The ability scores dont line up very well, and the Paladin has very little Their arms reflect this bulkiness and tend to be very wide, differing just enough from their feet to receive a different classification. l tortle barbarian 3d models . Now, the skill proficiencies you get are Animal Handling and Survival. Alignment. So, its an easy fit if youre looking to play an archetypal Barbarian. My Domain spells will give me plenty of elemental choices. Languages. 17 AC will match the maximum possible AC in light armor right from level 1, and if you were planning to fit feats into your build you might never go to 20 Dexterity. Mounted Combat 5e Saddle Up, Gang. 3. The Tortles high base AC is a fun novelty, but thats In fact, page 125 of the Players Handbook specifically states you can customize your background if you want to tweak one. A Tortle chooses their own name, favoring simple names no more than two syllables, with pleasing sounds. Survival Instinct. Seems like a good enough option for a Barbarian, mostly due to the Ability bonuses, with a nice boost to damage and (possibly, depending on stats allocation) a decent enough boost to your WIS saving throws. The opponent must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw to take 1d8 lightning damage instead. Even ones with the Heavy Armor mastery feat that would make them soak a lot more of the normal damage. Retracting a limb inside of the shell at a crucial moment to avoid the blow. How I'm posting based on text formatting: and I now have a reason to make a tortle barb, thanks. The racial AC is Biological, which means that you would always have it, and the class one for Monks and Barbs is learned. Still a fun idea, regardless :). Or, maybe youre part of a military that regularly deploys a special unit that specializes in barbaric tactics.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'roleplayersrespite_com-leader-3','ezslot_8',611,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-roleplayersrespite_com-leader-3-0'); The theme might not fit the wild berserker you might think of when you think of a Barbarian. The tortle's natural armor advantage would only be useful very early in the game. Fantasy Horror Sci Fi Mystery Anime Pop Culture, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Pathfinder Starfinder Monster of the Week, The Author Contact Genre Bomb Store Genre Bomb Account Exchanges and Returns. Tortles like to live their lives following specific rituals, routines, and customs that they follow throughout their lives, making most of them Lawful Good. Oftentimes they will sport similar patterns on the crest of their heads. My special Channel Divinity ability is Charm Animals and Plants. A Tortles Wisdom Ability Score Bonus makes them a perfect fit for the Cleric role, as they need their WIS for much of their spellcasting. The Tortle is a great option for a Strength-based ranger since you dont need Here are some of the best Classes that can take full advantage of the Tortles offerings: As nomads, not a lot of Tortles end up taking up the mantle of an adventurer. The Barbarian and Monk's Unarmored Defense do not stack with the Tortle's natural armor; the rules require the player to select one method of calculating Armor Class. My Wildfire Spirit can make a ranged Flame Seed attack and teleport allies away from danger, leaving flames to burn surrounding enemies. Tortle clerics combine their Strength and Wisdom affinities for yet another wise warrior character. The Druids best AC options provide A Tortles Strength Ability Score Bonus easily makes them perfect for the Barbarian role, as their innate Rage taps into this primary attribute. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. An extra skill proficiency is nice, too. 12+ AC so matching the Tortles flat 17 AC is exceptionally difficult. A Tortle Druid may be following the guidance of nature to finish a quest. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Tavern Brawler anyone? In turn, Tortles can also focus on other Ability Scores such as Constitution for better health and even Dexterity for evasion and reflexes. Genre Bomb is built to be your source for tabletop role playing game reviews, guides, and free adventures. This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. mitigates them a bit, so even that isnt a huge problem. 50 Favourites. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Plus, tortle natures tend to be lawful good, due to their ritualistic habits and routines. With tortle it is a known good multi class combo combining rage and monk goodliness, tortle AC removes most of the negatives for early to mid game, trying to achieve a fun if not optimal build and a monk that does bit more damage than the straight monk plus a ninja tortle feel. A'Toon the Knowledge Priest Tortle with a Sage background. Their Natural Armor puts your base AC at 17, which is useful considering Tortles gain no bonuses from wearing armor. and find the best price. What are peoples thoughts on a Tortle Barbarian? Yup. A Tortle Acolyte would fit right in a story where their tribe or community worships a particular deity - be it the god of the seas, the harvest, or the primary focus of their community. As your level advances, youll take a single level in rogue (so keep 13 dex anyway!) Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. barbarian characterconcept characterdesign charactersheet dnd dndcharacter dragonturtle dungeonsanddragons fantasy finalfantasy jungle rpgcharacter shaman swamp tortle turtle warrior dungeonsanddragonscharacter fiverr dnd5e . This time, Ill be able to wield a martial shield, giving me a +2 to AC. Separate AC calculations like mage armor, manufactured armor, and The whole thing plays to the Barbarians strengths. Outside of the insanely good background feature, the theme of the Outlander 5e background seems made for Barbarians. Likewise, Tortle Fighters who become adventurers will likely do so in the search of treasure, or even as a part of a mercenary force. Plus, Ill gain Wrath of the Storm off the bat, giving me the ability to hit those who damage me with 2d8 lightning damage. After all, Vikings were basically pirates of the northern waters in and around 11th century England. Do not kill. There are effectively three versions of the Tortle. He has spent a lot of his wandering days on the ocean where his cultural meal of Jelly Fish was in abundance. My Bonus Proficiency will give me proficiency in History, Insight, Performance or Persuasion. RPGBOT uses the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which is simple to understand and easy to read at a glance. Tashas Cauldron of Everything introduced the option Customizing Your Origin rules, which gave us the second version and allowing players to reassign the Tortles ability score increases and their skill proficiency. Tortles have finely honed survival instincts. Copyright 2023 Genre Bomb LLC. The Tortle: Nature's Armor. But, bear with me. Riiiight good luck with that. Download and enjoy! Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are in the process of classifying, together with the providers of individual cookies. Playing a Barbarian with the Mercenary Veteran background is pretty similar to playing one as a former Soldier. Your proficiencies from the Far Traveler background, Insight and Perception, keep you alive in both hazardous and civilized encounters. Tortle Barbarian This set includes:- Tortle Barbarian- 1x Base (40mm) All of them unSupported and Pre-Supported (You can also find this model in our January 2023 Monthly Release, in the Monthly Releases Collection) EXTRA FEATURE (Painting Guides): In Bite the Bullet we include a new feature: Step-by-step Painting Guides. Despite its straightforward nature, the Fighter offers a lot of flexibility to characters compared to other classes. shield, the Shield spell, Shield of Faith, and other things which add The Tortle is the best option for Strength-based monks. Now you can go to town with your claws (which cant be disarmed), and all your allies can wreck your target. The law states that we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. Circle of Spores Handbook. A Scalemail, Breastplate or Half Plate still beat these out. You can withdraw into your shell as an action. This would synergize really well with barbarians, as they benefit from a lack of armor. Plus, Ill flex my Strength score with a mace (1d6 + STR bludgeoning) in the other hand. On the action side of things, Action Surge allows me to take 1 extra action a day, giving me the opportunity to finish an opponent or flee in a hot situation. Youre a stranger in a strange land and everyone notices you. Another background thats more cerebral than your typical Barbarian. Ill build the initial cleric with a shield/mace combination. Your character could have had some event happen that triggers an unearthly rage such as the death of a loved one or an invading force. A Heavy Plating Warforged Forge Cleric using Blessing of the Forge on its shield has a starting AC of 21 at level 1, so these rules as clarified aren't that bad at all. But, hear me out. While in your shell, you are prone, your speed is 0 and cant increase, you have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws, you cant take reactions, and the only action you can take is a bonus action to emerge from your shell. This odd behavior means that tortles rarely build towns and communities, giving them an inherent sense of adventure. Would homebrew something. Tortles are a turtle-based race introduced to 5e in a supplemental package to Tomb of Annihilation, The Tortle Package. An unarmored Warforged barbarian using the rules as I would run them Would have an AC of 11+ DEX + CON+ Proficiency. The Tortles skill bonuses in strength of +2 and wisdom of +1 make an excellent choice for classes focused on strength and a decent choice for a wisdom-based class looking for better armor. Now, if it was using it's Darkwood Core setting, it counts as not wearing armor. Or perhaps using the balance of it's body to pull it in an odd direction out of the way. Her proficiencies helped her outside of combat which is something Barbarians usually lack. Moreover, their added WIS Ability Score Bonus enables them to withstand mentally damaging spells and effects that would otherwise lessen their efficiency in combat. also get heavy armor proficiency. Along with a special list of fire spells, these druids gain inherent healing spells, growth spells and a Wildfire Spirit with impressive abilities. If you hit with them, you deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike. For clerics in light or medium armor, the Tortles natural armor allows you This is a fun opportunity to play a character in touch with nature, pulling from themes related to turtleswater ecologies, mythology, etc. Of all the available Paths, perhaps Ancestral Guardian, Berserker, Totem Warrior, and Wild Soul all blend well with the Tortle's innate flavor and potential in performing in combat. AC = 16 + Proficiency + Dex + Con + Shield. Tortle Classes (Customizable Originsand MMoM). This beast of a tortle has participated in many times in the great Colosseum of God-Emperor Ulysses. Grapple two enemies (three if your DM lets you use your beak), then use Shell Defense. The first several are: On the other hand, I could tap into a seafaring turtle trope and become an acolyte of storm entities and the planets weather systems. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. A tortle druid Circle of Spores uses the Wild Shape feature to fuse with a fungal spore cloud. , which allows the Tortle to hold their breath for up to an hour. Fungal Infestation uses my spore cloud to animate creatures who die within 10 feet of me, raising a zombie with 1 HP. The straightforward nature of a Tortles various features allow them to take on diverse class roles as the Cleric. As I level up, Ill gain enhanced fire damage and healing spells in synchronization with my Wildfire Spirit. increases (lizardolk, wood elf, etc.) Both are pretty good for any character and the latter helps you break the trope of the gullible brute Barbarians tend to fill. The Circle of Wildfire relates to the destruction and resurrection cycle of forest fires. And, you can gather food and water (assuming its available) for you and up to five other creatures while travelling. Note: Does not work on mobile phones and some tablets. Their shells account for roughly one-third of their weight. Bugbear Character Guide and Best Classes: DnD 5e, Gnoll Encounters and Campaign Guide: DnD 5e. Thanks to their relative peace in life, they may specialize in doing manual labor, especially over the seas. +something to your AC all increase whichever AC calculation youre using Because it changes the ac formula he would have to pick between the tortle ac or the barbarian ac. Whenever you have two valid AC calculations in effect, you get to. Pick up an improvised weapon that doubles as a Maul and now you can bonus action grapple with your trunk while still two-handing a weapon. 2021 Wizards. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, campaign data and keep track of site usage for the site's analytics report. Unless there was a sage advice ruling I'm not aware of. Ignore what these other posters are saying. You can customize them almost anyway you like. Ill also gain proficiency with heavy armor, though I wont need it. Time to do. Basically, you grew up on the outskirts of civilization. So yeah way above 20 at level 1 without much gear cost expenditure. The main draw to this background is the Wanderer feature. All of these make sense both thematically and mechanically, without tripping you up too much. Your claws are natural weapons, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. Fighters can choose a Fighting Style early on, enabling them to dictate the way they want to approach combat. Your email address will not be published. Likewise, a Tortle Cleric choosing a life of adventure may do so at the encouragement of their deity - it may be in the form of a secret mission or even solving a mystery plaguing their tribe. Tortle Fighters may excel in melee combat, making simple and straightforward Fighter Archetypes such as the Champion ideal for them. This feature isnt limited to just underwater use so you are free to think of creative uses for this like playing dead or hiding in an airtight container. Born in Italy, moved a bunch, living in Spain, my heart always belonged to Roleplaying Games. Its Time For a Ride-By Stabbing, An Easy Guide to How How Drowning Works in D&D 5e, A Guide to D&D 5es Rules on Suffocation & Holding Breath, A New Players Guide to How Climbing in D&D 5e Works, A Complete Players Guide to Using Ball Bearings in D&D 5e, A Beginners Guide to Dealing Nonlethal Damage in D&D 5e. Plus, druids cant wear normal armor to begin with, so my Natural Armor will be of great use here. And, thats why youd choose the City Watch background. You can use a shield and still gain this benefit. At 1st level, you gain the ability to imbue magic into a weapon or armor. I can use this ability an amount of times equal to my Wisdom modifier. Tortle characteristics and background By far one of the most solitary races, tortles venture out from their coastal birthplaces to explore the world. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Additionally, these bonuses can help Rangers focus on other Abilities they may need, such as Dexterity for mobility and range attacks as well as Constitution to become much healthier. Tortle Barb's make amazing grapplers. Your name is Hecrow, a level 15 Tortle barbarian. Now smack that poor fool around like a loot piata. These traits make my character perfect for a guide, wise hermit, relic hunter or teacher. Check out our Patreon or Tribes! Druidic Circles of the Land, Stars, and Twilight work with the Tortle Druid thanks to their flavor and potential WIS-based builds. In fact, thanks to their ancestral traits, Tortles can become very efficient when it comes to combat - making them fit for melee roles. The update also increased the Tortles Claw damage to 1d6 and changes the Tortles original fixed skill proficiency, instead allowing you to choose from a small list of options. Moreover, Tortles who get to invest properly in defense can benefit from Unarmored Defense and Reckless Attack, which boosts their efficiency in the battlefield. RPGBOTis unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. RAW Powerful Build does nothing for grappling, but otherwise everything is spot on! In turn, some Tortles may have cultivated a protective spirit dedicated to ensuring that their families remained safe from various threats. Of course there are other mechanics the tortle has that can more than make up for this small blunder. You cant use armor and you dont need it, Shell defense is bad but it could very very situationally be useful, Snap attack shouldnt be used unless you are disarmed but a d4 is bette than a 1, Unarmored movement works with the shell (Im pretty sure), Basically maybe not the best choice but a damn fine one, For flavors sake its gotta be a pissy alligator snapping tortle of course. The Ear to the Ground background feature is an interesting one. Youll get proficiency in Athletics and Insight. class & level background player name tortle, the barbarian tortle chaotic good character name race alignment experience points. Druids tend to need some serious help in the AC department, and a racial feat is an excellent way to do this. He has all kinds of runes on his shell, and in his shell he has various scrolls and books that he consults for knowledge. Is your Tortle normal, or seeking immortality? natural armor does a lot to address that. Dragons are to a Dragonborn as turtles are to a Tortlein Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Ill add a wooden shield for extra defense and maybe even carry a scimitar, acting as a tank at early levels and smacking foes with my high Strength score. , which provides Tortle natural protection with a base of AC 17. Chances are youve seen the tribal Barbarian archetype played before. Tortles get a bonus to Strength and Wisdom, a high natural armor class and a few fluffy turtle powers like swimming and holding their breath. No Dexterity increase, and nothing else about the Tortle appeals to the In general it allows a Barbarian with a Con of 14 or 16 and Dex 14 to have the equivalent of Hide or Chain shirt without armor. Just curious how you guys would handle this? They could easily have 23 AC at level 1 - slowly increasing passed 30 with magic items by max level. This is great. Medium (5 to 6ft tall, 450 pounds average), 30ft walking speed. A Heavy Plating Warforged Forge Cleric using Blessing of the Forge on its shield has a starting AC of 21 at level 1, so these rules as clarified aren't that bad at all. However, Tortle Fighters looking for a more diversified role can opt for the Maneuvers-reliant Battle Master and Monster Hunter or further add an arcane flair to their spells as an Eldritch Knight. Tortles who grew fond of their isolation in their peaceful communities may have developed a connection with nature that no other member of their families possess. The claws feature turns your unarmed strike into 1d4 + strength modifier of slashing damage instead of the normal bludgeoning damage. 1964 "tortle barbarian" 3D Models. Tortles will often change their names if they no longer feel connected to it, as nomadic in their personality as they are in the physical world. We believe the following classes are the best choices for this race: In order to get to an AC of 17 with the unarmored defense feature youd need a minimum of 18 (+4) in strength and 16 (+3) in dexterity. help close the skill gap between the Ranger and the Rogue. This race is basically an amazing and easy way to get yourself some extra AC if youre struggling to justify putting a good number in dexterity. Basic fighter class fundamentals in include a Fighting Style, Action Surge, Second Wind, Extra Attack and Indominable, making this tortle build a straight-forward warrior. I am looking to play a barbarian, the race is the optional part. I play a zealot Barbarian Grikor in a home game. Until you emerge, you gain a +4 bonus to AC, and you have advantage on Strength and Constitution saving throws. But without a I can use this ability once on each of my turns. also use) until something like 16th level when they get their 4th ability not enough. Tortles arent natural swimmers, but they can remain underwater for some time before needing to come up for air. You gain proficiency in the Survival skill. A Tarrasque--the "toughest" creature in existence--has an AC of 25. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. Tortles tend to lead orderly, ritualistic lives. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. The other defensive feature youll pick up is Shell Defense, a situation in which someone at WotC dropped the ball and missed the opportunity to name a feature Shell Shield.