Later that day Jeff and Josie board the stage for California to begin a new life again. He was a gentleman villain whose evil was best expressed over a Chateaubriand and a fine red - not a whiskey. Trevor didnt recognize Weldon. degree from the University of Budapest, he began acting, writing and working But it is far from his best effort. Jeff makes it out with only minor burns on his hands. It has Randolph Scott as solid as ever surrounded by a rock solid supporting cast. Soon enough, he learns that the legitimate government has fled the former state Capital and the town is now in the hands of outlaw gangs. It's hard to tell if he's a bad guy or a good guy sometimes, as he manipulates two different gangs of unsavory characters. When one of Mourret's men kills the driver of the wagon, Travis schemes a plan to get rid of the gang. Jeff then has to inform Mouret about the shipment, and then his thugs - Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine - intercept the shipment, but Jeff changes sides when one of the jehu's (stagecoach driver) gets killed. De Toth was married for a time to Veronica Lake After the war, he narrowly escapes a gang looking for Quantrill's war criminals by jumping off a river boat, thanks to Josie's warning. He was a man whose shoes shined. The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Directed by Andr De Toth . Places in Stockport like The Plaza and the Market Place also feature in some of the scenes of the show. Macready was a great villain but not a western villain. It was directed by Andr de Toth, too. "He made a lot of films and drank a lot, even for those times. Best Original Motion Picture Story for The Gunfighter (1950), a Everyone knows that seven is the proper number for posses and gangs in Westerns. Strip and The Westerner. After the smoke clears, Scott and Macready remain, and they shoot it out in a top-notch action sequence in a flaming saloon. The Iverson Ranch and Lone Pine locations are attractive and properly Western. All in all, the film's offbeat style and great ensemble cast make this well worth watching a time or two. The author of the book, Harlan Coben explained why the idea of transferring the mystery to a new setting felt great to him. the best of all three-dimensional films to be released during that period. Bull keeps trying to shoot Jeff but Josie pulls his gun hand down allowing Jeff to shoot him and Josie escapes. The other 3-D film he directed was "House of Wax.". The location shooting was done at Movie Flats off Route 395 near Lone Pine, California, and, along with a lot of faces in this film, will be familiar to experienced moviegoers. They didn't fight about story points. in Hollywood, De Toth headed to Europe in the '60s, where he found work as But it is far from his best effort. Following a fracas on a riverboat, he ends up in Prescott, Arizona, just as the capital of the territory is being moved to Phoenix because of the lack of law and order in the town. During the American Civil War, the Quantrill's raiders use the spy Jeff Travis (Randolph Scott) to plunder the city of Lawrence, in Kansas, and Travis leaves Quantrill when he sees the massacre of the town. | Vintage Burt Cassell 12k Gold Filled Jade, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Scarab Brooch (#364086686444), item as described, fast shipping, great ebayer, Delta 132890 Towel Robe Hook Polished Chrome Silverton Collection New in Box (#364137148282), MINI FOOTBALL 1996 Patriots Curtis Martin New In Package By Football USA Vintage (#364137148277). Finally Randy says he is through with guns and goes off to California with Claire. It was not until recently that De Toth began to receive Lets find out more about the The Stranger filming locations and how it fits into a different location than the one that the book started out in. Veteran scenarist Kenneth Gamet of several Randolph Scott westerns, including "Coroner Creek" and "Ten Wanted Men," based his screenplay on the story "Yankee Gold" written by "High Noon" author John W. Cunningham. Synopsis: Having been a spy for Quantrill's raiders during the Civil War, Jeff Travis thinking himself a wanted man, flees to Prescott Arizona where he runs into Jules Mourret who knows of his past. claire trevor 31/31 26_152-0=26_152 {3SRN_1SRW}, ernest borgnine* 35/35 32_184-0=32_184 {1LRN_1LRW}. It is also possible to rent "The Stranger Wore a Gun" on Amazon Video, Vudu, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube, DIRECTV online . Movies. In this movie, he was so old, and so slow drawing his gun, that they had to speed up the film to make it look like he was drawing his gun fast. Set Decoration: Frank Tuttle An enjoyable western, with a fair storyline. Honorable mention: Alfonso Bedoya. Jeff Travis, serving as an advance spy for Quantrill, is dismayed to see the city brutally pillaged and its citizens willfully murdered. wagon master leading his train through rough territory that won accolades The Stranger Wore a Gun is a Scott-Brown production for Columbia and a priori a cut above some of the Westerns Randolph Scott did. [1] Based on the short story "Yankee Gold" by John W. Cunningham, the film is about a war criminal wanted for the slaughter of women and children who moves to Arizona to join a gold robbery but reconsiders and decides to change his life. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Stranger Wore A Gun 1953 Columbia 11x14" western lobby card Randolph Scott at the best online prices at eBay! A strong cast comes to the aid of this implausible Randolph Scott western, originally released in 3D in the United States. To film the vulnerable moments of these people in which the Stranger catches them, you have to choose your spots very carefully. The Stranger Wore a Gun. There is a great cast and production team with strong credentials lined up and we are all looking forward to starting filming in Manchester., Last day filming #TheStranger lovely experience a great cast, fabulous crew and I just love Manchester, Anthony Stewart Head (@AnthonySHead) August 2, 2019, The crew was spotted filming in places all over the city. He was The star of the show Jennifer Saunders expressed her joy at becoming a part of the series and said: Im delighted to be playing Heidi in this new Harlan Coben drama. many, this film best articulated many of the recurring themes in De Toth's The Stranger Wore a Gun - Full Cast & Crew 1953 1 hr 23 mins NR Watchlist Where to Watch A badman (Randolph Scott) reforms, then tries to disrupt rival outlaws. Scott plays Jeff Travis, a spy for William Quantrill's raiders during the Civil War. According to De Toth, Scotts double, who was riding next to Borgnine, missed his mark. Now, you can add The Stranger to this list as well. Not terribly original. Newcomer Jules is holding a Mexican gang at bay led by the colorful Degas (Alfonso Bedoya). A man whose life was saved by an outlaw shows his gratitude by reluctantly assisting in a stagecoach robbery. (1944), launched his Hollywood career. de Toth earned considerable critical acclaim with the taut, intense noir thriller Pitfall Some of the scenes have been filmed at the disused Moor Lane Bus Station in Bolton town centre. Free shipping for many products! C-83m. Alternate Versions Sound: Lambert Day Crazy Credits He immigrated to the US in 1942 and directed his first film there in 1944. The Stranger Wore A Gun $3.99 $12.99 Editorial Reviews Andr De Toth directed seven of producer-star Randolph Scott's Westerns; The Stranger Wore a Gun is the most disappointing, especially since its original 3-D is now moot. ", Scott, Marvin, Borgnine: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. They were both gentlemen, nice people." Impressed with his ability, Harry Cohn, head of Columbia Pictures, put the On one trip, some men confront Jeff about his past connection with Quantrill, and with the help of a stranger, Jeff escapes. Born in Mako, Hungary to the son of a civil engineer, De Toth showed an Soon after, Jeff arrives at the saloon to challenge Mourret and Slager. In this movie, as in some of his other ones, Scott portrays a former Confederate soldier. He did that in A Lawless Street, too, thus disproving the Jeff Arnold Derringer Hypothesis (JADH) that derringers were exclusively reserved for crooked gamblers, ladies and city slickers. Jeff pushes Kurth off the stage, then disappears as the gangs confront one another and Mourret ends up killing Degas. The Stranger Wore a Gun is a Scott-Brown production for Columbia and a priori a cut above some of the Westerns Randolph Scott did. Although the film was exhibited in the 3-D format, the print viewed was in standard format. Technicolor/3-Dimension production, music is by Mischa Bakaleinikoff and cinematography by Lester White. NR. With Andre de Toth directing, it really should have been something. 2008. Marvin is about the best actor after Randy. The stranger begins falling in love with her to the displeasure of Josie. Glam gambler Josie Sullivan (Claire Trevor, in her eleventh of twelve Westerns; she was most famously Dallas in Stagecoach but had also been wooed by Quantrill in Dark Command in 1940) clearly has a soft spot for him. its day. Technicolor/3-Dimension production, music is by Mischa Bakaleinikoff and cinematography by Lester White. "The Stranger Wore a Gun" is fun western. hostage thriller that boasts some fine performances by Sterling Hayden and Josie hesitantly admits that to keep Jeff dependent upon her, she lied to him about his being wanted for his association with Quantrill. (Alexander Knox), in Poland and makes excellent use of flashbacks illustrating Guardian of the Wilderness aka Mountain Man (Sunn Classic Pictures, 1976), Shoot Out at Big Sag (TV pilot, Brennan Productions, 1962). Condition: "The Stranger Wore a Gun" is badly miscast. | But it's not something. De Toth shot another, much more memorable 3-D picture in 1953 - the Vincent Price horror film House of Wax. Raymond Burr, this story of a bored insurance salesman who embarks on an The Stranger Wore a Gun Cast & Crew Cast; Crew; Randolph Scott Jeff Travis, Associate Producer Claire Trevor Josie Sullivan Joan Weldon Shelby Conroy George Macready Jules Mourret Alfonso Bedoya Degas Lee Marvin Dan Kurth Ernest Borgnine Bull Slager Pierre Watkin Jason Conroy Joseph Vitale Shorty Clem Bevans . There are quite a few surprises in this film. England, where he worked as a second unit director for Alexander Korda on Mourret reveals that one of his men is missing and he suspects the man is being held by Degas. critical recognition for his entertaining body of work. Posted on: March 23, 2021, by : Western. Scott was also pleased to be working with producer Harry Joe Brown on The Stranger Wore a Gun. Quantrill's Raiders man Randolph Scott gets the film off with a flurry of action. If you go for a B grader, you at least get a watchable Saturday afternoon potboiler. by Paul Tatara, Andre De Toth, the director and writer behind such memorable genre films as Pitfall (1948), a film noir, The Indian Fighter (1955), a Western, Play Dirty (1968), a war thriller, and arguably the best 3-D movie ever made, House of Wax (1953), died on October 27 of an aneurysm in his Burbank home. (uncredited) Cinematography by Lester White . decluttr_store, Verified purchase: His contributions to film were With his past fast catching up to him, Travis must make a stand for his future - a future for which he's prepared to fight! It stars Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor, Joan Weldon, George Macready, Alfonso Bedoya, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Pierre Watkin. This is not always death to a film but in this case it seems that no one really knew the point of telling the story. Due to this change, the filming of the show took place in the UK. Bull tries to sneak his gun out but Josie yells and throws a lamp setting the saloon on fire. Jeff returns the gold to the Conroys, then in his hotel room confesses to Josie his distress about Jake's brutal murder and his life as an outlaw. During the American Civil War, renegade Confederate officer William Clark Quantrill and his raiders unleash a savage attack against the city of Lawrence, Kansas. Jeff then runs into Kurth and kills him. One day on the set De Toth asked Borgnine if he could ride. Portraits From the Inside, as well as an interview book, De Toth on De Toth, The location shooting was done at Movie Flats off Route 395 near Lone Pine, California, and, along with a lot of faces in this film, will be familiar to experienced moviegoers. | First of all, it keeps you guessing especially as regards Randolph Scott's character, whose motivation is difficult to discern. Purchase The Stranger Wore a Gun on digital and stream instantly or download offline. The next day, Mourret sends one of his henchmen, Dan Kurth, to ride with Jeff on the stage, which is ambushed by both Degas and Mourret. In a way, the film Impressed by Jeff's work for Quantrill, Mourret offers him a job spying on the Conroys to discover how large amounts of gold are being safely transported. the prosecution's testimony to form the bulk of the film. He loved Westerns and directed eleven Western movies, six of them with Randolph Scott. Western. Ride like the wind again., Yeah? Borgnine replied incredulously. The story is an odd one. Required fields are marked *. When Mourret angrily chastises him later, Jeff explains that he has learned that the next stage will be carrying $25,000 and thus will be a more important robbery. "I believe Randolph Scott could have gone further as a performer," De Toth said. GREATER THAN EVER IN 3-D! Perhaps if he had made a better film, Randy might have stepped up. Despite the fact that Scott, Gamet, and De Toth worked together on several films, "The Stranger Wore A Gun" still ranks as one of their less luminous efforts.