Sound Theory. While his last name; "Enma" comes from the Japanese name of Yama, king of Yomi (the "hell" in Shintoism), and one of the hells in Japanese Buddhism; being equivalent to Iama (Hindu Deity of death). [2] It was due to this that they were able to attend their first official match in years,[2] and he even helped his fellow club member Koito train late into the night to prepare for it. What are some TWST theories you want to share. Epic Mickey had a strong following in Japan, and much like the Tokyo Disney set up with Minions there representing the villains its not hard to see Disney using this game as a testing for some additional future game with the characters from Epic Mickey or to connect that to the original game and further tell the story of the Wasteland jumping forward 100 years after the events of the games. After he finds out Lilia is planning to drop out of Night Raven College due to losing his magic, he wasn't happy about this. This blot can become a friend of Mickey and help out. Twisted from Alice in Wonderland. Yuuken on the cover of Chapter 14 (Episode of Heartslabyul). Hiya! He's also very dedicated to it, using kendo terms to direct Ace and Deuce in a fight. The Prefect is the protagonist. What if somebody got rid of the eight statue and pushed the other three in that row close together. So its not that hard to believe that a jump in time to make the Wasteland a better place for other worlds to connect to. Am I on to something or am I just thinking too much into it? Frustrating, how frustrating. Sounds like this mobage called dragon raja, the world is a modern setting with some advanced technology, the player and some other characters that have powers are called hybrids. This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 21:15. She has a scar on her right forehead. Malleus Draconia/Personal Story/R PE Uniform, Lilia Vanrouge/Personal Story/SR Halloween, Malleus Draconia/Personal Story/SR Ceremonial Robes,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), About Twisted Wonderland Unofficial English Wiki. Not much is known about his life before coming to Night Raven College, Yuuken was the vice-captain of his kendo club at his school in Tokyo and was considered the reason the club did not disband due to him gathering five new members on his own. She attempts to keep the cat from getting wet, but it runs off. When she was a member of the Judo club, she wore a white judo uniform. I clearly remember this, because it bothered me soooo much. If you dont like reading just read the bold letters. It would make sense. So I don't know this makes actually sense or I'm just looking way to much into stuff. "I need to see the Principal," They say. strange, I think jamil might actually overblot though, or at least i want him to. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Before the Blot takes Mickeys heart it looks like this. So in the game we learn that when a student uses magic, they build up blotting if they over do it. Love and affection restored. In fact, the opposite effect; he ended up getting sucked into it. OB Leona releases you from his grasp, and snaps his fingers. They are the interviewer of NRC Campus News, and an example being the Birthday Special. She has a habit of working out. In Episode of Heartslabyul, Yuuken and Grim's room has two beds instead of one. . Despite his navety, Malleus has the mindset of being more mature and knowledgeable than those around him. 4. Edit: fixed formatting. Despite being the only student without magic, Yuuken can handle himself and be useful to his friends. This question will be answered at the end, but in the meantime i like to think about possible theories on how and why Yuu arrived in this distorted world. i dont care how far fetched they are im sure theyre interesting either way, In the end of episode 3 you see kalim and jamil and kalims eyes look diffrent, And i think maybe jamil has used his unique magic on kalim for a reason, Yeah, i think jamils unique magic is mind control. He is also said to have a nave and childish side to him, as he grew up isolated from the outside world in Briar Valley. Featuring characters and dorms inspired by classic Disney movies! In Twisted Wonderland the answers are typically hidden in plain sight. Cd Player. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. So now getting into what I was thinking. Malleus has grown exhausted of being feared by those around him and so takes pleasure in the MC's obliviousness of his true identity. where the statues are, you see how symmetrical it is (the lanterns and the trees a bit) , but the statues aren't. Read at your own risk. You guys remember the Twisted Wonderland OP? Given that the students become very much negative forms of themselves and that the Shadow Blot can do that to other people, this could indicate that the Blot may be using the Students to gain a new form or fix himself after the 100 years have passed since his defeat in Epic Mickey. Since its 100 years later we can see that the villains seem to have come up with a way to make them sound, not so bad. Everything written here is just a theory. He has commented on the MC's navety a few times, and he has once commented that he was a generous fairy in the Fairy Gala event. "Another bad dream? The Blot himself seems to have more dangerous aspects to him than what first appears. Sound-Theory surrounding Mississauga ON (1 Result(s)) View on the map. A holster-style leather belt holds spools of thread at his waist. malleus is strange because both the spindle and the sword are reflected, but i dont think silver will overblot either. The character designs are gorgeous, bit like every Gotcha came they can get boring especially when you can't continue with the story because your cards/characters aren't leveled enough. Azul's realm. Construction of three of the towers was completed in 2008. A monster who aspires to be a great mage. Follow. :), Maybe this is also a crazy coincidence, but some of the ?creatures? From Twisted Wonderland Unofficial English Wiki. I do have a feeling there's enough room to introduce a Great Eight(h) member, though. They own a device given by the headmaster called "Ghost Camera", a camera that is able to take a picture of anything possessing a soul. Will be Vil? It also makes sense to me because he is not only powerful, but is often show as Micky's main rival. One, Lilia will reveal that he's dying or some equivalent, and two, Crowley will finally find us a way back home. He quickly grows frustrated when he notices you gone and already dancing with another guy. However one thing that stands out is the ink that lingers on his arms and seems to take the color out of his body, which seems to be happening to the world as well. Chinese firm MAD has completed a pair of curvaceous twisted skyscrapers in the growing city of Mississauga, Canada (+ slideshow). By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. My Favorite Twisted Wonderland Theory: Why was MC transported into Twisted Wonderland? As a fan of Twisted Wonderland and being both in the Japanese fandom and As well as the English/American Fandom, there's a question that many of us wonder; "Why was MC transported into Twisted Wonderland?" There was a TikTok on this subject, that may have the answer. Sorry for any Grammar mistakes, English is not my first language. Usually then they come to the wasteland where they can find hope among other toons so that when they are remembered they can be brought back into the world where Mickey lives. Twisted Wonderland Overblots Yuu wakes up from a nightmare. Twisted wonderland reacts to MC as dazai pt.2 |audio and vidoes don't belong to me| short| dazai!MC| - YouTube Twisted wonderland reacts to MC as dazai pt.2 |audio and vidoes don't. 7-1075 Meyerside dr, Mississauga, ON L5T 1M3 Get directions. In this case they have a jar of ink on the top of their head. His dorm outfit consists of an asymmetrical and ornate black uniform jacket with lime green accents over jodhpur pants of the same coloring, embossed leather gloves that reach his elbows, a small pillbox hat, and heeled black leather boots. Yuuka is a young woman with short dark hair and light-colored eyes. The Blot himself uses Mickeys heart to gain his powers to leave the Wasteland. The characters are lovely and game play is good. Twisted wonderland theory. In their stead, the events that occurred throughout the year are shown to have taken place from Grims perspective. To add on to the reverse effect, he was getting pretty rowdy himself, especially towards Ace, who seemed like he was attempting to provoke Deuce the most. Then theres the fact that the very ground that we see the blot ink dripping on looks a lot like the table that Yen Sid has his model on. +their reactions when someone else is dancing with MC or proposing her to www. I have some more theory videos lined up, one being another basic overview like this, one of my theories, and then one that's a combo theory/lore video.Timestamps00:00 - Intro00:33 - Explaining the Theory00:56 - The Evidence01:41 - Analysis of Evidence02:34 - Counterpoints04:40 - My Thoughts on the Time Loop Theory06:57 - JP Spoilers Skip (they end here)My Social MediaTwitter: @/prinxmacaronsTumblr: It's interesting they went as recent as The Princess and the Frog (with Sam who runs the shop), so I'm sure there are more villains which can be introduced you folks haven't mentioned yet. Malleus has forehead markings which were first revealed in the Magical Archives. Kendo: As vice-president of the kendo club, Yuuken is obviously very skilled in it. I love this game to death. Each form is different however one thing stands out to me about the over blotting in how much the designs are like that of some pre concept art of Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2. "Besides, they could be talking about anything! Ramshackle literally means being in a state of disrepair. 647-470-7075; Directions; Website; Search nearby; Rate these results They said that they thought ramshackle could be Chernabogs dorm. Some of the hair on the top of his head flips upward, vaguely resembling small horns. But is it that big of a surprise? In the official novel serialization, a character named Yuuya Kuroki was introduced to fill the role of the Prefect in their stead. This is likely attributed to their status as a featureless protagonist. NEWS. To me theres some implication here in Twisted Wonderland, that perhaps the Blot isnt done with his story. Hell be pretty sour about it for a while, but listen, he wont give up just yet theres another opportunity later, and hell absolutely snatch it up! From my personal experience, the story and characters itself are great; and the various intricate and unique aspects of gameplay, specifically the minigames; are splendid as well. All I get is a black screen. ", Yes I did mention that, but that still doesn't answer why ramshackle exists, That would make sense, why would there be an 8th dorm if there were only the great 7? For me this may not be a theory but it's something that's been bothering me remember the cont down for the game I so far noticed that Noticed that the dorms chapters are that order like . It was pretty embarrassing for him, yet he still didnt walk away. (translated from the Japanese version by daeva-agas). In Epic Mickey, Mickey gives away his heart to the Blot so that he can free Oswald and Gus. Even more frustration when he realizes the fight between him and his friends ended up being pointless after all.. well, as though he didnt already know things wouldve turned out this wayfrom the start. October 2022. Aah, the role of the supervisor is really a tough one.. He couldve seen the possibility that youd go and get swept away during all the hassle from a mile away frankly, thats why he wasnt all that surprised or heartbroken since it was expected.. not like it didnt hurt just a little though. They own a device given by the headmaster called the "Ghost Camera," a camera that is able to take a picture of anything possessing a soul. [4] This moral code is supported by his strength, and he rarely shows fear in situations, such as when he didn't flinch when Leona was about to kick him.[5]. Twila then inherits an antique mirror that her grandmother had stored in her attic. by .Duckie . he definitely gives me really important vibes though..he says in the trailer that he feels like hes met you somewhere before. Heck, take the mirror of darkness for an example. Thanks, everytime I write out a post I'm nervous about my grammar. In the game kinda reminds me of something in the game. The Prefect is enrolled in Night Raven College with Grim as one student and lives in the Ramshackle Dorm. Malleus can cast a forest of thorns and places everyone within to sleep. MC wakes up in one of the black coffins, having little memories of how they arrived at Night Raven College, along with having nothing to identify themselves with. Their crystals become black and what happens is that they turn into monsters. In the game you are given a paint brush to use, which houses your magic in the form of Paint, which is light and fills things in and makes friends and Thinner, which is dark and thins things out and if you use too much you can ruin the world. He has a distinguished presence at Night Raven College, but his powerful aura causes the other students to keep their distance. You may also follow me on Tumbl. Its supposed I have to make an essay for the next week, but here I am. The reason the ink on the arms stands out is that, like with Bendy and the Ink machine, in Epic Mickey the Blot in there uses the ink it creates to cause the character to become evil in actions. Not Ace, hes pretty determined to get to dance with you, and he wont lose! Google. So in the Epic Mickey game, there are two blots, one that is the Shadow Blot that came from the original Blot, and he acts as the boss before the final show down. Phone Number. He has holes embroidered in the hood to accommodate for his horns. He'll just make you work to return the favor," he told them. And as well as what each character is based off of what. This blot can become a friend of Mickey and help out. According to the headmaster, the pictures taken by the Ghost Camera is able to 'move' and is used by the people in the old days before video existed. The interesting thing here though to me is the over blotting that is taking place. According to the games lore, the world that Mickey enters is one where the forgotten characters live, and that he kind of helped screw up with a paint and Thinner disaster where he spilled both Paint and Thinner on a model that Yen Sid had made to house all of the forgotten characters that Disney had made. Spoiler (forreal): We do get to see Mickey more at the end of Chapter 5 as he slowly becomes more "real" to the protagonist (he starts appearing at the end of Chapter 2 or 3). He wears his Hibari Municipal High School uniform, which consists of a teal green blazer, a white collared shirt with a loose navy blue tie, black and white plaid pants, and white sneakers. Their default name, Yuu, is a play on the word "you.". Twisted from The Lion King. twistedwonderlandxmalereader. This post will only have spoilers from the prologue ( so just some basic in game knowledge). The reason why the Ramshackle dorm was abandoned is not because of the ghost infestation, and it's probably something related to the OBs. The Prefect wakes up in one of the black coffins, having little memories of how they arrived at Night Raven College, along with having nothing to identify themselves with. The ink, as you can see here, forms parts of the clothing, as with Riddle, and the ink is clearly designed to act as the infection in the animatronic. Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. This is my theory about the MC's World in Disney Twisted Wonderland nya. He also commands the minions of the Blot. Absolute Towers is a set of five residential towers in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. That's been happening pretty often," Grim said. ANDyoure already dancing with someone else; a huge double whammy. Cookie Notice Furthermore, his second period is with Trein, and his third is with Vargas. The bond between MC and Malleus progresses very noticeably, as seen when he comments on how them being gone is an uncomfortable feeling to him. Twisted from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You know how people were/still are talking about how the ramshackle dorm looks like that one episode (or movie) from Mickey? The room itself had several issues . Tweet with#twsten. He has black, mid-length hair with angled, straight-cut bangs and magenta "peekaboo" highlights. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Their default name is Yuu (), but their name can be changed by the player. VO: Noriaki Sugiyama. So a theory has been floating around that the world of Twisted Wonderland is connected to the world of Epic Mickey. Yuuken on the cover of Chapter 19 (Episode of Heartslabyul). Malleus himself does not interact closely with other students beyond Lilia, Silver, and Sebek of Diasomnia, who hail from his hometown. Welcome to the wiki! There were ones students that lived in Ramshackle. Overall great game. Their default name is Yuu, but the name can be changed by the player. Other characters remark that MC can be quite cheeky and blunt. But this is my take on it. His outfit is very much like that of the Queen of Hearts, down to the heart in the center. [3] He was also unsurprised about the ghosts within Ramshackle and was even excited to be their roommate. Welcome to the wiki! He was placed in class 1-A, making him classmates with Ace and Deuce, and has Crewel as his homeroom teacher. So far, Yuuken is the only Yuu who does not wear Night Raven College uniform. Twila Mooney was an average young adult girl tired of her dull normal everyday life, but that soon changes when her grandmother passes away. Its nothing important, so Sebek doesnt care about it at all! [2] He wants to help people achieve their dreams, and people with a determination to get stronger remind him of his classmate Koito, who shares that determination. HOWEVER, this game did think of that and has an auto option and a loop option for the classes, which is how you level up, so you can set up your phone and walk away. They're the only character to not make an appearance in the games first anniversary trailer. He was so back and forth; telling everyone to silence themselves, yet suddenly reeling them in to fight even more by tsking about how theyre all idiots. She appears to care about animals as she attempts to shield a stray cat from getting wet from the rain. Stayed for 1 night due to last minute business trip. He shows this when he defends Riddle after Ace and Deuce's duel, turning on the crowd that was heckling him instead of joining in. As you can see here with a Jafar animatronic, the blot takes over the body and becomes part of the machine making it do things that are not within its personality. I'm holding out hope that this gets resolved. I remember that crowly said so. [6], Athletic: Due to training his body for the kendo club, he is very active and has a fit body that can do 20 laps and 100 push-ups without breaking a sweat, as he claims to train like that regularly.[7]. What if, at some point in history, it wasn't the great seven, but the great eight. Yuuken's kendo skill was able to defeat Overblot Riddle in single combat. Well, I was watching it (again) and I found this: Of course, this is going to be related to the chap 5 because, you know, the evil queen dorm and that. This uniform is also what he considers to be his best suit. See a recent post on Tumblr from @italoniponic about mc/yuu. And these two things will send Malleus spiraling. Night Raven College has seven dorms, each of which is home to unique characters: Heartslabyul DormTwisted from Alice in Wonderland. If the player changes the protagonist's name, the "(You)" will not display after their name. And as well as what each character is based off of what. In the game, they are slightly visible in his Master Chef cards and sprites. This is possible! And, when students use magic or at least its shown in the art, theres similarity to how the magic in Epic Mickey is shown. Not even one bit; you already have a dance partner, so what can be said or done about it? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. This would allow for the Wasteland to have a different purpose going forward, and maybe grow to be a more magical place than it was. This has only resulted in his further isolation. Twisted Wonderland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The paint is connected to the water there, thus the sparkling. # 7. This is my theory about the MC's World in Disney Twisted Wonderland nya. After she is transferred to Night Raven College, she wears a standard school uniform with black leather gloves. (I hope). According to the headmaster, the pictures taken by the Ghost Camera are able to "move" and were used by people in the old days before video existed. I feel like just like an obey me MC does have magical abilities they just have yet to tap into them. The manga confirms this version of Yuu as male. Radio Sales & Repair (1) Great job installing my 75 inch TV that I also bought from them Read more . A excellent post by @maximaxstreasurebox put up a very strong post showing the connections between the art work of both games that you can see here. Malleus' unique magic is called "Fae of Maleficence" ((), TBA; lit. (For example Jamil in episode 4.) He refuses to believe hes even slightly heartbroken! Judo skills: As a Judo black belt, she appears to be very skilled at judo as she was able to flip her opponent. Menu. Savanaclaw DormTwisted from The Lion King. I dont think so bc Im pretty sure he is going to be the one who overblots in the end. Twisted from The Little Mermaid. In the poll I ran a while ago, people were wanting some theory content, so I thought I'd start out by doing basic overviews of the most popular Twst theories. RandomChild3996 thought that it could be Chernabog, which would make sense. Although for more or . Because making theories is almost killing me, seriously! Additionally, he is also considered one of the top 5 most powerful magicians in the world. Similarly that was where the Blot had been trapped by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. From Twisted Wonderland Unofficial English Wiki. I can't even open the app anymore. Yuuken on the cover of Chapter 6 (Episode of Heartslabyul). Standing at 170 and 150 metres, the Absolute Towers contain . He has a habit of helping people no matter who they are, and is even willing to put himself in danger for it, as seen when he pushed Riddle out of the way of Grim's attacks. Seriously, he had to get dragged into a fight like this? requests are closed five character limit x reader requests only rules in more detail in the first chapter. The magic mirror remarks that MC is "empty." (Mostly by Vil.) This navety is evident in the Al'ab Nariya event, as seen in the scenes when he was in a car for the first time and when he was shopping in the bazaar. Twisted wonderland react to Mc as Levi Ackerman (no part 2- update: there is a part 2/soon) Lxnly.Aystin__ 13.4K subscribers Subscribe 2.9K 43K views 1 month ago Remember guys this is. I don't know if it has been discussed before, if it did please tell me. Mickey, through his meddling, created the Blot who took over the world and made it a mess, and Mickey had to work with Oswald the lucky Rabbit to clean it up. So here we have the image of Riddle. This page was last edited on 14 February 2023, at 21:59. At first, he had tried to disperse the fight.. which unfortunately, had no effect. Maybe they were talking about homework. After the defeat of the Blot is that it left a lot of small Blots around the world during Epic Mickey 2. Please leave a like and subscribe to my channel nya. Now the theory. This would explain why we would see Mickey specifically and not an other Disney character, Not to say this can't be so, but Ramshackle Dorm is directly based upon the house from the 1937 animated short "Lonesome Ghosts. Mainly because he's been the most emotionally manipulated in Pommefiore. But look on the bright side; therell be another chance at some point, isnt there? While more than one manga adaptation was released for the game, MC has not made a physical appearance in any of them, retaining their status as a featureless protagonist that currently only exists within the game universe. This also played as a short level in Epic Mickey as well. The Jug, much like the glass jars or jugs atop the monsters is made of glass. Thankfully after the blot is exploded, Oswald can give a restored heart back to Mickey. It would explain why there is an eight dorm. When the blot takes Mickeys heart it look like this. Please check out the wiki guidelines for community rules and/or if you're interested in contributing! Grim. 8. Maybe someone or something living was meant to attach itself to Yuu. For the second volume (Savanaclaw Episode), a new character, named Yuuka Hirasaka takes the role of the Prefect. The English servers are unstable and the game is unrefined due to it's focus on releasing new content rather than fixing errors. 43.1K 786 21. Vil was standing just across the room, and Epel wouldget his ears exploded if he dared cause any trouble.. but still, he really couldnt stay out either way. There are way too many small coincidence for this to just to be a random game for Disney, and if this leads to some form of the return of the Epic Mickey series, all I have to say is yes please. Hes practically drowning in embarrassment by now and wants nothing more than to disappear for a while poor guy! malereaderharem. Reviews for Burger Theory. In addition to this, he seems to enjoy encouraging others, frequently giving out advice, or even creating a banner to support Ace and Deuce in a duel. I just started this game so I'm not that knowledgeable, but I still wanted to share a theory that I have. CHARACTERS. Cookies help us deliver our services. Twisted from Hercules. WORLD. They also do not possess any magic like the other students in Twisted Wonderland. Malleus Draconia is a third-year student and the dorm leader of Diasomnia. So I play obey me as well as this game. Beyond this, Yuuken also enjoys things normal teenagers do, like anime,[2] and has a sense of naivety to him. At first I thought that it was maybe based on frollo from the hunchbag of the notre dame, because in the octavinelle chapter those statues on the roof were pointed out and those were also present. His nickname Tsunotarou is composed of (. Disney: Twisted Wonderland is a Japanese mobile game created by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan. If this isnt true, then perhaps MC has powers, but they are not classified as a magic known to the magic mirror. It was too real, like reliving a bad memory. Let me know what you think. Yuuka appears to be an easygoing, caring, responsible, and sociable young woman. During the game we see that the Blot drips out of the jug he's sealed in and creates the Shadow blot through his drippings. In the game Epic Mickey, one thing of note that is important is that you have two types of powers to use, the Paint or the Thinner. Malleus has been described by many students, even amongst the dorm leaders, to have a powerful aura that wards away most people from approaching him. The player has to deal with them, but what if the magic that the boys are tapping into is connected to the Paint and Thinner that was used by Yen Sid and that using too much of it could lead to the blotting coming about from the Blot building up strength to make a new appearance in the world that Yen Sid created.