Trimix injections. I only need about 0.10cc vs 0.25cc early on of Trimix 1, (0.5mg Phentolamine, 10mg Papaverine and 5mcg PGE1) This formula has one of the lowest amount of PGE which causes pain in some users. You dont have to worry about finishing before anything goes away. I have settled on high quality single use insulin syringes. I find that the harder my erection is the more powerful her orgasm is. a yr ago i heard a commercial on the radio for a doctor here in FL that guaranteed success or your money back. That is true, regardless of how many units of Trimix are in a given injection. Medals ? I ended up driving to the ER to get a injection. Unfortunately, it does not really work. I thought this would be a one-time thing. About an inch up from the base at around 2:30 dodging any obvious veins and 1/2" fully pressed in. Because its generally more effective and powerful (and therefore, somewhat riskier), it is reserved as a secondary treatment for ED. Inject 1mg (1mL) of Phenylephrine HCl 0.1% into the penis every 3-5 minutes until detumescence occurs for up to one hour. Answer. What Are the Success Rates of TriMix Injections for ED Treatment? Overuse, such as taking too much medication, raises the chance of priapism/erections necessitating immediate medical attention. This means that injection therapy may be cheaper, if not somewhat . We are certainly not giving up! Once past the initial apprehension of sticking a needle in Mr. Event marketing. For years I just talked to my android can I adjust and my general physician and I should have gone straight to a specialist. . based on their response their starting dose for home is determined and they are given a titration scale for home to adjust as needed. Orgasmed after about 5 minutes, Next time took about 5 shots of Wild Turkey. Trimix works much better than Viagra with no side effects. cc or cubic centimeter a measure of volume, equivalent to 1 milliliter (mL) of liquid. Any of those might be a hopeful sign for eventual recovery. Go talk with the doc again. Thanks for your rundown, very helpful! Phentolamine Mesylate 1 mg/ml. I had a radical prostatectomy in March this year , was 66 in June and in the same month my wife and me passed our 41 anniversary .Phew ! Or you can end up with a Leaning Tower of Penis., I just wrote to someone that Trimix could give an erection to acorpse who was doing his taxes:-)). I use the Ambimed Inject-eaze with 0.5ml, 31ga, 5/16 BD insulin syringes. So, given the above, the first thing patients should know regarding how many units of Trimix they should take is what a unit is a microgram. it didn't even bleed nothing so im . I would just like to pass on my thanks for your blog .I stumbled on it on Google but am reluctant to say what words I used as a strap to Google I found it amusing and informative but better than that, I found it encouraging . My dick rose like a phoenix and was ready for the battle after several years. by Bob1974 Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:13 pm. I had just received a phone call from my General Practioner to say they will NOT prescribe the cialis that my consultant ( we refer to specialist sugeon as our consultant ) had prescribed might help my/our problem. Lyophilized. TriMix is a miracle drug for me. It turns out, my first dose was a bit high. My uro started me on 40 units. In New Zealand I am getting the kit for $10 per shot (that's about, J - Interesting theory on the resurrected softies, don't imagine the uros would stick their necks on the line over that though. They premix the formula and provide individual syringes for each injection/application. I have begun to experiment with taking 40 - 50 mg of Viagra 45 min prior to injecting and injecting about 75% of regular dose..I have found that now Viagra has a stronger effect compared to how it acted before I started injections. what happens if you do more? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Oneof our HW members who recently moved into an apartment building full of 40 something divorcees and this predicament has pushed him over the injection objection question as he is now trying this wonder drug. They are using anything between 2 1/2 units (0.025ml) - 30 units (0.30 ml) of Trimix ( PGE1-Papaverine-Phentolamine 10mcg-12mg-1mg/mL formula). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We have over 300 formulations to work for you. You are using an out of date browser. this trial dose is very important. Wash your hands. Employee communication . These medications include: Papaverine. The risk of this outcome increases with higher dosages, which is another reason to be sure to follow your prescribers instructions with regard to how many units of Trimix to take. Using it at least 5 times a week (my wife is, shall we say, very energetic when it comes to sex), it is, as my doctor says, truly the Wonder Shot. Can you doible check those doses you are taking? The biggest problem with injections for ED is that men are very put off by the prospect of shooting up there. My wife and I were resigned that we would make do and find other ways to please each other. I tried again, 15 units this time and bang! An Unexpected Diagnosis Of Prostate Cancer. The appointments are very difficult to get where I live. as a corner store clerk it was 6 months before i had the free capital, $200, to make the appointment. Sticking a needle Where? Love to have more, but it aint happening for me. I've tried everything -- pills, injections pumps -- and now I am at the final frontier. Often trimix works better when you inject at home. There are different strengths for Trimix. We all need some humor, but I also feel your warmth and your wisdom. QuadMiX Injection: Papaverine HCl 150 mg, Phentolamine Mesylate 10 mg, Prostaglandin E1 100 mcg, Atropine Sulfate 1,000 mcg. My husband had had an RP about 10 months before (Oct. 15, 05), and since then we had not had normal sex. Just like with the Tempur-pedic bed, *you* set the firmness. my ED became an issue as i grew older till about 4yrs ago it stopped functioning all together. He tries several times to make it work, and is usually successful but that is frustrating to him, plus it has started to hurt him a bit. Now I think I have the dose and techniques to manage a 1.5 hour woody. Would you like to be our test bunny? No, the first injection may have punctured the urethra or other tissue. While other posters are talking about the doses, I want to give some information about the number of injections you should take. The syringe is the plastic part of the device that holds the liquid. When I first started I followed the directions to inject at 9 and 3 oclock and had many misfires. INJECTION There MUST be 24 hours in between EACH injection. all the details. Trimix is slowly becoming unobtainable because of cost. Medals ? I have no pain from the injections. Trimix is effective for over 80% of the men, regardless of the cause of ED or their age. And with Trimix *you* are in control. 5 cc nothing happened. Still only keeps semi hard for 30 minutes or so and then another hour just . Three important points: 1. I work it in by pressing down and moving up and down. Showed me everything about the injection (got one) and everything was hunky Dory. I suspect that when you injected and got no results you missed and when you injected and it wouldn't go down you were possibly ingesting a Nitric Oxide booster. Brand names: Edex, Caverject, Muse, Caverject Impulse, Prostin VR Pediatric, Edex Refill Alprostadil has an average rating of 7.1 out of 10 from a total of 156 reviews for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Knock out the testosterone (HDT), and though there is something going on physically, there is almost nothing going on mentally (where it counts, IMHO). Trimix injection, an erectile dysfunction drug, has repeatedly been demonstrated to be a successful treatment for men whose oral ED medications have not worked. Thank you for taking the lead on this. Trimix has to be made at a compounding pharmacy. It worked again. I once took two 60mg pills trying to get my erections down, but my erections did not subside. My only problem is that I cant seem to have an orgasm. You need to go to an ED center that specializes in this. Only issue was getting my erection to go away and I started to panic after 3 and a half hours. Our patients are thoroughly educated in a 2 step process before using ICI (intracavernous injections) at home. WOW. Hi, Has Radical Postectomy 14 months ago. When I initially postedto abulletin board I was looking tospread the gospel of penile injections for ED,andI thought that would be the end ofit. And then- Trimix. Jumped to 12 cc had a great time but erection lasted 2 hours and very sore. This approach may lessen the major impediments to prostaglandin E1 use, that is burning and pain. Never where inject in the top or the bottom as this could cause injury. Using this method I get a nice rigid erection, and the retention band can be removed. It is stated to NOT freeze these hormones on the instructions as such will destroy the effect. Any other cases of this still reluctant to try needle. Smaller volumes should be used in children and patient with severe cardiovascular disease. is too high. I read many forums regarding Trimix, like this one, before visiting my urologist and getting Trimix prescription and learned from others posts so here goes. When Trimix injection for treatment is recommended to a patient, guidance and details are provided regarding how the drug should be handled and injected. A doctor advising you to take, for example, 20 units of Trimix is saying you should be filling up a syringe with 20 mcg, or 1/5 mL of medication. I had complete prostrate surgery in April at Mayo clinic. Sudafed is a known antidote for Trimix, but the pill version is slow acting unless you are taking it for the first time. By the way Im a non smoker, minimal alcohol, body fat in the single digits, resting heart rate 48 bpm work out six times per week. i am a 42yr old type 1 diabetic. Be aware of what you are taking as a supplements as well. the trimix $145 for 5 doses and $195 for the auto injector. He now uses bimix and likes it much better. You should not take Trimix more frequently than specified or inject it anywhere other than in the appropriate part of the penis. Thanks. No, not for me. For you guys that have went to Mens Clinics and are paying outrageous prices for trimix, visit a urologist and have his write a prescrip for trimix, then take it to a Compounding Pharmacy. However, Trimix gel is a needleless, . Purchased a needle-free Injex unit for $300. Thanks everyone for sharing. Designed and Created by. Prostaglandin E1. A prescription for vials is filled with multiples of 5 ml. Worst case scenario is it can result in amputation of the penis. RPR for ED (also marketed as "P-Shot") is a potential treatment that is being studied for the treatment of ED. It is truly wonderful as mentioned in earlier post. Yeh, Ill try it, but the needle thing was really my big hang up. Sometimes, too good. The last 2 weeks, the needle does not seem to go in easily. Not sure if this will be of help but I notice it helps to massage a bit before the injection to get it a bit enlarged. Best Wishes, SueJean. which makes my penis bigger in girth and it just seems to work better for me.and the girth is there now with my natural erections.I had no problems jumping feet first into this great thing and any man who has a healthy apatite for sex should not be afraid and jump in and please there ladys,, they wont stop smiling!!! That's because it's made in a sterile environment and tailored to your needs. Temporary swelling of the penis skin may occur if proper injection technique is not adhered to. Dont know if I can mention the compounding pharmacy I use here, but google travel Trimix and it brings up at lease one such pharmacyoffering various formulas with more or less PGE1. I get my Trimix by fedex. For the second dose, I went for 30 units. 4. Let's look at the facts: 1) Using the exact same amount of trimix, sometimes no erection and other times it lasts for hours. Here are links to Trimix injection videos. My operation was nerve soaring on one side. Two and on half units (using an insulin syringe). Since I had little reaction to 15 units, he suggested I go up by 10 units (25) for my trial run with wife. I am really thinking I over shot the sweet spot a few times with a 1/2" needle. Trimix is considered very effective for treating ED. make sure the vial of trimix is mixed up very well prior to every injection. These medications are injected directly into the side of the penis. But in the real world, it can take some time, and many have reported erections that neared priapism. JavaScript is disabled. Many of us are fighting this battle, including yours truly. Here are links to Trimix injection videos. Postby Cigar56 Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:16 am, Postby Cigar56 Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:27 am, Postby Cigar56 Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:49 am, Postby ocitgo Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:20 am, Postby Cigar56 Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:28 pm, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests. You have to be sure to do it on both sides of the penis. Each formulation is designed for each individual. A urologist is a great start but they are not good enough. Happy (a very easy transition since it is an easily tolerable minor prick, if youll excuse the choice of words), I have, at the age of 67, become an evangelist for the drug. I dont know how you could even accurately measure that in a syringe. I lost 90% of my erection ability and have recovered about 60% since. In this video, our expert at The Novus Center, Stephanie Wolff, explains the pros and cons of. I was amazed at how much of "sexy feeling" is pure chemistry. Poor cleanliness may increase the risk of getting infections. My uro. Step 2 Wipe the rubber top of the bottle with the alcohol pad. Poor hygiene may increase the risk of developing infections, and overuse such as taking too high a dosage increases the risk of priapism/erections requiring emergency medical care. Hello, I have been using Trimix for the last 4 years. If you had success with the .05ml dose the first time I would repeat that again and consume the same foods and supplements. Keep up the fight Leah and get the women involved! Great comments. Currently using about 22 units with gives me about an 45 minutes to an hour of usable erection. I feel now that time is on my side and I hope the physiological changes I have felt may even make Viagra closer to viable one day.