Can anyone identify this ride on mower? Tap into Getty Images' global scale, data-driven insights, and network of more than 340,000 creators to create content exclusively for your brand. Anyone with knowledge of the manufacturer of this mower, let me know. My grandpa had one. Gear drive, or hydrostatic? FWIW, anybody in the SF bay area interested in small engines would do well to check them out. Not very good at trimming-big turning radius, and you had to shift gears-but thats what the younger kids with the push mower were for! I use my iPhone 5 for my roving CC shots now and its fine as a camera. This would have been my first encounter operating something with four wheels & an engine. We still run one from 68. I was wondering where you was located? I have a 1980 wheelhorse211-5 lawn mower if intetest contact my e- mail make offer. Ive had my fun with it and I want it to have a good home and I want to sell it. Kitchenaid Downdraft ventilation system Parts. My Dad had one of those 8HP Montgomery Ward riding tractors for a short time in the early 70s. Carburetor st10x. until the first few explosions as the engine came to life. That looks like a solid machine; old school Cub Cadet. (Most top-loader spin cycles average around 600rpm). Except, of course, in the end, they didnt. Pull start in the dash board and a 5 hp Briggs. Lawn Mower NOS, 1) NOS New Vintage Sears Craftsman 333775 7.50 x 1.75 Lawn Mower Plastic Wheel, 1967 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * IGNITION SWITCH * Vtg Riding Lawn Mower, 1) NOS New Vintage Sears Craftsman 333775 8.50 x 1.75 Lawn Mower Plastic Wheel, 1976 Sears ST/10X Garden Tractor * PLASTIC GAS TANK * Vtg Riding Lawn Mower Part, 1966 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * MULE DRIVE * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower, 1967 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * ORIGINAL HOOD * Vtg Riding Lawn Mower, Vtg SEARS CRAFTSMAN Deck Lift Rocker Shaft & Lever Assy 36" Riding Mower, Vtg SEARS CRAFTSMAN Shift Lever Assy 10hp/36" Riding Mower #502.255791, 1967 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * LIGHT SWITCH * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower, Vintage Sears Craftsman JC. So these are 4 things to consider when choosing an old vintage garden tractor to mount a front end loader onto. Can you give some prices of some of the 60s and 70s tractors. When it comes to vintage lawn mowers, its interesting to see how quickly styles progressed. Walkbehind lawn mower sears packard. Thanks, and i would be like a 52 year old kid in a candy store if i had half the collection of tractors youve collectected,some fellas are just lucky thata way. If you really want to use a regular digicam, consider buying entry-level Canons for about $100 and when they break, just go get another one. Simplicity is one of the pioneering makers of riding mowers and tractors, and they're still independent. Ships as 3V375 - 3/8 Inch Top Width X 37.5 Inch Outside Diameter Blue Kevlar V-Belt. That looks like the baby flathead V8-60. Great machine with shaft driven blades. 1971 I think. Olds. In 1982, lawn mower safety standards were established, including a safety label, Bradley Mowers notes. The nearside belt is whats used as the clutch for the tractor, the far side is to run the attachments. Vintage sears craftsman Riding lawn mower beige. Forum for Sears, Craftsman and Roper garden tractors and implements. I cannot find any reference to it. What is it worth? Lost track of that one in Dads farm sale. Hey there got any idea what kind of mower this is in the picture ? All I have is pics for now. I see a John Deere rear-engine riding mower in the same picture as the Crown Vic, probably my favorite riding mower-smooth riding, and quieter and cooler as the engine was behind you. Vintage lawn mower decals, Atco , never been used, 13X6.50-6 TUBELESS SET OF 4 TIRES LAWN MOWER RIDE-ON LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT, 13X6.50-6 TUBELESS SET OF 3 TIRES LAWN MOWER RIDE-ON LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT, Deck Kit Fits Sears & Fits Craftsman LT1000 42" Lawn Mowers. No hearing protection or eye protection. No recollection of the brand, but it was a tracklayer, with a single track. 44523. original Belly Mower. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment. It doesnt have to be perfect as long as the frame is good and has most parts. C $19.16. Penny Push Reel Lawn Mower Blade C-743-L0, 1966 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * GRILL * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower Part, 1967 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * BRAKE LEVER * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower, Sears Roper GT/19.9 Garden Tractor * ROCKSHAFT * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower Part, Sears SS-12 Garden Tractor * PTO LEVER * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower Part, 1966 Sears Suburban SS12 Tractor * VOLTAGE REGULATOR * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower, 1966 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * DASH PANELS * Vtg Riding Lawn Mower Part, 1966 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * CHOKE CABLE * Vtg Riding Lawn Mower Part, Craftsman Sears LT 11 36 lawn tractor vintage riding mower SEAT, Vintage SEARS Lawn Mower Blade Adapter Hub NOS 87711X00 87711X004, Vintage Sears Craftsman Owner's Manual Lawn Mower Model 917.384342 Maintenance. Video on my Facebook page of it running and more pics. Mine still has the Italian Ajax (6hp) engine, which is the most amazingly consistent one-pull starter Ive ever seen, even after sitting all winter (two years even, one time). Great movie! Not quite as tough, maybe, as the old Cub Cadets, but we were green tractor people, and that was a sweet tractor. So yeah Im screwed. Imagine my surprise when I saw the opening picture with the faded Ford lawn tractor! I cant find a pic of the 169 (its a Hoss) but heres its poor lil brother the one whose model number I cannot even remember. 2012 Kubota GR2120 48 cut 21hp Diesel 4wd power Snapper Pro 48 in. Phone # 641-660-6035 . I have a snapper rider lawn mower . Auction Date: August 9, 2022 9:30 AM EDT. Our town is famous for its curbside classics, but if your fancy runs to classic riding mowers and garden tractors, we have that base covered too, thanks to Burts. Agree on the Canon suggestion. Comments. Not a riding mower, mercifully. Some of my more obscure are one of those Allis Chalmers units, but built by Gravely. I am also looking for a 3 point back blade around 48 for my Craftsman FF 20. I have a continental garden tractor. id love to know were you guys are stationed at in the good old usa, Looking for parts 1975 26 craftsman rear engine riding mower. watercooled engine and so, so quiet. My (and apparently lots of others here) interests definitely span from classic automotive to classic mechanized lawn and garden. Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. As if Norman Rockwell directed Blue Velvet. Its the one thing I asked him to leave me. 28 results for vintage sears garden tractor. 1980 Sears Craftsman Lawn Riding Mower (LT 8 36 for sale in Woolrich, Pennsylvania $250 Share it or review it 1980 Sears Craftsman Lawn Riding Mower (LT 8 36) This mower is a 8 horse, 36 cut and runs great. Getting a freshly trimmed and beautiful lawn has never been easier with Sears Outlets collection of 42-inch riding mowers. Bent it in half. I run a small lawn care business, and am the last person in the state commercially using a 1968 Wheel Horse.. probably last in the world.. Everything in the fleet is pre-1980. Not interested in some of the better ones that wouldnt take much to restore but looking for some decent tractors for decent prices. Please Do NOT CALL Burt about information, parts, service, or advice. Paul, I no longer carry a camera; my HTC phone has an incredible camera. Id go crazy in that yard. In any event, by that time the company was Clarke-Gravely Corporation. They sold their soul in choosing off-the-shelf power; and sortly became a plaything and finally a brand to sell Ariens equipment under. my email is not working you can contact me via txt message 9903-556-5320. 1959 eclipse ranger model 14 i currently reside in south florida 609-891-9186 .. looking for a decks, john deere 210 (32 38) Thanks! They all looked the same.. give or take a bit. Same with the TV. While its still common to see push mowers, this vintage lawn mower model is very out-of-date. This site is really good for viewing old iron. 1957 2 PAGE ORIGINAL VINTAGE SEARS POWER LAWN MOWER MAGAZINE AD (E), VINTAGE SEARS SUBURBAN 12 GARDEN TRACTOR lawn mower deck Tecumseh 12hp, Vintage Sears Garden Tractor * CULTIVATOR * 3 PT Lawn Mower Tool Model, Vintage SEARS ROEBUCK Craftsman Model 291.376101 Push Lawn Mower EXCELLENT, 1967 Sears Suburban 10 Garden Tractor * METAL SEAT * Vintage Riding Lawn Mower, Vintage Sears craftsman side discharge grass catcher 80471 Lawn mower bag, 1966 Sears Suburban SS12 Tractor * MUFFLER EXHAUST PIPE * Vtg Riding Lawn Mower, Vintage Sears Craftsman Screw On Muffler Exhaust 88919 4 H.P. But I still want to get an old JD 110 like the one Uncle Mello had on Grandmas farm. Im the one with the eye patch. How did we survive with no seat belts in cars and no helmets on bike riders? But the trans is the next big player. Access the best of Getty Images with our simple subscription plan. Huffy broadlawn 8hp that I got for my birthday last year that I found on Craigslist for $100 and I loved it. ..that looks like a Wheel Horse front deck carrier, on a Snapper frame, with a 5 to 8HP Briggs..? Top Contributors this Month View All 1967Craftsman's 3 Replies. Its sitting in a pile on my desk. Organize, control, distribute and measure all of your digital content. Vintage Sears, Roebuck And Co. Mower quantity. Check out Big Ed from Twin Peaks as the tractor dealer. And since it probably (hopefully) doesnt need to run at much more than an idle, I suppose it can get away with a moderate sized radiator. What were they used on? And the raccoon plush toy that my Camaros previous (female) owner had safety-pinned to the rear seat, is going to be the Yard Mans hood ornament. Im a disabled Army veteran and it would take me 6 months to save the money they want for a new one. Looking for new or used Sears riding lawn mowers? There is probably no dead (wo)man switch in the seat if she falls off or burns her leg on the hot engine. Wish I could find something designed like that today. I have the back fenders/ storage spot. Where is this guy at?! 3 / 10 abramsdesign/Shutterstock Give it Some Gas For now, Ill stick with my late-80s Craftsman 14HP, 6-speed tractor. Can someone send me info of someone in my driving area. I suspect a read more . I have a local handyman I use from time to time who seems to need money from time to time. Model # 464308a 42/20Hp . Had to pass on it, but very cool none the less. GM was into locomotives; refrigeration, including home appliances. I want to check this out. As luck would have it, the Toro/Wheel Horse dealer in Lynchburg, VA was also my Triumph dealer at the time, so I traded the remains (transaxle, mainly) to cover the cost of my Tridents 66k service. Fourtry Flat Idler Pulley Fit for Craftsman Riding Mower - Flat Pulley Fit for HU Ariens Poulan Craftsman YT4000 YS4500 Lawn Tractor with 42" 54" Deck, Replace 194327 532194327 280-6630 4.5 (145) $999$12.99 FREE delivery Thu, Jan 12 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon Youre kidding? Pedal Cars. . Actually chipped a tooth on the pulley which is on the bottom right of the pic when the seat closed itself while my head was still in the way, hurt like no other. They made over 5,000 mowers of more than one size until 1863 when their factory closed. Ill bet with care itd still run. The mower deck rasied and lowered via an electric switch on the dash it operated the hydraulic cylinder you see just below/in front of the Grey Brothers right legs. Something went wrong. Market Rank: 185. Vintage Ohio Art Mini Mow Lawn Mower Tin Litho With Motor Sound Works 1950 Era. Dang man, youre making me wish Id taken Grandpas tractor after he passed. My favorites are the 70s to 80s John Deeres that had unusual configurations like a John Deere 118. Heres a picture of my Snapper riding lawn mower I just got from my wife. Mar 29, 2021. Dad always had Gravelys, the original one was a belt-start Graveley engined model, later replaced by an electric-start Kohler engined job. My dad bought a Root riding mower in the early 70s. Hes located on Hwy 99 North, in Eugene, OR. The shipping will end up being more than the sale price I'm pretty sure. Has the original 5.75 Hp. Im much more satisfied now with my 8 year old Simplicity Broadmoor , but the old ones bring back so many memories . Or just get used to the Galaxy? Discount. I believe the electric-start models with Kohler had onboard chargers. An early version of the riding lawn mower, this vintage model has a wide blade in front to cut grass. Im disappointed no Gravelys (Gravelies?). Great subject Paul; many makes Id never heard of, such as Simplicity and Bolens. When I lived at home we couldnt afford a remote control TV. 42 inches is a reference to the cut, as there are two blades attached. Tackling overgrown grass and weeds requires less effort with lawn mowers and tractors. We dont think this model would pass the test. I also dont think Im going to be able to use it on the go as easily as my Lumix, which I could power up, zoom and shoot with one hand while driving. I love to see the old stuff.. its disappearing as we speak. Who made this? It is a 4 foot cut with 3 blades, it has an 18hp Briggs and Straton motor, a heal toe operation for forward and reverse, an aluminium trans axle, a fiberglass bonnet and the original color was a slightly lighter green than in the photos. Did you know that, according to Briggs and Stratton, formal lawns with neatly kept grass started appearing in France in the 1700s? I would like to know more about it. A search on Bing showed one collector who has a half-dozen of the tracked beasts; no pictures, unfortunately. And the best part? That one looks like a 1980s Deutz Allis.. but not quite the same grille. AMC bought Kaiser Jeep and Wheel Horse; and fifteen years earlier, Studebaker bought, using Lark profits, a whole satchel of businesses the only central feature they had was that they were for sale. I havent shot anything to use for almost two weeks now. Of course, there were large NO SMOKING placards, as there were oxygen tanks back there as well. Hydrostatic. It was a very expensive tractor and my mother hit the roof as it was well over a thousand dollarsbut what a fine machine it ended up being. Early Harley Sportsters and the KR flathead racer I think. A colorful collection of garden tractors, featuring a wide range of styling gimmicks. Fairbanks Morse also built huge engines for ships and the like.