Amanda -m- ? THOMPSON 8-30-1902 1-10-1972, Aloysius Thompson & Elizabeth "Lizzie" Swann, *WILLIAM THOMAS HENRY "FOX" SWANN 1845Henry Swann & Dolly Thompson, Mary Eliz. Although some claim Native American ancestry, the evidence indicates that most are direct descendants of mixed-race children of white women.Some free African Americans migrated to Delaware and Virginia where there were more opportunities for land ownership. Mary Elizabeth c.1854 -m- John Isaac Newman Jr. Aloysius Thomas 1859 - 3-15-1925 -m- Eliz Swann, *WILLIAM KELL THOMPSONJames Alex. We use cookies to enhance your personalized experience for ads, analytics, and more. Many could vote by the grandfather clause. Tue 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. The admins are responsive and accessible, so this page is also a good place to bring your library research questions. Harley & Sarah Ann Proctor, *HARRIETT ELLA PROCTOR c.1862 - 12-26-1906, James Henry Bernard -m- Martha Ann Newman, Catherine Dorinda -m- Richard Hayes Proctor, *JOHN LAWSON HARLEY 1825 - Feb. 9, 1909John Harley & Clementina Christina Proctor, *ELIZABETH BUTLER 1827 - 1897 {tombstone}, Rose Ann 1851 -m- Richard Harley {2nd cousin}, William Henry c.1856 -m- Marg. Boarman who had a mulatto child out of wedlock, in the year of:1707 Charged in Court. Jonathan Curtis probably owned or leased land in St. Mary's or Charles County in 1746 when he had an account with William Hunter & Company of Spotsylvania County for over twenty-nine pounds Maryland currency. [3][6], Proctor supports raising teacher wages and building new schools in Charles County. Elizabeth Proctor of Charles County had two children between 1705 and 1709.Martha Beddo of Charles County had three children between 1711 and 1735.Elizabeth Norman had three children in Prince George's County between 1715 and 1722. Henry Proctor & Margaret Savoy, *THOMAS RICHARD PROCTORAlfred Proctor & Louise Butler, Eliz. Margaret Ethel5. Women convicted of having children by native Indians were prosecuted for the lesser offense of fornication and had to pay a fine or suffer corporal punishment. The Proctor family owned land in Charles County before 1762. Cora Cecelia c. 1886 -m- Wm. Robert 18497. Proctor & Eliz. The jury found him guilty, and the court ordered that he be hung.However, he apparently received a pardon because Thomas Rustin, the slave of William Neale, was given thirty-nine lashes seven years later in June 1756 for taking someone's hat. Mr. Thomas Proctor, English convict who was convicted in Liverpool, Merseyside. Settlers from other areas of Maryland included Fountain, Gibbs, Grinnage, Lacount, Norman, Parsons, Plummer, Poulson, Proctor, Roach, Saunders, Toogood, and Wansey. concerns and give every effort to revealing credit for information He came to Virginia in 1609-1610 on the Sea Venture, which had wrecked on Bermuda, and . 2. - 4-17-1946George Harley & Georgianna Newman, Mary Mable -m- Wm Butler / Wm. Maggie ? ?- Fegnius age 83. Harry b: Dec. Retrieved from. Like her husband, she supports proposals to build a recreation center in the southern part of Prince George's County. sources received. {Bryantown Church records }*ROBERT PROCTOR 17**, { Prince Geo. Please visit Kathryn Wilson . Migration Between Maryland and Other colonies A member of the Hubbard family, a descendant of a white woman who had a mixed-race child in Westmoreland County in 1705, married a sister of Benjamin Banneker in Baltimore County about 1760. Is this you? Social media is constantly changing, but these accounts are a great starting point for making social media a valuable tool for your genealogy research. *Husband Husband's parents *Wife Wife's parents . Families left for the New World in extremely large numbers. Charles Mason7. "Lizzie" Riley, Rose Virginia 8-9-1885 -m- Cleavland Waters, Richard Lawrence "Lonzie" 8-23-1888 -m- Ella Savoy, *HILLERY NEWMAN 1821John Newman & Ann Proctor, *JAMES NEWMAN 1815John Newman & Ann Proctor, *PRISCILLA {listed as being a Seamstress }, Josephine 1855 { 1860 census Charles co. }, *JAMES "JIM" NEWMANSylvester Newman & Mary Jane Harley, *JAMES WILLIAM "DOC" NEWMANHillary Newman & Mary Ann Butler, George Alexander Harley & Sarah Ann Proctor, *JOHN NEWMAN 1793 - after 1860 censusWilliam Newman & Martha, Rosella Rosetta 1824 -m- John Henry Jones, John Isaac Newman c.1833 -m- Martha Ann Butler, Sylvester "West" c.1837 -m- Mary Jane Harley, Phoebe c.1838 -m- Stanislaus Butler in 1859, Jane Catherine c.1839 -m- John Chapman Thompson, *JOHN ALBERT NEWMAN SR.Sylvester Newman & Mary Jane Harley, John Albert "Ike" -m- Eliz. The Proctor Family Website. Occupational surnames were derived from the primary activity of the bearer. Thomas age 7Thomas M. Gray b: c.1842 {fisherman }Georgianna Mason b: c.1844 {Seamstress }, 1. Weems Dent 1922, *JAMES ALEXANDER PROCTORJohn Francis Proctor & Margaret, Geo. Massachusetts had the highest population of Proctor families in 1840. Sallie7. no proof as of yet that they of this family. Thompson & Alcy, {Charles county 1880 census }*MORGAN THOMPSON 1852 {servant }, Note: John Clarke 1869 listed in census as nephew, {married: 1845 } {also based on census records }*THOMAS THOMPSON 1822 = census, Sally Virgie 1867 - 1941 -m- John Henry Proctor, Emma Frances 1871 census -m- James Al. Joseph or James Henry c.1840 -m- Mary E. ? feel you have corrections, clarifications or just simply questions, we John Sam c.1859 -m- Martina Ann Proctor ?? Featured Results. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Dr. Andrew Loomis has been serving the Tacoma community for over 30 years, We are passionate about providingthe best possible service and care to our patients. Molly Welsh of Baltimore County (grandmother of Benjamin Banneker) married a slave named Bankka and had four children in Baltimore County about 1710 to 1720. She resided on her own land in Bryantown, Md. "Betty" Newman, *WILLIAM JOSEPH "BILLY" PROCTOR SR.*SARAH ELSIE THOMPSON, Wm. "Ned" Proctor. Check out the Relationships tool. Dysie 4-12-1888 -m- 1. "Billy" Thompson, Mary 1862 {had an eye affliction }= census, John Harley & Christina Clementia Proctor, * MARY NANCY ANN BUTLER: 1834 {1860 census }, Sylvester Marcellus 1852 -m- Cornelia Ann Proctor, Margaret Frances 1856 c. -m- James Newman, William Francis 1857 -m- Rose Ann Proctor, *WILLIAM GONZIE HARLEY 11-24-1882 ? Henrietta Anna -m- Stanilaus "Stanney" Proctor6. First and Foremost.. If you have any information about the Proctor family please send to the administrator's email. As social media use has become more mainstream, more and more users have found ways to make their accounts valuable resources for genealogists, either to share information or facilitate discussion. Washington Proctor & Mary Regina Thompson, *JAMES ALEXANDER PROCTORCharles Proctor & Matilda Ann Butler, Elizabeth Olive -m- ? The location you tried did not return a result. Research Proctor in the Surnames forums on, the new GenForum! Two former First Ladies of the United States hail from southern Maryland: Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams, and Margaret Mackall Smith Taylor, wife of Zachary Taylor., Pilgrim Ship's of 1600's. Derrick Proctor lives in White Plains, MD; previous cities include Waldorf MD and District Heights MD. For COVID -19 Information, click links below. Dorothy "Bert" Waters, *JOHN ALBERT NEWMAN JR. "IKE"John Albert Newman Sr. & Sarah Francis Robinson, *JOHN FRANCIS NEWMAN 1818John Newman & Ann Proctor, *JOHN HENRY "BAPTIST" NEWMAN 1875John Newman & Elizabeth White, John Spencer 1906 -m- Sarah Gertrude Proctor, Mary Catherine 1909 -m- James Oliver Swann, *JOHN ISAAC NEWMAN 1833John Newman & Ann Proctor, Julia Ann 1867 -m- Robert Alexander Harley, * JOHN ISAAC NEWMAN JR. 1855John I. Newman Sr. & Martha Ann Butler, Annie Marie c.1889 -m- Alexander Thomas Linkins, *JOHN LLOYD NEWMANSylvester Newman & Mary Jane Harley, { Charles county census }*MARCELLUS NEWMAN 1854, Sarah Jane 4-7-1897 5-12-1923 -m- Char. Margaret Madden had six children in Talbot County between 1725 and 1742.Mary Wedge of Prince George's County had at least five children between 1727 and 1738. One of the main benefits of Facebook is the ability to join global forums such as DNA Detectives, national groups such as Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness and state- or region-focused groups. 2. Margaret age 122. Contents 1 Background 2 In the Legislature 2.1 Committee assignments 2.2 Other memberships 3 Political positions 3.1 Education 3.2 Social issues 4 Electoral history 5 References Background [ edit] Other families from the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Somerset County, Maryland, who settled in Delaware included: Bass, Beckett, Driggers, Game, Hodgskin, Jacobs, Magee, Morris, Perkins, Press, Puckham, Sammons, Scokem, Shaver, Sparksman, and Wright.The Butcher family of Dorchester County, Maryland, was in Kent County, Delaware, by 1693. 1609), aged 26, British settler traveling aboard the ship "William and John" arriving in St Christopher (Saint Kitts) in 1635, Thomas Proctor (1753-1794), English historical painter and sculptor, born at Settle, Yorkshire, Richard Wright Proctor (1816-1881), English author, son of Thomas Procter, born of poor parents in Paradise Vale, Salford, Lancashire, Mark Proctor (b. List of Last Names - A - Alford Allen Arrington Ayers - B - Land ownership made for closer relations between free African Americans and whites, and less social relations with slaves. Walter Savoy, *JOSEPH CLYDE SWANNJames Swann & Mamie Proctor, *RICHARD SWANN c. 1840's*CAROLINE MASSEY c.1840's, *WALTER THOMAS SWANNWm. Dr. John H. Proctor is a Family Medicine Doctor in Cincinnati, OH. Family reside in Benedict on Jameson property as tenants. But the court called her other child her "white" daughter when it bound her until the age of sixteen.Between 1727 and 1750 Priscilla Gray had four children, three bound until the age of thirty-one and one bound until the age of twenty-one.Catherine Graham had four children by slaves and was sold as a servant for twenty-eight years. Florence Eleanor -m- John Francis Swann Jr. {based on 1850 Charles co. census }*THOMAS PROCTOR 1798, *THOMAS "TOMMY" PROCTORJohn Henry Proctor & Julia Ann Newman, Henry Thomas Proctor & Christianna Robinson, *THOMAS HARRISON PROCTOR*GRACE ANN PROCTOR, *THOMAS HENRY PROCTORWm. Thomas Davidson traced the development of the free African Americans who owned land in Somerset County, including Johnson, Driggers, Collick, Cambridge, Dutton, Game, Mungar and Puckham, but observed that it was not a large enough group to form a community [Davidson, Free Blacks on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland; "Free Blacks in Old Somerset County," Maryland Historical Magazine 71:155]. 1961), English football player and coach, Ian Douglas Ben Proctor FRSA (1918-1992), English designer of sailing dinghies and cruisers credited with more than one, Michael Anthony Proctor (b. It is regarded as derogatory and a pejorative by some, and rarely used by the current younger generation. Dr. Proctor . Use our cousin chart to settle the debate once and for all! 1990), British four-time silver and three-time bronze medalist Paralympic swimmer, (Another 62 notables are available in all our.