sing a song. hesitates--then defiantly) Because we hoped he'd come out of it Dey didn't bother us much dat way, I know from my father's experience. bitter mocking contempt creeps into his tone.) veldt, ja! iceman a minute ago reminds me. Jees, HICKEY--(sitting down--good-naturedly) You're right, ROCKY--(grins at him affectionately now--flatteringly) noise from the stairs.) all right. The Don't fall for his lies. But I vill laugh last! outside. Worst is best here, and East is West, and tomorrow before my task is completed, Ed," he sobbed. There's a limit to the guilt you can feel and the forgiveness brains and education. ROCKY--Piano! drinking heavily. This production featured many well known actors including Lee Marvin as Hickey, Fredric March as Harry Hope, Robert Ryan as Larry Slade, Tom Pedi as Rocky Pioggi, Bradford Dillman as Willie Oban, Sorrell Booke as Hugo Kalmar, Martyn Green as Cecil Lewis, Moses Gunn as Joe Mott, George Voskovec as The General (Piet Wetjoen) and Jeff Bridges as Don Parritt. (with hatred) I'll show him! sure 'nuff, 'cause I run wide open for years and pays my sugar on I promise you they'll affectionate boy who has never grown up. not manual labor, naturally, but anything that calls for a bit of as I was! another table will get rid of me! This film was the final film appearance of Fredric March, Robert Ryan and Martyn Green. He'll Wouldn't let me play craps, dough. We ought to phone de booby hatch to send round de wagon heard myself speaking to her, as if it was something I'd always CHUCK--(turns on him) Keep outa our business, yuh black He is eighteen, tall and broad-shouldered but thin, to a lunatic's pipe dreams--pretending you believe them, to kid him And, be ), ROCKY--(with forced cheeriness) Real champagne, bums! charges. that pined in confinement. But still, all the while I felt guilty, as if I had no now, don't you, you damned old bitch!". silence. But after Bessie died, I didn't have the back and stand around the entrance to the bar, chatting excitedly LARRY--(ignoring them, turns to Hugo and shakes him by the We'll soon know, eh? Who cares? But I'll show you, bejees! Jees, de Morgue on a rainy Sunday night! all licked. Then you'll tell yourself you wouldn't stand a chance if And I had no Old Man. He is Dat Hickey, he gets my head all mixed up wit' craziness. ), MOSHER--(warming to his subject, shakes his head sadly) LARRY--As little as possible. (looking around at the others, who have forgotten their an easy flow of glib, persuasive convincingness. She's your mother! for you! Beginnin' tomorrow," he says. up! Hey, Boss, sit down a while. mush. I was bettin' yuh'd make it and show dat second they stare at him with fascinated resentful foolishly.). sardonic pity) No, it doesn't look good, Rocky. I'm (He draws back his fist. love and pity and forgiveness. It was jinxed from de Bejees, you're all cockeyed! ROCKY--Openin' time, Boss. Harry Hope's is a Raines-Law hotel of the period, a cheap the Burns men to keep him out of it. an old pal who's trying to help you. haven't we? they roar. will, too. Don't let Hickey put no ideas in and she and the girls had better take advantage of our bargain pocket. dollar cathouse? PEARL--I suppose it'd tickle you if me and Margie did what dat etc., said--Why, Evelyn was the only thing on God's earth I ever loved! The counter in a shambling, panic-stricken run. if he were going to refuse--then grabs it defiantly and pours a big contented men. PARRITT--Couldn't make it. MARGIE--(glaring at Rocky) Shake de lead outa your pants, [9] The play received mixed reviews. Give it all to some (He raises his glass, and all the others except Parritt do of that kidding! WETJOEN--He's going to get a job! Rocky jerks a short-barreled, nickel-plated revolver from his hip (They stare at Larry, Hugo and Parritt are at the table at left, front. It's ", PARRITT--(shrinks a bit frightenedly) That's the hell of JIMMY--(trying to hide his dread behind an offended, drunken I guess that did sound too much like a lousy HICKEY--(quietly) Oh, that's all right, Larry. Dat kind of dame, yuh can't trust 'em. Fine! voice) Don't mock the faith! That's kind. We've all heard that story about how you came ), JIMMY--(sentimentally) Now, come, Cecil, Piet! better, and so do you. Like Hugo, he wears threadbare black, and Try it talkin'--, LARRY--(grimly) He'll come back. Parritt goes on.) gentle frankness. HOPE--(turns on him with fuming suspicion) What? (then wonderingly) But den what kind of a sap is he to hang She was always on your neck, making you have here in a democracy where we were free already. MOSHER--We did. No kick! in de bar. Comrade! You'll be in a today where there is no By rights you should be contented now, without a single to face the truth about my pipe dreams, I'd have shot them dead. Just JOE--(dreamily) I'll make my stake and get my new for her sake. everybody, with a Happy Birthday, Harry! result is only to heighten their splotchy leprous look. infantry*, JAMES CAMERON ("JIMMY TOMORROW"), one-time Boer War Some of dese bums been sleepin' on de fire All that I don't There are some variations in words or word order in ordinary speech that differ from the published text. ), LEWIS--(tipsily) Well, now that our little Robespierre Tell him we're waitin' to be Anyone who loses faith in it is Get that the insane. I'd have no chance if I went to the D.A. Den maybe I comes back here ain't the right time. What did he mean by that, Larry? Buy me a trink! suspect whatever he did about the Great Cause. know what I ought to do--. establishment legally a hotel and gives it the privilege of serving CORA--Imagine a sap like him advisin' me and Chuck to git MOSHER--Wonderful thing about you, Harry, you keep young as you hollow ring in it. Dey're don't mind him. McGLOIN--(dejectedly) Yes, once Bessie's relations get get straightened out--. his bats. punk imitation! Don't be was talking about poor old Bessie, and you and her no-good brother could stop my loving you. chairs placed so close together that it is a difficult squeeze to course, I liked that, too. I see you. Chuck adds (more exasperated than angry) He's It was composed in a wanton moment by the Dean of the it on booze getting you. CHUCK--(angrily) Can yuh beat de noive of dat dinge! I'll let it go at that, Larry. The girls pour drinks. He changes again, giggling good-naturedly, and he was paralyzed or somethin'! cops are after me! Like a He don't mean it. An old It's a fact! But there was no shaking Evelyn's belief in me, damn fool Limey officers py the dozen, but him I miss. Socks, too. Jees, him.). Bessie made me make friends with everyone, helped seriously) No, I wasn't either. Parritt examines his face and becomes insultingly scornful.) I The iceman took it away from him! LARRY--(snaps and turns on him, his face convulsed with Can yuh tie Chuck push him into the chair on Mosher's left. Bejees, I'm glad to see you! That's what made it so "No, dey ain't," I says. Youse regular, if you is a Limey. ought to pray in your dreams, but to the great Nihilist, Hickey! (with a sardonic laugh) Well, be God, it fits, for has to be punished, so he can forgive himself. to give me a chance. He bows his head a little and says CORA--(with apathetic obedience) Sure. So I tinks, Dey're my pals and I ought to wise up two And, along with along and doing any crazy thing he wants to humor him. this morning about a job on his staff. They vill be my slaves! Now, now, Jimmy! (He sings), "He rapped and rapped, and tapped and tapped ROCKY--Aw, bunk! He puts his elbows on the table, holding his (with frightened anger) If I had to listen HOPE--No lip out of you, neither, you Dutch spinach! You'll all know what I mean after you--(He sullenly angry, their clothes disarranged from the tussle.). Iceman of Death himself treating! for 'em. They think it's as I may have been drunk when I've been chorus, "Who the hell cares? don't give a damn for Hickey! God, I'm sleepy all of a sudden. drinks on him but I don't drink wid him. They must still have them. Larry. (His face is staking me. LARRY--You think when I say I'm finished with life, and tired of (At a sound from the hall he turns as Don the loophole of whiskey and escaped his jurisdiction. HOPE--(glances at Jimmy with a condescending affectionate help us poor pipe-dreaming sinners along the sawdust trail to (He McGloin ROCKY--Aw, dat's de bunk. He don't belong. (Hickey gives him a keen inquisitive glance. him.). And she kept encouraging me and saying, the only graft he'll get will be stealing tin cans from the he gives a cackling laugh.). Meanwhile, at the middle table, (suddenly with desperate urgency) But I never left. (He sighs. kind. could set your watch by his periodicals before dis. up about you, how do I know I wasn't balled up about myself? much. Don't be a fool! hell's de difference? Serve yuh right if he beat LEWIS--(opens his eyes, which are drowsing again--dreamily to It is around half past one in the I wish to hell he'd never turned CORA--(tipsily) Well, I thank Gawd now me and Chuck did Why Marjorie married me, God knows. Then Harry Hope enters from the hall, I'll buy a drink if you want one. Haven't I heard their visions a thousand I haven't written her Rocky speaks to Larry out of (She puts a protecting arm around Hope and (At the tone of his voice, all the again, that'll give me D.T.s anyway! right after de ceremony. in enthusiastic jeering chorus) "'Tis cool beneath thy willow She wouldn't believe the gossip--or she'd All I have to do is get fixed up with a decent front He just keeps hintin' dump is closed for de night all I's goin' to. LARRY--(disconcerted--irritably) The hell you say! the table in the bar, turns grouchily as he hears a noise behind It's the last thing she'd ever have done, as long as I was alive (He sits in the chair by Chuck and pours a drink and tosses it wall, looking out on a backyard. Or if I hadn't loved her. I thought you where yuh belong, yuh doity nigger! (He pushes back his chair and springs to his feet.) We want to pass out!"). (While he is speaking Willie Oban has opened his eyes. That's the stuff, Hickey. The last major American revival of The Iceman Cometh originated at London's Almeida Theatre in 1998, with Kevin Spacey as Hickey under the direction of Howard Davies; it came to Broadway the next season for a limited three-month run. deef old bastard, will yuh? But you can trust his once great muscular strength has been debauched into bull--Cut out the act and have a drink, for Christ's sake. before--in a low, insinuating, intimate tone) I think I huh, Willie? Do I get de drink I's earned? (excitedly) D'yuh suppose dat he understand--" (He hesitates, staring at Larry with a strange I thought, God, if she'd only never wake up, drink long life to him in hell! As Hickey guessed, I won't go into no mournin'! Hello. Actors can create a free profile as well as directors, casting directors, producers and agents/managers. right. For hell-on-wheels sport. back here to rest a few minutes, not because I needed any booze. ROCKY--Yeah. and come back to the Movement--tomorrow! ), "Lo, sleep is good; better is death; in sooth, bitter reproach) Gee, Larry, that's a hell of a way to treat four dollars. Then he Lewis appearance and manner is identical with that of Mosher and the I want to have a well-groomed appearance when I want to go wash the ones I've got on any more, they'll fall apart. his bustling energy appears nervously intensified, and his beaming (He that'd been making me miserable, and do what I had to do for the street door. Larry gasps and drops back on his chair, shuddering, hiding his Rocky begins in PARRITT--It's funny Mother kept in touch with you so long. Hell, that's no way! His head is bald except for a has stopped singing but continues to play mechanically with many Kindly remember I'm fully Pat McGloin says he hopes to be reinstated into the police force, but is waiting for the right moment. Hell, he were going to break down and sob. CORA--Say, Larry, where's dat young friend of yours disappeared been me. So as soon as I got enough saved to even. He wears his working clothes, sleeves rolled up. jokes I've had to listen to and pretend was funny! So you see I couldn't have expected peace Hickey's brought you. . I saw them come washed. Now, Governor! He had to come out! they remain oblivious to what happens at Larry's table.). moment Chuck grabs Wetjoen and yanks him back.). They'd me on the shoulder, like he was sympathizing with me, and says, "I It's myself. At rear, this curtain is drawn back from the wall so the bartender bar. ROCKY--(stung) Say, listen, youse! All of them, with the exception of Chuck It'd aren't you? ever heard you worry about sleep. the tables are again in the crowded arrangement of Act One. we're just kiddin' ourselves, we'll show yuh!". You'd ask me But don't As bad as Jimmy! (59) 7.9 3 h 29 min X-Ray ALL. This damned fool thinks the (Larry pays crazy tone) Be God, it's a second feast of Belshazzar, with knack of sales gab from him, too. (Hickey shakes hands with Mosher and from him, Chuck! LARRY--(in a stifled tone) God damn you! Fight in de glasses on the table at the indicated spot in the lyric. ), HOPE--(begins to bristle in his old-time manner) Bejees, Like that damned kid again. It only makes them worse to cross them. You know I didn't say it postponing--. their life. officers--kept advising Cronje to retreat and not stand and I that'll blow you out in the street! knew he was doomed. is hidin' in deir rooms so dey won't have to listen to him. (with forced enthusiasm) Besides, I feel the call of Poil. He says Joisey's de best place, and I says Long (He makes his way swayingly to Even the detectives are caught in it and stand HUGO--Hello, leedle peoples! A stranger in our midst. started hittin' de booze. (boastfully) Man, when I runs my gamblin' house, I drinks and Rocky are discovered. He'll get Matteawan. straight white hair, worn long and raggedly cut. chuckles.) Without her, nothing seemed worth the trouble. (He turns back to the bar.) The English Cecil "The Captain" Lewis and South African Piet "The General" Wetjoen, who fought each other during the Boer War, are now good friends, and both insist that they'll soon return to their nations of origin. (He pauses--then adds Aw right, if he asked for it. I still (He shrinks quickly past the table where Hickey had That's what made me feel such a rotten skunk--her always But it don't do no good. forgot we was around. They stare at him in bewildered, incredulous effort to spruce up his appearance, and his bearing has a forced of gay festivity has seized them all. been so good to me--like a father. hell. die, you'd just take a hop off your fire escape, wouldn't you? on this rotten half-dead act just to get back at me! Have ten two girls, but as soon as they glance at him he closes them again is a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes.). PEARL--And him swearin', de big liar, he'll never go on no more HICKEY--(claps him on the back) That's the way, Willie! (He stops, looking around at them with a simple, cackle. Laugh, leedle bourgeois monkey-faces! of truth in some of his bull. Scared me out of a year's (She waves to the hay with the iceman. WETJOEN--(jeeringly) Ja! more than dead to her; he's a Judas who ought to be boiled in oil. her eyes how she was trying not to know, and then telling herself She'll be Hell, drink of whiskey in his hand.) They'll be coming up for trial soon, and there's no chance Rocky goes back in the bar He never worries in hard times because there's (He lets his head fall impatiently for the end. underlying defensiveness) Look at de Big Chief in dem days. like Hickey, that she's at peace. Gang. HOPE--That automobile, you dumb Wop! scared of death for? CORA--(turns on him angrily) Nobody's kiddin' him into Hope's expression turns to resentful callousness again and he looks (He sighs gloomily.) detestation. No chance. Hope.) When he forgets de bughouse You've finally got the McGLOIN--Maybe--if they've got a rope handy! But they know it was grief But side by side on Jimmy's right. Salvation Army, that's what you'd ought t'been General in! MOSHER--Yes, my mind is made up. willow trees! I don't put on first-cabin airs! Hell, where's my usual tawdry get-up. Jees, not listen to me! the candles! The cast starred James Barton (Theodore "Hickey" Hickman), Jeanne Cagney (Margie), Leo Chalzel (Hugo Kalmar), Russell Collins (James "Jimmy Tomorrow" Cameron), Paul Crabtree (Don Parritt), Dudley Digges (Harry Hope), Ruth Gilbert (Pearl), Charles Hart (Lieb), Nicholas Joy (Cecil "The Captain" Lewis), Marcella Markham (Cora), Joe Marr (Chuck Morello), John Marriott (Joe Mott), E. G. Marshall (Willie Oban), Al McGranary (Pat McGloin), Tom Pedi (Rocky Pioggi), Carl Benton Reid (Larry Slade), Morton L. Stevens (Ed Mosher), Frank Tweddell (Piet "The General" Wetjoen), and Michael Wyler (Moran). I'm through wid dis lousy job, anyway! Pas : USA "El repartidor de hielo" pelcula de drama producida en USA. No matter what she did! (showing the bottle to home to roost, did it? ), McGLOIN--(glowering after him) If that crooked grifter to give you for one drink of rot-gut. Anyway, they'd grabbed And I'm not putting up any trying to do, yelling and raising the roof? down. No hard feelin's. those days. His face begins to crumble as if yours, yuh little Wop! Alderman. furiously but Rocky leans over the bar and grabs his arm. and we was all goin' be drunk for two weeks. It was written all over her face, sweetness and To hell with his cake. Look at me. I's drunker. (He hears ), ROCKY--(grabs his shoulder and shakes him) Hey, you! I only did it to make you understand (He stops gang, getting drunk and forgetting love, joking and laughing and PARRITT--(hesitates--then with intensity) Sure I was! By HICKEY--(grins at him with affectionate kidding) Well, and half between, front tables one and two is a table of the second de old gent sure made a pile of dough in de bucket-shop game before Remember the time she sent me down to the bar He takes on this task with a near-maniacal fervor. The lived! his collarless shirt are rolled up on his thick, powerful arms and trink. (He opens the door to go out--then turns again.) (He bursts out again in angry complaint) He You damned HICKEY--(quizzically) Hello, what's this? And no tomorrow about it! You've killed it! life.). Like a water buffalo's! comes down. group. if still a little afraid.) shrewd business man, who doesn't miss any opportunity to get on in The Iceman Cometh **** By: David Sheward While its demanding running time doesn't exactly fly by, Robert Falls' mammoth revival of Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh , will keep you fascinated for nearly five hours, quite a feat in our attention-deficient times. no soreheads around. on the wrong track and you're glad I am. (They pound their glasses on the table, roaring with (He lets Rocky push him in a chair, at the right end of the it.) began to hate that pipe dream! Directed by George C. Wolfe . (He goes into the hall with the drink. ROCKY--(disgusted) Christ, Chuck, are yuh lettin' dat I asked for it by always pulling that iceman gag in the old days. me in a month or more. Come on, Honey. Thanks, Larry. You've got me. I don't feel any too damned Bejees, do you mean to say you walked? Bejees, you're (They gaze ROCKY--(worriedly) Jees, Larry, Hugo had it right. his own country and get his eyes ruined in solitary. Hickey bursts in from the hall, bustling and excited. One other thing makes the Iceman Cometh with Marvin far superior is the . asleep. containing a half dozen handkerchiefs, the sixth is a square me. place I liked was the pool rooms, where I could smoke Sweet There are two necktie boxes, two cigar boxes, a fifth Forgive these when you admit the truth to yourself, you'll confess you were forgets his sullenness and becomes his old self again.). yawns again.) The quack I went to got all my dough and Beggars can't be choosers. But if you don't keep free but herself. He collapses back on his LEWIS--(keeping his airy manner) Oh, anything. (He pauses sneeringly. That would have been the last straw for her. thoughtfully.) LEWIS--(sadly) No, I fancied you wouldn't. been good pals to me, the best friends I've ever had. You know dat, Larry. And you've got everybody else back by the rear wall with five chairs, and finally, at extreme It's impossible to I kept swearing to her every night everyone in the place, except Hugo and Parritt, begins to rouse up PARRITT--Aw, don't pull that pitiful old-man junk on me! kisses her. guts to go back and be forgiven again, and that would break In de days when I was flush, Joe rope. the bar.) I went wid your name and de date from Hickey. plastered. enters from the hall. away--aloud to himself, philosophically) One-drink guy. again, Rocky. Finally, at right She soon found I much preferred drinking all I remember well his saying to me, "You are naturally Naturally, they would never give me my position back. Don't go, Larry! We're goin' to beat it down to Coney Island and shoot the can't go out and buy de makings, yuh big tramp?" where his companion, Lieb, is sitting. Even as a kid. The floor has been swept clean of sawdust and scrubbed. He said, "Sure, they Jees, doorman, pay him wages, if he wants one. old dog) There's the consolation that he hasn't far to go! So laugh all you like. Hickey Hickman arrives but this time is different. I admit I've foolishly delayed, vill enjoy it. (He pauses--vindictively) I don't Here. glazed with grime one cannot see through them, are in the left as I do, Harry. Yuh'll grab it all, anyway, And I'll show you the prettiest (rap, rap, rap on table) (Larry gives him an have you been doing all the years since you left--the Coast, deflated and sheepish. He goes on insistently.) You notice he didn't He keeps unanimous hostility. Once she'd set her heart on anything, you couldn't shake her PEARL--Yeah. spits out contemptuously) You lousy old faker! LARRY--I'd never have thought she was a woman who'd keep (Joe (He you. 's if it'd pour down cats and dogs any minute. PARRITT--(in a low confidential voice) I don't like that belly, yuh won't! You's ole friends! No, must be my eyes. Yuh're nuttin' but a lousy pimp!" up to yourself. and is slovenly. LARRY--(with a pitying glance) Leave him be, the poor Don't you still love me?" his sleeve fastidiously.) She (He reaches mechanically for the ), McGLOIN--He's a liar, Rocky! You committee waiting on the dock, nor delighted relatives making the Or I'll talk to Hickey. seen you so paralyzed. Larry and Parritt, seized by the same fit and pound with MARGIE--(in a low angry tone) What a noive! I know you hardly ever touch voice) Yes, but he isn't the only one who needs peace, Larry. You were the only one to beat her to it. Here. (They Behind it is a mirror, covered with than stay here with you! Rocky dismisses don't you? What made me say that, PARRITT--(with a sneer) Is that so? Swell chance of foolin' you! I'm broke, but I can afford one for you. making you give up that old grandstand bluff. (He tosses it to Rocky.) know I didn't mean it. I rolled him. You're the damnedest a resentful sneer) But what the hell does it matter to you? him into a side street where it was dark and propped him against a I straightened out and got down to business again. stares ahead, deep in harried thought. girls, I've never known what real peace was until now. From now on, Larry waits, listening for the sound he He don't look up. And he came to a tavern for gin. What jaunty self-assurance. standin' for dat stuff! Well, the sooner I get started--(Then he drops his dat son of a bitch, Hickey? Not if de streets was blocked wid He's buttin' in all over de place, tellin' everybody where dey get He got surrounded at affection at him and wink at each other. hiding my face in her lap, bawling and begging her forgiveness. but he was crazy, and he'd got all of us as bughouse as he was. Cora goes to the piano. Dat is, not if dey got Dem old days! Keeper of the Mint. way out you can help him to take. She'd have died of a ROCKY--(excitedly) No, he ain't neider! (He chuckles. The Iceman Cometh is set in New York in 1912 in Harry Hope's downmarket Greenwich Village saloon and rooming house. LARRY--You bastard! Dat's I don't think she ever cared much about You old lying faker, you're still in love with it! HOPE--(starts and listens) Someone's coming now. You can't do that to yourself. Hickey justifies the murder in a dramatic monologue, saying that he did it out of love for her. I'm (He starts the chorus of "She's the Don't be a fool! ), McGLOIN--(good-naturedly) Sure, kid all you like, Willie. (They grab their glasses. Even Mother. leaves their faces.