Like Belmont, the study of popular music takes place within two areas within New York University (NYU). Plus, it doesnt hurt either that majority of full-time undergraduate students receive substantial financial aid. Required fields are marked *. The worlds largest institution for music studies is the combined Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Applicants experiencing hardship or extenuating circumstances due to natural disaster or public health concerns in their local area that may affect their ability to satisfy application requirements may contact the Thornton Office of Admission at to explore possible accommodations. From the acceptance rate, we can conclude that USC is extremely competitive and selective. The extremely competitive acceptance rate means that students have to meet with all the other requirements including GPA, SAT and ACT as they will . As with all applications to music school, keep in mind sometimes the numbers just dont work to your advantage. Print Degree Planner (opens a new window), WRIT 150 Writing and Critical ReasoningThematic Approaches, MUSC 115gp Western Music as Sounding History, MUSC 200gmw The Broadway Musical: Reflections of American Diversity, MUSC 210g Electronic Music and Dance Culture, MUSC 460 Film Music: History and Function from 1930 to the Present, MUSC 465 Music, Television and American Culture, MUCD 348 Instrumental Conducting and Orchestration, MUSC 455 Songwriting III: The Performing Songwriter, SCOR 403 Introduction to Scoring Movies and Television, SCOR 405 Introduction to Scoring Video Games, MPPM 250 Keyboard Proficiency for the Popular Musician, MTEC 275 Fundamentals of Audio Engineering, MTEC 445 Advanced Desktop Music Production, MUIN 270 Introduction to the Music Industry, Acalog Academic Catalog Management System (ACMS), Individual Instruction at the 301 level in primary instrument/voice (4 units total). SCA Overview. Applicants must complete the USC Thornton Portfolio for Current USC Students via SlideRoom. For those looking to live off campus, LA isnt cheap, but it is not nearly as expensive as say a New York City either.. Its museum collection includes instruments by Stradivari and the Amati family as well as manuscripts by Purcell, Handel and Vaughn Williams. is open to all Frost music majors by audition. However, there are some tips you can adopt in order to increase your chances, these tips include: Getting into USC is extremely competitive as the school has highly selective process, so to get in, you have to have high scores of everything including GPA, SAT and ACT. It is also ranked as one of the best research universities with numerous research publications. For decades after its founding in 1945, Berklee was the only option for students to learn musical styles not taught at classical conservatories. This list should include works studied and performed. V2S 2C3 Applicants will be asked to provide the following materials in the SlideRoom portfolio: Applicants to Music Production must submit prescreen audition materials for review by the faculty. If you are lacking in any of these, you can make up by taking harder classes to show your commitment and strength at surviving in the school. Many schools say they have a commercial music program, but their ensembles are primarily jazz bands. The private research institution is one of the most applied-to universities in the United States. While there are over 2,000 four-year colleges and universities in America, only about a dozen grant degrees in popular music studies. Any recommendations sent via mail or email will not be reviewed by the faculty. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to visit our campus and live audition events can be the ideal opportunity for this kind of visit. Please note: the application deadline is when all material must be received and is not a postmark deadline. You are required to submit a short essay (100 350 words each) on each of the following two (2) topics: All first-year applicants: By selecting a Thornton program in the first-choice major field, the Common Application will automatically populate with the following text: Because of the major you selected above, you will need to submit a Portfolio for your program to complete your application. Office: (213) 740-6935 With a campus located in one of the worlds great citiesanother music industry huband proximity to many cultural happenings, NYU is an excellent destination for those serious about a range of music careers. With a student to faculty ratio of 3 to 1, each student musician has direct access to faculty musicians and instructors. All required materials for fall admission must be submitted by December 1. Applicants who would like to be considered for admission to a second Thornton major must complete the Second Major Request process by December 1. Though we cannot guarantee that accommodations/exceptions will be possible, applicants are encouraged to contact the Admission Office as soon as possible to allow the maximum amount of time to consider the options. Important note: the STARS report will not be accepted in lieu of the Summary of Completed Courses. Eastman will give the best music universities including Juilliard a run for their money! (Visit All applicants must complete the USC Undergraduate Application and submit all other application materials required by USC Admission by the December 1st deadline: First-year applicants, Transfer applicants, International applicants. It bears the name an NYU alumnus and distinguished music industry executive who signed such superstars as Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, and others. #6: Thornton School of Music (USC) Location: Los Angeles, CA Acceptance rate: 20% (varies depending on program and year) Student body size: 450-500 undergrads Tuition: $63,468 The Thornton School of Music is part of the University of Southern California (USC), a highly selective private university in Los Angeles. The rsum should list musical, professional, and academic experience and is generally 1-2 pages in length. Los Angeles, CA 90089-1441 Click Continue to access your course information and then select Summary of Completed Courses, which is the history of your completed courses including units and grades. USC Thornton is among the worlds most famous music schools because of its emphasis on the possibilities of technology and contemporary music business. The University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music has an acceptance rate of approximately 20% and its total student body averages around 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students combined. To apply you must fill out the USC Undergraduate Application and submit the requirements for your chosen program such as prescreen recordings, compositions, or lyric sheets. Berklee also provides accessibility to non-traditional students through a well-developed online program, which allows students to earn a degree or a certificate in music at a distance. The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, with its Music and Performing Arts Professions Department, offers an expansive curriculum. The extremely competitive acceptance rate means that students have to meet with all the other requirements including GPA, SAT and ACT as they will prove how serious and prepared to be admitted into this prestigious institution. The results of the prescreen will determine whether an applicant will be invited to perform a live audition. #1. And with your hair swung right, And your pants too tight, Its gonna be all right. USCs popular music department is within the Contemporary Music division. University Park Campus ), T he Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music presents its own comprehensive program of study. It ranks at or near the top of the list for best contemporary music colleges, with popular music being a key component in its expansive curriculum. By clicking on each link above, you can find in-depth information about your chosen field of study. The Royal Academy of Music has provided training for both popular and classical musicians. . Below are some of the general NYU admission requirements: The University of Southern California has an application fee of $85, payable online via the Common Application when you submit your application for admission. Like each of the schools on our list, admission is very competitive. This section is for current USC students applying to the Bachelor of Music (BM) Music Production program, including current Thornton students wishing to add or switch their major. For high school students wanting an advanced look at its songwriting studies, NYU offers an intensive, two-week songwriting seminar each summer. Optional supporting material may include, but is not limited to the following: Note: Undergraduate applicants to the Thornton School are only permitted to select one Thornton major through the Common Application and it must be selected as the first-choice major. But unlike Juilliard with its emphasis on the classical arts, Berklee is a distinctively contemporary music school. The Bachelor of Music in Music Production consistsof course work in the major area, core music classes, USC's general education and writing, as well as electives to take advantage of the offerings of the Thornton School and of the entire university. Among them are guitarist Paul Jackson Jr., bassist Alphonso Johnson, drummer Will Kennedy, pop music violinist Ginny Luke, songwriter Andrea Stolpe, and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Adriana Balic. The Conservatoire is one of the larger music schools to make this list with 410 instructors and around 1300 students. The department strives to foster a creative and collaborative environment for students. The Berklee school of music ranking is always in the top five of any ranking, oftentimes second only to Juilliard. Although larger than many of the other schools present in this list with a 606 faculty and almost 4200 students, and accepting a higher percentage of applicants than most of the other finest music schools (35% acceptance rate), this seems to have in no way diminished Berklees prestige and its draw. Some years, the acceptance rate into popular music at USC is less than 5%. Applications are not accepted for Spring admission to this program. In these cases, musicians who apply for maxed-out studios are usually refunded their application fee and told no one who plays their instrument will be accepted that particular year. If your GPA is lower than the required score, you can add it up by taking hard classes like AP or IB classes, these classes will show the school you are able to handle hard classes even with your low GPA. Curtis offers several programs of study: the Diploma for post-secondary-school students; the Bachelor of Music, which takes 3 to 5 years; the Professional Studies Certificate; and post-baccalaureate Diploma and Master of Music tracks, which may be completed in 2 to 3 years. Berklee has a high acceptance rate of 54 percent. Joint Bachelor of Arts/Master of Music courses of study are also offered to current Yale College students, showing outstanding ability in music performance or composition. Please note that it is important to plan ample time to complete this process. Note: the school does not list personal and book expenses, but they typically cost around $800 for books and $2000 for personal expenses per year. One program in particular that is extremely desirable for admission, the Popular Music program, has an acceptance rate of less than 5%, according to my personal sources.