Our special preview packages are only available to persons whose combined gross annual income meet certain requirements. You politely decline stating the price is too high. . Single people 30 years of age and older with annual income of 45K or more may qualify. . BONUS POINT POSTING: Please allow 30 days from the end of your sales presentation for bonus points to be posted to your Hyatt Gold Passport account. No. We were thinking about doing the luau there. If you are (i) married, (ii) cohabitating, (iii) engaged or (iv) single and bringing a companion, we require that both parties travel together as part of the package and attend the private sales presentation. Thank you, Minah. Write to: Doing so may harm our charitable mission. wailea If married or living together, couples must attend sales presentation together; individuals may purchase separately. Good morning everyone, greetings from my local Peets Coffee at the SF Ferry Building. I have. Vacation Package includes accommodations only. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a user's experience more efficient. The moral of the story is the Hilton has good business sense. How and where you want to vacation may change over time. We've never had issues with Hilton as owners so far, and really like their structure for timeshares. For all other types of cookies we need your permission. Couples living in the same household with combined income of $50,000; Must have the same address on their ID; Must attend the presentation together. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Instead, you might find yourself leaving the presentation with nothing but a small outing as payment for your time. They always are, it seems, and I highly doubt they paid full asking price. to junior partners in exchange for taking a weekend in call. Thanks for the article! Im not sure if Hilton Gold or Silver elite members get these vouchers, but you can use them at all restaurants and cafes on the property and apply as many as you want toward the bill. Most timeshare presentations have some requirements for attending. Silver Dollar City Branson Bundle Branson, MO 3 Days / 2 Nights Also, some presenters can be pretty aggressive with their sales technique. You should be fine to attend each timeshare presentation while you are staying at each property. That was his final word. Incentives, gifts or premiums are awarded after attendance at sales presentation and may not be redeemed for cash. Certain expenses will not be included. Im going to oahu next month , any current offers there that you could share? Obviously that wasnt going to happen. They did manage to sweeten the deal and we bought in. The salespeople are very good at what they do and make vacation ownership look very enticing. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. A freebie for attending a presentation can seem like a pretty sweet deal. Discover the beauty of the Galapagos Islands on one of our all-inclusive cruises to this ecological paradise. I have learned to never go the sales presentation. Our short list includes the Wyndham Bali Hai in Kailua, HI, the BlueGreen Fountains Resort in Orlando, FL, and Hilton Grand Vacations Parc Soleil, also in Orlando. You can probably attend as single women, that way you double up on the presentation freebies. The first is with Hilton Grand Vacations and is . How closely do they scrutinize this in light of the fine print that states a minimum income in order to attend? Pingback: Hilton Vacation Package Offer: 3 Nights + 25K Points for $149 in Orlando or Las Vegas, Pingback: Hilton Vacation Package Offer: 3 Nights + 50K Points for $199 in Orlando or Las Vegas, Pingback: 2 Hawaii Timeshare Vacation Package Deals: Hilton Grand Vacations Honolulu (Oahu) or Waikoloa (Big Island) & Westin Vacation Club Kaanapali (Maui), Pingback: Hilton Timeshare Vacation Package Deals: $299 for 4 Night Stay + 150,000 HH Points (7 Destinations Available) [Expires January 10]. Grant, would you expect a non-elite Hyatt member to be targeted for these types of offers? We then got up and walked out. They know the best way to get you through the door is to promise something at the other side of it. Here's the fine print: Valid for locations in Atlanta, Anaheim, Branson, Destin, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, San Antonio, and the Smoky Mountains. $14,000 Only. airport $260 Fixed Annual Fee. According to their website, they offer over 50 resorts, 4,000+ Marriott hotels, and 3,000+ affiliated resorts. Pricing is without promotions and discounts and subject to change. I had no idea this was the timeshare prsentation offer. Hilton has a timeshare presentation offer that gets you a three-night stay in Orlando or Las Vegas, plus 15,000 Hilton points for $199. I will admit it is tougher today with rising costs but in a down market like we are entering now, it is possible as these corporations want sales #s. All offers and programs apply to a limited number of rooms, and are subject to availability . Within a couple of minutes he called back with good news. Another common exercise is one in which youre asked how often you vacation and how much you spend per night on lodging. I did read someone on here said that one was scheduled for something like 2 hours I think it was but they walked out after was it 3 hours (?). Usually we get out of there in about half an hour, That is a great strategy, I might have to try that someday when I am really busy and want to leave quickly. Vacation Promotion Offer Complete the Form & Get A Call Back Even During Non Business Hours. Now, youve eliminated 99.999% of vacations that you could be taking at that time. This site uses different types of cookies. I think that generation was more trusting and didnt have the internet as a resource, so the arguments the salesperson came up with sounded pretty good. I would grade the DVC as a B+ as a purchase and Marriott as a solid C. Its probably not the most prudent financial purchase one could make, but we enjoyed great family vacations when the family was young, going to Disney World and the Disney Resort in Hilton Head and to multiple western Marriott resorts. I quickly choose the points option, but I am sure I could have bargained for 50,000 Hilton HHonors points or more. There are 3 different pools with a few water slides and a dolphin tank where people can swim and train the dolphins. Limited-Time Offer: Earn 165K Bonus Points. At that point, they thank you for coming, walk you out and get you set up for your gift/bonus for attending the sales presentation. She also asked if I was a Hilton Grand Vacation Club owner. We've attended only 1 other presentation since our original buy in, and like Cindi P said, we didn't feel any high pressure sales tactics as it didn't seem like they want to waste your time, or theirs if you truly aren't interested. What experiences have you had with timeshare presentations? I wasnt happy, but wasnt sure how to proceed. Well, he came back on the phone and said he would refund my deposit and I would owe zero. Offer not valid with any other promotional offer. I own 4 weeks in Hawaii and one week in Newport and one in St. Were proud to provide you with the high-quality service thats been synonymous with the Hilton name for more than 100 years. The quality can obviously vary from one place to another, but the handful of places weve stayed were actually fairly nice. I do believe you can get good value for your money, especially if most of the following apply to you: What I like to do is compare the annual maintenance fees to how many nights you can book in a year. We stayed 4 nights for $249 in a place that I would value at $200 or more per night if it were a comparable suite in a Hilton hotel. You dont expect your preferred vacation style or preferences to change much for decades. Privacy Policy: Please click here to view our Privacy Policy. It was awkward. I really dont think the presentations are worth your time. Im glad you had a great time and good job getting those 40,000 HH points :). Then came the second problem. hawaii timeshare presentation deals 2021.hawaii timeshare presentation deals 2021. culture I figure they'll give us the worst room, but the PRICE! kauai These timeshare presentation packages can be a great deal, but you really need to know how to say NO at the end. Accommodations as specified in the Vacation Package offer may include a standard double hotel room at a Hilton portfolio hotel or a studio or suite at a Hilton Grand Vacations resort (valued at $175-$500/night) except in South Carolina, where accommodations at another brand hotel may be offered. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. The hotel has a ocean-fed lagoon (pictured below), where you can rent snorkel gear, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and more. They do not offer any discounts to Hilton honors members. She did use it to visit Florida repeatedly, but I dont think her week was transferable so at some point it was certainly a negative, and I dont think anyone was doing the opportunity cost math. Although you may travel together, they may not participate in your Personal Preview, as we tailor the presentation to your personal vacation interests. The Club & Owners (formerly Diamond Resorts). Your vacation package includes a stay at the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. Hello Grant. Unfortunately, those 60 minutes can easily slide into 90, and then 120, or maybe even 150 minutes. He may not believe in pay 10% tithing, but for paid tithing for 65 years, I have done more with 90% because God has blessed me. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Of Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence Awards, Received Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence Awards, "Staff was lovely. Terms apply. Im sure the front desk people have an incentive to get you in the door (probably a flat fee per person) whereas the closer works on commissions. The Wyndham property we reserved via Airbnb, we were guests of owners at BlueGreen at a very reasonable rate of $79 a night for a spacious 2-bed, 2-bath room place, and the Hilton Property was a 4-night introductory package for $249 with a mandatory sales pitch as part of the discount. Timeshares are certainly not for everyone but can be a nice option particularly if you have a large family. #5 Best Value of 20 Hawaii Timeshare Resorts "You must attend a timeshare presentation in order to get the card, which is about two hours but well worth it with what you get." "Kings Land is a remarkable timeshare complex." Visit hotel website All Inclusive 6. We were treated rudely because we didnt purchase There is a fine line between being honest and being rude, and with any luck, you wont have to cross it. The Chase Hyatt, Marriott, and IHG CCs have about the same annual fee and come with free night certificates. There is a lot to do :). Travel with Grant has financial relationships with many of the cards mentioned here, and is compensated through the credit card issuer Affiliate Program. I don't know Hilton's official cancellation policies but I just wanted to share that I recently rescinded a similar deal from Holiday Inn to go to Orlando for 3 nights (it was a *very* good deal, but immediately after the purchase we had a few unexpected expenses and decided that (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Son you know anything about this? Use our link to Join and receive a bonus of up to $50 . ANOTHER NOTE: Not for people that dont have the income but also you dont have to be uber wealthy. natural wonders If you are not planning on purchasing, just go with the flow, enjoy the conversation, and walk away after your time is up. Just act quickly if you have those second thoughts after walking out! You have up to 12 months to use your preview package unless otherwise stated in the offer you received. The only time I have ever taken a time share tour I have made it clear that I had no interest at all in buying and they would push me into coming to the tour anyway. Earn 165,000 Bonus Points (that's up to 5 free nights at 4,100+ properties!) It is especially good for conferences as timeshare locations and conference locations often line up in resort towns. Thanks for the tip :). Pricing is without promotions and discounts and subject to change. We have a great offer for you for $2500 + a bunch of bonus points. There are limits on what Ill do for money, in fact now that I dont need money anymore there are a lot of them. I brought up the fact that investing that $60k into an index fund or real estate fund instead would give me two things that a timeshare would not. They may or may not be polite. Yes, sales force people are the ones who rain in the money to keep salary people paid, in more fields. 85% will go on to regret their purchase, according to the Finn Law Group.