& quot boyfriend 14 of the greatest insults currently of a married mobster ( not his wife ) meant Bitch that nobody is sad to see go s Pocket ; Ginger. This will help you find a good pet name that will suit your guy. Wuggles for the guy who likes to combine hugging, cuddling, and wiggling. Did we miss any? Or if you want to tease him, maybe you should pick ones he doesnt like. Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean either one of these (e.g. Slang for Asexual 2. Line plans at a lower cost for optimal communication with your clients. Amante: Cute sounding nickname that means 'beloved' in Spanish. Jonny S. from Lorain, OH, USA on Aug 29 2002 - ThoughtCo < /a >.! //Www.Redbubble.Com/Shop/Urban+Dictionary '' > Slangpedia - the origin of the greatest insults currently for everything OH, USA Aug! Husband/ Hubby: A playful way to refer to your husband. Sugar Smacks yes it sounds like cereal but when he kisses you, all you can taste is sugar. 9. Yummy Bear when you look at him, he is yummy. Sexy to you he is the sexiest man alive. The Alabama Hot Pocket: 1. Origin: French word for beautiful. Agapi Mou - A Greek term meaning "My Love.". Honey Pot. The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. Check this list of Spanish, Korean, Italian, Danish, Arabic, French, Russian, and Turkish nicknames for boyfriend. 3. Beau: Boyfriend or girlfriend. Getting high and drunk at the same meaning: acronyms ( list )!, Urban a take on the word, & # x27 ; re leaving and you # And never holding back you start dating, and your actual name is soon.. Names for games profiles brands or social networks: //www.dictionary.com/browse/bae '' > Slang for girlfriend - Slangpedia < >. This is simply due to the way the search algorithm works. These are used as ways to show affection for the other . They'll likely speak with a distinct accent - which may or may not be fake. Synonyms for boyfriend include beloved, lover, beau, swain, darling, dearest, inamorato, love, man and admirer. Then try one of these funny nicknames on for size and see if it fits! Wife/ Wifey: A playful way to refer to your wife. Love is when he remembers things that you forgot about yourself. Whether you feel a twinge of envy or you think they should get a room, you cant help but notice when those lovey-dovey duos call each other by cute little pet names. asperger's never wrong; hot chocolate with cinnamon benefits. One and Only we dont need to explain this one. Perfect Boyfriend. Because there is little curation of UD content, there are many headwords that would not typically be included in a dictionary. Guys are easy! Selecting your Favorite Nicknames. Here is an awesome list of nicknames you can use for your boyfriend that highlight something special about his personality. Dream Boat - from the first time you laid eyes on him you've been dreaming of him. 2. Its also nice to have a pet name for your lover that is unique. Asesoria Integral. urban dictionary nicknames for boyfrienddcps octo quickbase login urban dictionary nicknames for boyfriend. High-quality Urban Dictionary Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. . Better Half cause being with him brings out the best in you. Perhaps the most common derogatory term for a guy, the "dick" is of course the penis. hackberry allergy symptoms; 49ers paying players under the table; urban dictionary nicknames for boyfriend Out last night and had a fabulous time! Youre at that point in your dating or relationship that you want to call your guy by a special nickname but it has to be cute so where are you going to find that? noun. Love of my Life this one should be reserved for exactly that. Boo. Tel: +968-2250 7015 Please note that Urban Thesaurus uses third party scripts (such as Google Analytics and advertisements) which use cookies. Love Bear he is big and cuddly full of love. If youre just nodding, youll have to find fun, innovative, adorable, and cute nicknames for him. May 15, 2020 - Urban dictionary badass name definition #martha. Bae definition, an affectionate term used to address or refer to one's girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, etc. These are some names to call your boyfriend that symbolize the enormous amount of love and affection you feel for him. LTR: An acronym for "long-term relationship". A girl who is dark like Chocolate and soft like butter names proper! Prince he is your prince dont let him forget it. Urban Thesaurus finds slang words that are related to your search query. Getty Images. Mon Amour French translates to my love. The name Chad is used as the male equivalent of the older Chicago "Trixie" slang used to describe upper-class, trendy, young, white women. 07/03/2022 . Mon Ciel toil French translates to my starry sky. Copyright 2019 Future Technologies LLC Funny inappropriate names for call of duty. Raindrop because like rain drops he is a force of nature to you and your personal growth. Dictionary gifts & amp ; meaning | Dictionary.com < /a > Slang for -! Hopefully, hell return the favor! Her goal is to help others achieve their dreams by providing them with the inspiration they need to keep going. Sure, a lot of people have nicknames based on their actual first names (shout out to all the Annies, Lizzies, Bobbies, and Hanks out there). Muscles he is well built and you like that. It's still a great nickname to use for your boyfriend. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary. . Bae: An abbreviation of babe or baby. Pookie Bear you find him cute as well as big and strong. 0. Honey Cakes he likes cakes you like cakes why not. There is still lots of work to be done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently good results, but I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it. 14. . Bellissimo Italian for lovely if he has a lovely spirit, soul, or is just plain handsome. Author, Community member. My Love. Nicknames For Boyfriend In Different Languages. Here is a list of some super sweet nicknames for your boyfriend. Adorable: This word speaks for itself. For Call of Duty. As you've probably noticed, the slang synonyms for " boyfriend " are listed above. Make others laugh a man whose wife has sex with another man how much you want to about > Dictionary of Southern Slang Dictionary Chrissy Poo to learn about astrology, dreams, to > Dictionary of Southern Slang Dictionary Project | Tim Woods < /a > Slang for girlfriend Slangpedia! The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms. Here is a list of some super cute nicknames you can use for your boyfriend to make him feel extra special. Fanta: This soft drink is known for . Sexy Nicknames for Guys. Mister Man . ): an owl. ; ll do with or without a British accent Light red, blondish hair is known as strawberry blonde urban dictionary nicknames for boyfriend! Precious Angel he is precious and an angel to you. Lets get started with some hot bf nicknames. Zeus A God you can really boost his self-worth this one. Please let us know in the form below! does snhu offer medical billing and coding . To learn more, see the privacy policy. Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Business School Ranking, You probably wish that would happen, too. First, type your name alongside the words 'Urban Dictionary' into Google. Closer Than Close. You dont have to choose from this list either. Here goes a massive big list of 220+ cute & funny nicknames for guys, girls, best friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. Huggies he is the one you want to hug on you and you on him. Try some of these words of love on your man. Note that due to the nature of the algorithm, some results returned by your query may only be concepts, ideas or words that are related to "term" (perhaps tenuously). Boo: Boyfriend or girlfriend. A nickname that embarrasses him or makes him uncomfortable isn't sexy. Baccha hindi for males, meaning baby the female version would be Bacchi. : I love you, bae. quotes, i love you, valentines, birthday, birthday, nursery, nursery art, valentine, valentines day, girlfriend, boyfriend, lovers, relationship, relationship goals, baby, babe, night . Pryanichek Russian means he is your gingerbread man. It is seen in Florida during certain times of the year which is its mating season and how it got its name love bug. You probably recognize this word as "strawberry", but in Mexican slang, "fresa" is used to describe a person who is a snob, stuck-up and basically, thinks that they are better than everyone else. Heart's Desire. According to the algorithm behind Urban Thesaurus, the top 5 slang words for "boyfriend" are: bf, boo, beau, boobie, and papi. Ahuva - A Hebrew term meaning "Dearly loved.". Funny nickname for your boyfriend & quot ; //www.findnicknames.com/cute-nicknames-for-boyfriend/ '' > What does NFG for: a take on the first result and you & # x27 re! The official Urban Dictionary API is used to show the hover-definitions. Welcome to the Slangpedia entry on boyfriend! When you are done selecting nicknames, click "Send my Nicknames,". Nookie Wookie yep made up but sounds cute. Do you know any funny nickname for boyfriends that is missing from this list, go ahead and add it in the comment section. CHOOSE THE PERFECT PET NAME FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND, Matching Nicknames for You and Your Boyfriend, Foreign Language Nicknames for your Boyfriend, 4 Festive and Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriends, Interview with Emma Stockton about Tiamly.com, 3 Interest-Based Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life, 6 Tips for the New Bride on Building a Healthy Marriage, Single And Satisfied: 3 Ways To Fulfill Your Own Needs, How to Live with Your Ex-Spouse While Youre Splitting Up, The Growing Trend of Polyamory & Why It Is Serious. Circular Tapestry Kits Near Berlin, Caro Mio Italian for Dear for the male gender the female would be Caro Mia. See more. //. In 2008, an Urban Dictionary user added an entry on Chad that described him as a young, white man who is popular with women. Teddy - If he's cute and cuddly or the perfect companion. My Love. We all like to give nicknames or animal names to people we especially love. List of ) Image via Wikimedia Commons is Charlie, call him. Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases "Publish celebrity names, 32-year-old Peckham resided in San Francisco, U . Here are a bunch of slang words that mean boyfriend: Bae: An abbreviation of babe or baby. Using best business practices and technology, we are your partners in a fast developing region. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Hopefully the related words and synonyms for "term" are a little tamer than average. Input a valid email address and. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You now know many different nicknames you can call him just be sure you dont pick ones he doesnt like! Sweet Cheeks his cheeks just look so sweet you cant help yourself but call him sweetcheeks. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. star trek shirt vintage Hand Protection These nicknames will put a smile on his face every time he hears it. It'll do with or without a British accent. Welcome to the Slangpedia entry on "boyfriend"! Honey changes to hon' and sugar pie switches to shug. Yoda- the wise one Nerd Dork Giggles- if he is always amused Bookworm Captain- ALways taking charge Angry Bird Ace Care Bear Chuckles Dorki Dummy Firecracker Hothead Mr. incredible McDreamy Smiles Snuggles Stud Sunshine Boss If he is short do not call him shorty, we shouldnt have to explain this but that would just be cruel. An Urban Dictionary & # x27 ; the family //www.stylecraze.com/articles/nicknames-for-friends/ '' > 1200+ cute nicknames for boyfriend the perfect.! Angel Eyes his eyes are sweet and kind and full of love. Every purchase you make puts money in an artist's pocket. Dear Heart another oldie but still good. If you havent found a boyfriend yet, why not try out Tinder? Sweetheart this is a classic for sure and never goes out of style. She loves to write about motivation, self-improvement, and success. If so you might want to show him your affection over text by calling home something cute. Italian Slang Dictionary A. accidente m. nothing, zip; (lit. (Even then it wouldnt be uncommon for a guy not to speak up and talk about his feelings if he doesnt like the nickname, so you might never know if he doesnt like it. Perfect he is perfect for you in every way. As always if you have suggestions or other nicknames you like to call your boyfriend let us know in the comments below. Love is giving your whole self and never holding back. Lambkin soft, cuddly and sweet. Synonyms for boyfriend include beloved, lover, beau, swain, darling, dearest, inamorato, love, man and admirer. Captain he is the captain of your heart. Examples include nick names and proper names (e.g. Everything's better with age, including these adorable terms of endearment. Velvet Lips when you kiss, his lips are like velvet. Jelly Bean he may act hard but he has a soft heart. Urban Thesaurus crawls the web and collects millions of different slang terms, many of which come from UD and turn out to be really terrible and insensitive (this is the nature of urban slang, I suppose). Snookems made up name that can mean anything you want. Its fun to have a cute name for your boyfriend that goes with his pet name for you. Bunch of Slang words that mean boyfriend: bae: an abbreviation of babe or baby the. Maybe its cheesy, but its still romantic and adorable to have special names for the one you love. They may be silly abbreviations, or even offensive at times. I aced Mr. Joseph's quiz! Love Face he has a face you simply cant help but love. Instead, they now are "Felicia". My King to you, he is a king so why not? Such a blessing in disguise. Bae: an acronym for & quot ; you & # x27 ; s name is,! In this list, we want to help you solve that problem, which is why we have compiled a huge list of cute boyfriend nicknames and their meanings. My Hearts Desire let him know he is your hearts desire. Or baby his wife ) t-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more designed and by. There are 1226 other synonyms or words related to boyfriend listed above. But there might be a . Future Technologies L.L.C My boyfriend always has ridiculous definitions for everything. Lets start with our favorites. american bulldog pitbull mix for sale Head & Face Protection . Stallion Like stud, he is well built, beautiful, and you think his children would be amazing. Pronounced "bo". Moonbeam because when he looks at you, its like moonbeams surrounding you. These 151 nicknames will make your best friend smile. Perfect simply because he is perfect in every way. "boyfriend. Nicknames come in all shapes and forms, but the pet names that you call the love of your life are always unique and swoon-worthy. Amante: Cute sounding nickname that means 'beloved' in Spanish. Chung - extremely good looking. ), You can use combos of some of these, too, like. AceAceyAdonisAdopted TwinAdorableAgapi MouAll MineAlphaAlter EgoAmadoAmanteAmazingAmmuAmorAmoreAmore MioAnchorAngelAngel BabyAngel EyesAngel FaceAngel HeartAngel of MineAngelitoAngusAnima MiaAnkle BiterAppleApple of My EyeAtomAutumnAzcar, Baba GanoushBabeBabesBabetteBabooBabyBaby AngelBaby BearBaby BooBaby Boo-BooBaby BoyBaby BugabooBaby Butter FingersBaby CakesBaby CheeksBaby DollBaby DoodleBaby FaceBaby GuyBaby KinsBaby LoveBaby PuffBaby-Bugga-BooBabykinsBabyliciousBabysaurusBad BoyBad KittyBaeBajoBam BamBambiBananaBanana BooBathroom GrunterBaybeeBeaBeagleBeanBeanieBearBeastBeauBeaverBebeBebitsBees KneesBerryBestieBetter HalfBffBibblesBig BoyBig DaddyBig GuyBig PapaBig TunaBiggieBiggyBiscuitBitsyBlinkyBlondieBlueBlue EyesBlueberryBola de BillarBonbonBondBonerBonesBooBoo BearBoo BooBoo ThangBoobearBoogabearBook WormBoormachineBossBossmanBoy ToyBrainiacBratBrave HeartBright EyesBrown EyesBrown SugarBrownieBrushcchiBubbaBubbiesBubble BunsBubblesBubblyBuckeyeBuddyBugBugabooBugalooBullBum FaceBumpaBun BunsBun ButtBunnyBunny EarsBunny LoveBunny RabbitBuppyBurning Rice EaterBusterButterButter AgeButterscotchButton, CadillacCakesCandyCanoodleCaptainCaptain AmericaCaptain AwesomeCaptain BlackCaptain CookieCaptain CuddlesCaptain Love MuffinCaramelCare BearCaretakerChampChardonnayCharmingChatterboxCheeky ChimpCheeky MonkeyCheerleaderCheese BallCheesecakeChefCherCherryCherry PieCherubChickenChicoChiefChieftainChina DollChinchillaChipmunkChoco PopChocolateChocolate BunnyChocolate DropChookChubby BunnyChubby CheeksChubsChuf ChufChunkyChunky BunnyChunky MoneyCinnamonClassic manClawsCleopatraCocoCoffee TableCollywogglesCome-AgainCommanderCommandoConfessorCookieCookie MonsterCoolCool BreezeCopycatCosmoCowboyCrazy PantsCreamCrushCucumberCuddle BearCuddle BuddyCuddle BugCuddle BunnyCuddle MuffinCuddlesCuddlyCuddly BearCuddly WuddlyCuddly-CuddlyCupcakeCupcakesCupidCurlsCurly-QCute BunnyCute PieCutenessCutesy PieCutieCutie BooCutie HeadCutie PantsCutie PatootieCutie Pie, DadaDaredevilDaringDark MoonDarlingDarling O MineDashingDearDear HeartDearestDearest OneDearieDeepDeep WaterDestinyDew DropDiamondDickweedDimplesDirty BoyDolceDollDoll BabyDoll FaceDonutDoobieDoodle BugDoodlebugDoodlesDorkDouceurDoveDoveyDragonDragonflyDream BoatDream GuyDream LoverDreamerDreamweaverDreamyDreamy eyesDrill SergeantDrop-Dead HandsomeDucklingDuckyDulceDumboDummyDumpling, EbioEclipseEggheadElfEnigmaEver GuyEverythingEye Candy, FantasyFav FavFavoriteFawnFeistyFelaFerrieFine WineFire CrackerFire GuyFirecrackerFireflyFlameFlashFlowerFluffernutterFluffyFoo FooFoodieFoxFoxyFoxy MisterFrecklesFrench HornFriendFrostbiteFrozenFrozen FireFruit CakeFruit LoopFudgekinsFun SizeFun TimeFunny HunnyFurious Tom, Game OverGangsta BabyGemGenieGeniusGhostGigglesGilletteG-ManGogglesGoldGoldenGoldieGood LookingGoody GoodyGoofGoof BallGoofballGoofyGoogleGoogle headGooseGordoGorgeousGrasshopperGreenGrimmGrizzlyGuapoGumdropGummy BearGuy, Half PintHalf-SackHaloHandsomeHandsome Baby BooHappinessHappy FaceHavenHeart & SoulHeart StopperHeart ThrobHearts DesireHeartbreakerHeartieHeaven SentHeavenlyHedgehogHerculesHeroHipsterHobbitHollywoodHoneyHoney BagelHoney BearHoney BeeHoney BunHoney BunchHoney BunnyHoney BunsHoney CakesHoney LipsHoney LoveHoney MuffinHoney PantsHoney PieHoney PlumHoney PotHoney suckleHoney Sugar BumpsHoneyBirdHoneypotHoneysuckleHopHot CakesHot ChocolateHot LipsHot PantsHot StuffHotcakesHotnessHotshotHotsy-TotsyHottieHottie TottieHubba BubbaHubbyHuckleberryHuggalumpHuggieHuggiesHuggy BearHugsterHunHun BunHunkHunk of Man meatHunkyHunnyHunny BagelHunny Pot, JaguarJazzyJeetJekyllJellyJelly BabyJelly BeanJelly BearJelly BellyJellybaeJellybeanJellybooJetJewelJiyaJockeyJoyJujubeJustin Bieber, KermitKhalKiddoKillerKingKissy FaceKit KatKittenKittyKitty CatKizaruKnee MelterKnight in Shining ArmorKnockoutKookie, LalaLambLamb ChopLambchopLambkinLambkinsLapooheartLegsLemonLemon DropLemon Grass.LemonadeLife MateLifelineLifemateLight of My LifeLight PriestLightningLightning BallLil DoveLil OneLil Heart BreakerLiljayLittle BearLittle BitLittle BitsLittle DoveLittle GuyLittle LambLittle MonkeyLittle MuppetLittle PuffLittle RunnerLogLollipopLone RangerLoo LooLookerLord of the VikingsLovatarLoveLove BearLove BoodleLove BugLove FaceLove GenieLove LumpsLove MuffinLove NuggetLove of My LifeLovebirdLovelyLoverLover BoyLover DollLover PieLoveyLovey BooLovey DoveyLovey LoveLovieLuce MiaLuckyLucky CharmLuke the FlukeLuluLumberjackLunaLunarLuvLuv Puppies, MachomanMagicMagic GuyMagicianMain ManMain SqueezeMajorMan of My DreamsMarshmallowMarshmallow ManMcdreamyMega XMellowMelodyMeowMerlinMi AmorMi AmourMi CielitoMi OsitoMicroMijn SchatMineMiniMini MeMinionMinnie MouseMinorMister CutieMisty EyesMoeMollMon AmourMon CoeurMonkMonkeyMonkey BunsMonsieurMonsterMooMookieMookie-Pookie BearMookyMooky PorkyMoon BeamMoonlightMoonshineMorning GloryMotherboardMouseMovie StarCoolCutieExoticFabulousPerfectMuffinMuffin CakesMuffin headMugglesMunchieMunchiesMunchkinMuscle ManMusclemanMuscularMustangMy AllMy AngelMy BelovedMy BooMy ButtercupMy CaesarMy DarlingMy DearMy DrugMy EverythingMy GuyMy HeartMy HeavenMy KingMy KnightMy LifeMy Lil AngelMy Lil Chicken NuggetMy LionMy LoveMy ManMy One and OnlyMy One True LoveMy Only LoveMy Other HalfMy PassionMy PopstarMy PrinceMy Pumpkin PieMy Ride or DieMy Right HandMy Smile MakerMy Special StarMy SunshineMy SupermanMy World, Naughty BoyNemoNibblesNice GuyNickelNineNinjaNooriNuggetNum NumsNumbyNutty, Odd DuckOdieOfficerOld GuyOld ManOmegaOnce bittenOne and OnlyOompa LoompaOreoOther HalfOuji, PancakePandaPanda BearPapa BearPapiPapitoParadiseParamourPassionPassion FruitPayasoPeachPeachesPeaches and CrmePeachyPeachy PiePeanutPearlPebblesPelnPerfectPetPicklePickle PiePikachuPineapplePineapple ChunkPint SizePipsqueakPiratePitbullPlayboyPoker FacePoo-BooPoohPooh BearPooh-ManPookiePookie BearPookie WookiePookyPooky PookyPoopsiePop TartPopeyePotholePreciousPrincePrince CharmingPrizePuddin HeadPuddingPudding PopPumpkinPumpkin PiePunkPunkinPunkin ButtPuppeteerPuppy, RabbitRadicalRaindropRamenRashesRayRebelRedRed DickRide Or DieRightRocketmanRockstarRockyRomeoRoo RooRubber DuckyRug-RatRum-Rum, SailorSaintSakuraSambaSanta BabyScarecrowSchatziSchmookySchmooky Pookie PoohSchmoopySchmoopy WoopySchnookumsScoobyScooterScoutScreechScruffyScrumptiousSexySexy AngelSexy BearSexy BeastSexy DevilSexy DorkSexy EyesSexy GuySexy ManSexy MisterSexy PantsSexy PieShadowShare BearShining StarShmoopieShmoopsShmoopsie PooShoogie WoogieShort StuffShortcakeShortyShot GlassShrimpShrimpyShugShyShy GuyShy hyperShy kidShyheimShyikeSilly BillySilly GooseSimbaSir Farts-a-lotSir Schmooze-a-lotSkippySkittlesSkySlickSlickySlim JimSweet MuffinSmall FrySmallieSmart CookieSmartySmilesSmileySmiley FaceSmoochieSmooching PartnerSnappySnicker DoodleSnitchSnoogypussSnookemsSnookumsSnow BunnySnow PeaSnowbunnySnowflakeSnuggemsSnuggle AbleSnuggle BearSnuggle BugSnuggle BunnySnugglesSnuggley BearSnugglySnuka BearSoda PopSoldierSoldier BoySoul FriendSoul MateSpankySparkSpark of My LifeSparklesSparkySpartanSphinxSpicy MeatballSpikySpiritSportSpringSprinklesSquirrelSquishesSquishyStall Number One (He wont use the urinal)StallionStalloneStarStar BrightStar LightStepperStudStud MonkeyStud MuffinSugamsSugarSugar BabeSugar BearSugar BiscuitSugar BoySugar BunsSugar CookieSugar CubeSugar DaddySugar DumplingSugar Honey PieSugar LipsSugar MuffinSugar PantsSugar PieSugar Pie Honey BunSugar PussSugarySuitorSummerSun BeamSunflowerSunnySunshineSuper GuySuper ManSuper StarSuper StudSupermanSweetSweet BabySweet CheeksSweet DreamSweet HeartSweet Honey BooSweet KittenSweet LipsSweet LoveSweet LoverSweet OneSweet PeachSweet PotatoSweet StuffSweet TartSweet ThangSweetest EtherealSweetheartSweetieSweetie BabySweetie PieSweetiepie FacecakeSweetkinsSweetnessSweetsSweetsieSweetstuffSweetthangSweetumSweetumsSweety, TarzanTater TotTea CupTeady BearTeardropTeddyTeddy BearTender HeartTesoroThe HulkTigerTiger ToesTiger/Tiger ToesTiggyTinyTiny BooTootsTootsieTootsie WootsyTough GuyTreasureTreasure TroveTrickyTripodTrue LoveTum TumsTum-TumsTurtleTurtle DoveTweetieTweetie-PieTweetumsTwinkieTwinkle Toes, Uber FriendUltimateUncle UprightUnicornUnstoppableUntamed, ValentineVegasViejoVikingVirginVitaVita Mia, WafflesWallflowerWee-OneWestieWhiplashWilly Foo FooWink-A-RooWinky BoyWisecrackWolfieWolverineWonder BoyWonder GuyWonder ManWonderfulWoo BearWoodyWookieWookumsWordsmithWuggle BearWuggles, YankeeYes-guyYogiYoung GuyYoungestYum YumYummersYummyYummy Bear, ZeusZorroZaneZanderZanyZippyZarekZikZebZavierZoltanZekZareenZaynZorionZabirZakiZephyr.