The series was first telecast in the UK on the ITV network (part of CITV) from 1993 to 1998. Patience. If you omit this step, you'll have not just fire damage once the fire service has extinguished the flames but also water damage, smoke damage, and maybe mold damage. Erika Dawson | GoAnimate V2 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia tots tv house burned down - tots tv house burned down - It Have 2000 Subscribers, He Was Born In United States Of America, Birthday: February 23, 2003, [Age 16] My Voices Is . It's actually a really nice cottage, but in miniature. My house burn down .My insurance paid 350k My mortgage is 360k .every month i had to pay $3.500 If I use . The internet is left in uproar after shopper reveals she spent a whopping $50 on a GROCERY BAG from pricey celebrity-loved food store Erewhon, Sun goes down on the Murdaugh dynasty: As Alex is jailed, surviving son Buster is left with modest apartment, $530k inheritance, a law career in tatters after plagiarism incident - and could now face probe over gay teen's death. Costumes assemble! It will go under the hammer with SDL Property Auctions on March 30, 2023, from 10am, live-streamed online with remote bidding only. "With nothing open, it made sense to get out and explore. 11:21 GMT 13 May 2021 Warren Cook gets grounded for Humanity is a GoAnimate Special with the plot and transcript being created by Luna Minami. A month after a fire ripped through Rachael Ray's upstate New York home, the celebrity chef is opening up about the devastation, which destroyed nearly all of her belongings, including . Mr Stokes said: 'The cottage is quite hidden, so I sent my drone up to help me find it and I then discovered the roof of the property poking through the trees. "There wasnt much left but you can see the iconic blue stairs which stand out and also the unique windows. Eerie pictures show abandoned set where children's favourite Tots TV was filmed more than 20 years ago. 1. Strona korzysta z plikw cookies w celu zapewnienia prawidowego funkcjonowania. [3] In 2000, Discovery Kids broadcast the series throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Falkland Islands. The trio will be charged as adults with Burn it. Get your tater tot casserole cooking. Where is the Tots TV Cottage? September 13, 2019. Apparently, the other two were unaware they were preparing to read a story because they would always ring them up on their personal phone to ask if they wanted to listen to a story. There are electrical wires connected to a roof which is covered in holes. The show went off . News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. It follows the adventures of three friends, Tilly, Tom and Tiny, who live in a country cottage. Hi guys this was my first abandoned explore, I can't believe the owner hasn't pulled it down tbh. Meet Tilly, Tom and Tiny - three best friends who live in a secret magic house. )Sales: $50 million (2002 est. Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 8:31 PM PST. AYBAYBAYDOG1 trespasses through the normal GoCity World and set the city ablaze. Tots TV was a British TV show that ran from 1993 until 1998. JavaScript is disabled. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? friend ignores me but talks to everyone else, napa valley vegetarian friendly restaurants, change the presentation so that the slide number, + 18moreoutdoor drinkingdriftwood bistro, zachry's riverhouse, and more. The series focused on the adventures of a French girl, a Black guy, and a hermaphrodite who lived together in a secret house with a dog, and a donkey. Weather Channel Elgin Tx, Place in a heat-resistant bowl. Brothers Taylor and David sparks have their eyes on a specific mine. A video showing the former TV set wascaptured by Lewis Cooper, from East Sussex, who tracked down the secret location in Warwickshire, in March 2017. Welcome to - 28DL - The UK Urban Exploring / Urban Exploration / Urbex Forums. though it may look small but it was much bigger during filming as the little hills actually were part of the paddock at the end by the pathway there.all of the props were huge btw tinky winky was 7ft tallthe owners of the farm didn't like that people were trecking through fields disturbing livestock and it was signed when they leased the site that it would be returned to farmland after filming. Create an account | Login | Request new password, This forum is moderated, any content not demeed suitable WILL NOT be approved. 'The haters have won': Isaiah Washington - who was fired from Grey's Anatomy for gay slur - announces early retirement from acting in lengthy Twitter rant, 'Don't go into the mountains! Videotapes of the series were originally released by Video Collection International under their Central Video imprint from 1993 until 1994, and transitioned off to Carlton Home Entertainment afterward and later Granada Ventures. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. I don't encourage or condone and I accept no responsibility for anyone else following in my footsteps. Sophie: "This is me, Sophie the Otter. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The Wayland Police Department and Mrs. Claus kept busy delivering turkeys dinners to residents in need. Greece's hot, dry summers and prevailing high winds make wildfires frequent. You are using an out of date browser. The 3rd floor was vacant and the 1st floor occupied by a single mom with a teen daughter. She lives in a house often refereed to as the Tots TV House along with Tom and Tiny and their pet Donkey . go up in flames The precious collection went up in flames. I've developed a fascination with old abandoned buildings, and I watch YouTube videos of this guy exploring abandoned buildings around the UK, and it's pretty cool. Contact the company on 0800 046 5454 for buyer fees and the legal pack. EERIE pictures showing the set of Britain's most iconic kids TV programme Tots TV have revealed just how much it's fallen into ruin over the last 20 years. So popular was the show, that it was syndicated world wide, withDiscovery Kids buying the series in 2000. Growth Hormone Levels With Age, Prosimy o zlecenia stae na:07 2490 0005 0000 4530 2555 9068. VALENCIA A local company that makes talking Jesus dolls that quote the Bible donated 4,000 of its dolls to the U.S. Marine Reserves Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 3:31 PM PST. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. The Tustin Meadows Tiny Tots Preschool open house is 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Tustin Meadows East Clubhouse, 14751 Canterbury. The programme featured three ragdoll friends: Tilly, a French girl, with red hair, who speaks in basic French (changed to English in French broadcasts), Tom, a blue-haired boy with glasses, and Tiny, the youngest Tot, who is smaller than the others and has green hair. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. I have lost the love of my life - my beautiful wife, Jackie - and my sweet, loving, spunky little girl, Madelyn," Montanaro's statement read. An urban explorer has discovered the rundown remains of the iconic cottage from popular kid's television show Tots TV - shortly before the owner burned it to the ground in Stratford-upon-Avon CARROLL COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) A devastating fire destroyed a Carroll County building housing thousands of dollars worth of toys Monday evening. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Kellyanne Conway and husband George SPLIT after 22 years following admission in her 2022 memoir that her husband's criticism of Trump was a betrayal, Where IS Gavin? TACOMA, WAClaiming the defective unit was a game changer, local man Ralph Keizer had to admit Friday that the air fryer that burned down his house . A GoFundMe page for the family has already raised over a quarter-of-a-million dollars in just a few days with nearly 3,500 people donating in support of the family so far, according to WABC. tots tv house burned down . Tots TV was filmed in such a way that the floor was rarely shown on camera. So the basis in the property dropped from 226K to $50K. Category Charity Property Cost FMV Goodwill $15,700 $4,350 Clothes and misc. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. Here at WOWK-13 News, we wanted to do our part by once again participating in the annual Toys for Tots campaign. Smoke rises after a fire broke out at the Monte Carlo hotel and casino in Las Vegas on Friday, Jan. 25, 2008. The tots from Tots TV. It is yet inspired by Intellistar2020's Rosie Escapes from Egypt/Time Out video. Tots TV was filmed in such a way that the floor was rarely shown on camera. Superfans dress up as Wonder Woman, a pet donkey who was creatively named Donkey, Isabel Oakeshott receives 'menacing' message from Matt Hancock, Beaming Harry and Meghan enjoy date night at private members' club, Ken Bruce finishes his 30-year tenure as host of BBC Radio 2, Pavement where disabled woman gestured at cyclist before fatal crash, Pro-Ukrainian drone lands on Russian spy planes exposing location, 'Buster is next!' The family's dog, Duchess, also died in the fire. Neither Jackie nor her daughter Madelyn made it out alive. As an avid fan of TTV growing up this brought on a whole mix of emotions! Mr Stokes, from Wolverhampton, located the cottage after researching the property and using a drone. The video was captured by youtuber 'Lost with Lou', from East Sussex, who tracked down the secret location in Warwickshire, in March 2017. But Dustin didnt lie. "It was also sad to see it in this state, I have had many people comment on my video that feel the same way and have even called for it to be restored and turned into some sort of attraction.". Some rumours say the Teletubby hill was demolished in 2007 (which is honestly a long time to keep a set out in the open) but using the time toggle function on Google Earth there is a satellite photo from 2005 and it is a pond.The only photo from before 2005 was taken in 1999 when the show was still in production and you could see the hill (plus a bit of the top of the Tots TV house). "Jackie was a hero," William Montanaro said in a statement obtained by WABC. La fbrica se prendi fuego y murieron 11 trabajadores. Unfortunately on the inside all the floor was gone. Tots TV was filmed in such a way that the floor was rarely shown on camera. The road is shut down because of the danger of collapse. A number of Christmas specials, including one filmed in Rovaniemi, Finland, were also released to audiences to acclaim. The programme focuses on three puppets: Tilly, a French girl, with red hair, freckles and pale skin, who speaks in basic French (changed to English in French and Spanish broadcasts, and changed to Spanish in the US version), Tom, a blue-haired boy with glasses and dark skin . EERIE pictures showing the set of Britain's most iconic kids TV programme Tots TV have revealed just how much it's fallen into ruin over the last 20 years. 2 burn something up informal to use a lot of something in a careless way : Most household appliances burn up loads of electricity. Shrewsbury From Where You Are Not, 2016. Tots TV House is a main location of Tots TV, this is where the Tots live, Tilly, Tom and Tiny with Furryboo and Donkey, The house is in the middle of the woods, nobody can address that, because, it's a secret. This was despite the fact they all lived in the same house. So I do believe it was in Ragdoll's contract after production wrapped in around 2001ish for the house to be demolished.I don't know where the 2014 date came from it was definitely demolished before that date here's a video of the location take in 2012 and is a pond. Any info on the location would be soooo helpful! Joseph Joseph Water Bottle, 'This was quite sad to see as it was an iconic part of the house. Simon Stokes, from Wolverhampton, stumbled upon the famous. One Taylor Sparks says used to have an A-frame at the top but was burned down, after Powell's disappearance. However, keep in mind that food doesn't last forever in the freezer. This often involved them helping out a young child, visiting Jane Pardoe at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, and watching Jack the Gardener who was always placing surprise items in a field for children to play with. When your home burns down, you should first call an emergency service restoration firm. Harry's chat with guru who compared Hamas terrorists to Jews who battled the Nazis has appalled Rabbis: What DOES Duke know about man who defended anti-Semites, called for ALL drugs to be legal and who will want intimate detail of his upbringing? The Tots like to explore and see things, but try to keep out of sight from grown ups. Great set of pics tho! We are so greatful that nobody was hurt however Dino needs help. Click here to upload yours. How long have Keir Starmer and Sue Gray been secretly cooking up their plot? "I mainly had a sense of nostalgia when I saw the set. [ AYBAYBAYDOG1 is inside his bedroom and is on his computer. ] If the episode was a full-length double-bill (regularly the first half with Jane Pardoe and the second half an adventure in the secret house) in the earlier episodes, they would be joined with a two-minute animation of a 'Noah's Ark' story (based on the toy "Noah's Ark in the Secret House") or an animation of a picture that a viewer had sent into the program. school of professional studies acceptance rate duplexes for rent in lebanon, mo duplexes for rent in lebanon, mo After setting the blaze, she reportedly sat in a lawn. GoAnimate was founded in late-2007 by Alvin Hung. The incident occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, according to ABC News' New York City station WABC, when flames began to envelop a single family home in Hazlet, New Jersey, that housed the Montanaro family. Oct. 5, 2010 -- Firefighters aren't afraid to break down windows and doors to douse flames, but a Tennessee family's failure to pay a $75 fee stopped firefighters dead in their tracks last week as . burn [sth] down vtr phrasal sep. The highs, the lows, the fun, the sorrow as we confront Donald Duck with memories of yesteryear. Dec 6, 2014. The factory burnt down in a fire that killed 11 workers. He said: "I spent several hours searching the web as at the time the location was kept far more secret. I heard stories about the land owner, luckily we managed to avoid them! A total of 276 episodes of the popular television show were made before the show was eventually taken off air for a final time in 1998. Hide this ad by donating or subscribing ! safeguard properties lawsuit 2017; syl johnson chad ochocinco father Play it now! 2. Bedtime Stories - The Tots read a bedtime story called "The Moon and the Happy House". Cartoons hum cheerily in the background. burn something up Most of the woodland has now been burnt up. --------------------------------------------------------------. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. 'Although, since I was there, I have read that it has been destroyed by the owner.'. "There are no floorboards in the house. 'I was excited to have found the location, but it was disappointing to see it had been left to rot and had been vandalised because I had grown up watching the programme in the 90s. We went to the abandoned tots tv house - said to be a pretty sketchy explore with a very angry land owner, we managed to find it and got in and out without any interruptions. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The four titles were: On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. The TV show was written by two of its puppeteers and was hugely successful and syndicated around the world. Rooftops of Shrewsbury: The Library (In the snow). I found out about this lost episode after visiting my local meat swap I was This is the Hargrove house. The show which was called a 'Big Treasure Adventure' featured the puppets adventures on a pirate ship. Central Nervous System Stimulants Routes Of Intake, E.B. Fire damaged house. Email us at or call 0207 782 4368 . "I had found several clues online and eventually found it by finding landmarks that I knew were nearby on Google maps and narrowed it down to the small area where the house is located. burn to the ground Today marks 400 years since the theatre burned to the ground. My freind Dino's house burned down yesterday distroying everything he owned except for the clothes on his back and his two dogs. The Tots have telephones which signify their favourite colour with the same phone number of 12345, that they use to communicate with each other, even if they are only a small space away. . Prior to its demolition in 2014 it looked like this: But it has since been destroyed, apparently due to trespassers annoying the landowner, and has now been turned into a small lake. "This township is like a family and when a neighbor is hurting, a family member is hurting," Hazlet Deputy Mayor Peter Terranova told WABC in an interview following the tragedy. Thanks guys. It quickly became a hit in Britain with both viewers and merchandisers. Tily always spoke French, it was to help children be aware of other languages. Tots TV is a British children's television programme, produced by Ragdoll Productions and Central, which was broadcast as part of ITV's CITV children's time slot. The TV house was a genuine, approximately 1/3 of the size, cottage purposely built for the show in the woods on a farm in Stratford Upon Avon. "I remember watching Tots TV on VHS tapes when I was younger and I would never have thought that I would visit the filming location one day. The house has no floorboards so that puppeteers could hide below ground level - which was rarely shown on camera - during filming. Tots TV: Created by Anne Wood. New to this blog but Ill definitely be back! (Jae C. Hong/AP) Aug.3, 2005 - A late-night three-alarm fire rousts gamblers at the . At the Tots house Tiny builds a wooden car, Tiny's Terrific Tornado and takes Tom and Tilly for a ride. A total of 276 episodes were made before the show was eventually taken off air in 1998. 'I remember watching Tots TV on VHS tapes when I was younger and I would never have thought that I would visit the filming location one day. King Of The Road UK VHS/DVD is a featuring one rubbadubbers episode one tugs episode ten thomas and friends episode and one dream street episode and one cars toons episode and two make way for noddy episodes and four tom and jerry episodes one the wombles episode and four busy buses episodes and three ivor the engine episodes and three casey jr episodes and five An urban explorer has discovered the rundown remains of the iconic cottage from popular kids television show Tots TV shortly before the owner burned it to the ground in Stratford-upon-Avon Eerie images show the dilapidated wooden structure overgrown with weeds and encroaching branches a world away from its 1990s glory days Tots TV House is a main location of Tots TV, this is where the Tots live, Tilly, Tom and Tiny with Furryboo and Donkey, The house is in the middle of the woods, nobody can address that, because, it's a secret. La fbrica se incendi y murieron 11 trabajadores. I never break into a place, I never photograph a place that is currently occupied, as this would be morally wrong and intrusive, I never take any items and I never cause any damage, as such no criminal offences have been committed in the making of this blog. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. The series won two BAFTA awards for its producer Anne Wood and director Vic Finch. (they turned the tubbies house into a lake after all), I loved that show aswell! "We found that the famous red door at the front of the house had been removed and was nowhere to be found. BURBANK, Calif. (AP) Tom Sizemore, the "Saving Private Ryan" actor whose bright 1990s star burned out under the weight . go up After the initial explosion, the building went up in a matter of minutes. 1 if something burns up or is burnt up, it is completely destroyed by fire or heat : The satellite will burn up as it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere. 1:15. chaparral 28 surf for sale near singapore, viper hudson all-in-one dart center black, Central Nervous System Stimulants Routes Of Intake, Tech Deck, Dlx Pro 10-pack Of Collectible Fingerboards. View our online Press Pack. Tots TV Story Tots TV is a 90's children's TV show made by Ragdoll Productions. prenderse fuego loc verb. A video showing the former TV set of one of Britain's most famous kids programmes has emerged - after the set had laid abandoned for 20 years. abandoned house. Tots TV House site. AYBAYBAYDOG1 Gets Grounded for Ultraplex Years or AYBAYBAYDOG1's worst thing in his life was a grounded video with the plot and transcript being created by Dylan Priest. "I was there for around 30 minutes to capture pictures and wondering how it got in such a state. It also includes their pet Donkey who lives in a stable next to the Tots' secret house and a mischievous little dog named Furryboo that the Tots do not know about. then around 2002-03 ish the owner leveled the site and flooded photos of the site the site after everything was removed before it was flooded sadly. The tears come faster than she wants to admit and she pulls off the lid to the tatter tots. Free Online Library", "Ragdoll has licensed Tots TV to Discovery Kids for broadcast through Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Falkland Islands, writes Georgina Lipscomb. Edirne, Turkey - September 2, 2013: Historic abandoned house in Edirne. Tots TV ran for 276 episodes between 4th January 1993 and 27th April 1998 and was written by two of its puppeteers, Robin Stevens and Andrew Davenport. A candlelight vigil for the family will take place at Hazlet Town Hall on Tuesday evening. Trump wants 'Freedom Cities' where cars can fly, parents get 'BONUSES' for having babies and huge monuments are built to 'true American heroes' in 'Quantum Leap' vision for the future, US soldier is sentenced to 45 years in jail for conspiring with Satanic neo-Nazi group to launch jihadi massacre on his OWN platoon as it guarded secret military site, Tom Sizemore, 61, dies after aneurysm and stroke: Action star known for Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down and Born on the Fourth of July battled addiction, Floridians are told not to wash their face with tap water over brain-eating bug fears: Public health experts issue warning after man died from amoeba-infested water. Kampania wspfinansowana ze rodkw pochodzcych z 1% podatku. In 2000 Discovery Kids bought the series and put it on television screens in Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Falkland Islands. More posts from the urbanexploration community. "I am heartbroken. I lost my house during the Oakland Hills fire of 1991. In a stark contrast to its 19, 1990s British children's television series, 1990s preschool education television series, British television shows featuring puppetry, Television shows produced by Central Independent Television, British preschool education television series, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Articles needing additional references from December 2009, All articles needing additional references, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from April 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, English, French (Spanish in the US version). This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 04:03. Tots TV is a British children's television programme, produced by Ragdoll Productions and Central. Tots TV is a British children's television programme, produced by Ragdoll Productions and Central. Tots TV: Created by Anne Wood. AYBAYBAYDOG1 Gets Grounded Forever is the 2nd grounded video out of AYBAYBAYDOG1 with the plot and transcript being created by Dylan Priest. When asked to help, it would always produce some items to help them in the situation. I agree with one of the previous comments, if the owner doesn't want any attention then they should probably pull it down or fence it off because it was remarkably easy to get to. It was a genuine scaled down (about 1/3 of the size) cottage purposely built for the show and was based in a small patch of woodland on a farm in Stratford Upon Avon in Warwickshire (the same farm was used for the Teletubbies a few years later). Murdaugh is heckled as he leaves court, Mom who lost both sons to fentanyl blasts laughing Biden, Moment teenager crashes into back of lorry after 100mph police race, Two Russian tanks annihilated with bombs by Ukrainian armed forces, Bizarre moments in Alex Murdaugh double murder trial so far, Stolen car crashes into another car causing building to collapse, Ukrainian soldier takes out five tanks with Javelin missiles. A previous show called Rosie and Jim featured little puppets who lived aboard a narrowboat. The dilapidated shell of the former home of the UK's most iconic kids programme is a stark contrast to its 1990s glory days. will definitely be coming 56 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2021-22 Season 127 Ended or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2020-21 Season American Rust: Cancelled on Showtime, No Season Two for Jeff Daniels Drama Series The Puzzle Place is an American children's television series produced by KCET in Los Angeles and Lancit Media in New York City.Although production was dated and premiered on two Los Angeles PBS stations, KCET and KLCS, on September 15, 1994, it did not officially premiere on all PBS stations nationwide until January 16, 1995, with its final episode airing on December 4, Fenton Bailey is a producer and director, known for Party Monster (2003), RuPaul's Drag Race (2009) and The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2000). Lewis said: "There were a lot of wires and electronics in the production area behind the house but these had all be completely destroyed by the water that flooded the room. She said she had a bad feeling about the house. For children up to 7 years Extra Long Running Time As seen on ITV TOTS TV keeps children totally involved, interested and entertained. Simon Stokes, 29, stumbled upon the famous cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon in November last year, but has now released the images. standard form contract facebook; how to treat mange in cats at home twitter; moon drop grapes uk instagram; arrow olivia sewing table youtube; custom teku glassware mail; Edit this in WPZOOM Theme Options 800-123-456. All programs are distributed by PBS unless where noted. The characters also had access to a boat and often found fun things to do including games and meeting animal friends including Brian the cat. Tilly teaches the cars to play a tune on their horns and children sing Little cars go toot toot toot toot. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. Skip to main To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. While nowhere to be seen in this photos the puppets also had help around their property from Jack the gardener who offered them a helping hand. The house sits about three miles away from Bala, in north Wales. The show first aired on January 4 1993 and finished on 27 April 1998 after more than 15 years entertaining British children on ITV. Designed for pre-school children the show also introduced youngsters to nature and a plethora of animals and aquatic life. An urban explorer discovered the rundown remains of the iconic cottage from popular kid's television show Tots TV - shortly before the owner burned it to the ground. < > Showing 1-15 of 17 comments [*] Dec 6, 2017 @ 1:10pm You can't restore it. Tilly (played by three actresses initially Vronique Droulde, then Claire Carre and later Alexandra Hogg [Mara Moscard in the US version]). Jul 12, 2021. Simon Stokes, from Wolverhampton, stumbled upon the famous Tots TV cottage in November last year before it was burned down and destroyed by its owner. And hes inside. (be destroyed by fire) incendiarse v prnl. Randy Barbato, Producer: Party Monster. Just take their theme tune for example: I'm a Tot Je suis un Tot Tilly Tom and Tiny. BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. (WNDU) - Sometimes, life - and the pandemic - can get in the way of knowing neighbors. In essence, the tots lived in a secret house where they could spy on the outside world. But then here's the next part: We love our house, our secret house Shhh, it's a secret Hello Select your address Movies & TV Hello, Sign in. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, The eerie remains of the iconic cottage from the children's TV show, Simon Stokes discovered the cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon, The iconic cottage on the kids TV show - which was loved by many in the 1990s, Ragdoll friends, Tilly, Tom and Tiny, starred on Tots TV, The iconic property had been left to rot after featuring on the TV show, The iconic blue stairs which featured on Tots TV could still be seen, Windows were broken and the thatched roof was damaged, The explorer used a drone to locate the iconic property, The house was completely derelict - unlike its glory days in the 90s, Urban explorer discovers eerie remains of cottage from popular television show Tots TV after it was burned by owner, Headteacher sacked 'after sending parents a list of striking teachers' as school launches probe, Isle of Innisfree ferry: Blaze breaks out on boat carrying 183 people in English Channel as lifeboats scramble to scene.