to high elevation ranges of Kentucky . Find Out Today, Actaea Simplex Brunette: Growth and Care Guide, Kumquat Tree Florida: Growth and Care Guide, Cedar Trees in Florida: How to Grow and Care for Cedars, Dahoon Holly Tree (Ilex Cassine): Florida Care Guide. The bloom peak occurs within the dates indicated. The size of the bag and how it will stay inflated will depend on the size of the container. Ask the Experts, LLC. Azaleas form flower buds during early summer if they receive adequate moisture. Blooms typically last for one or two weeks, and in warm climates such as the Deep South, some azalea varieties bloom again in the fall. The Azalea Society has been nurturing these azaleas for over twenty years on the top of Hooper Bald. When Do Azaleas Bloom In North Carolina. When you buy locally, garden centers typically carry stock appropriate for your region. Native azaleas bloom throughout the spring and into the summer presenting a spectacular flower show like none other. Too much of either will cause these young branches to dry up and die. Date of experience: March 2017 Ask 133sunny about Airlie Gardens Thank 133sunny This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. In Asheville, showy native wildflowers bloom with the arrival of spring and progress throughout the year, making Asheville one of the longest wildflower bloom seasons in the country. Many varieties begin blooming in April sometimes in late April, or even early May. You can find deciduous and evergreen azaleas. Learn more . The mother of modern-day finger painting opened up a new avenue of learning and self-expression for kids. Azaleas prefer slightly acidic soil, with a pH range of 4.5-6. A North Carolina couple found their musical voices in a historic house in Chatham County. Mountains to coast, in suburban yards and along remote trails, the azalea perhaps more than any other native plant brings Southern charm wherever it grows. Depending on the cultivar, they can be hardy in zones 6 to 10. Along with daffodils and magnolias, cherry blossoms are among the first flowers to appear in early spring. Cover with a plastic bag so the bag is "inflated." WILMINGTON, APRIL 3-7. However, they do have a few requirements: moist, well-drained soil with high organic matter; light shade; and a pH range of 4.5-6. Though hybridization efforts have resulted in plants that can tolerate a variety of climates, most azaleas thrive in locations where winters are cool to moderately cold and summers are warm to hot. Discover the beauty of rare, insectivorous Venus flytraps or pitcher-plants, native orchids, azaleas and other wildflowers that bloom in profusion in season. Product photo via Home Depot and Nature Hills Nursery. Hardy in Zones 5-7. Find out how to grow azaleas in Texas Irrigating with alkaline water will slowly raise the pH level. Heres a selection of some of the most enduring and popular examples. Bred in Glenn Dale, Maryland, these midsized evergreens produce flowers in gorgeous shades of bright crimson, magenta, mauve, pink, and salmon. Fraser fir can tolerate full sun to partial shade. photograph by Charles Harris. These are evergreens, but the foliage often turns bright red to maroon in cold temperatures. The truth is that the time of the year when your azalea plants will start producing flowers depends on the local climate and the variety you choose to plant. In the spring, a common gift is a compact, blooming azalea plant called a florist's azalea. Good drainage is important in summer and winter. Evergreen azaleas fall into more than a dozen groups, though an increasing number of hybrids have such mixed parentage that they don't t conveniently into any category. Daviesi, Magic, and Narcissiflora are Ghent cultivars. Size reduction pruning can also be performed in early fall, however, keep in mind that in doing so fall flowering will be diminished. Preparation of azaleas for winter: Keep in mind that azaleas perform best in Zones 4 - 9. Seeing this azalea bloom is truly a delight and a fun sneak peek at what is sure to follow at higher elevations in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Dont forget that you may have to replace mulch from time to time. When the pods are dry, break the pods to remove the seeds. You can find Bloom-A-Thon Hot Pink in quart containers at Nature Hills Nursery. I hope you get a chance to see them in person. Kenan hired landscape designer Earle Draper to plan her gardens, and the azaleas, dogwoods, and boxwoods that thrive around the home now the official residence of the chancellor of UNCW closely resemble his vision. Even from Bent Creek Road they will grab your attention with their vibrant red to orange blooms. Bred in Alabama, the compact evergreen Encore plants are from another reblooming series. Azaleas are shallow rooted, so they may dry out quickly. Azaleas don't need as careful pruning as rhododendronsthe leaves are relatively evenly spaced along the branches, with a bud at the base of each leaf, so new growth will sprout from almost anywhere you cut (in either bare or leafy wood). Identify and Manage 5 Common Chestnut Tree Diseases, Identify and Manage 5 Common Chestnut Tree Diseases, .slick-slider#wpsp-83657 {margin-left: 0px; }.slick-slider#wpsp-83657 .wp-show-posts-inner {margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em; }#wpsp-83657.wpsp-card .wp-show-posts-single {margin-bottom: 2em; }.slick-slider#wpsp-83657 .wp-show-posts-single {margin-bottom: 0px; }#wpsp-83657 .wp-show-posts-inner {background-color: #ffffff; }#wpsp-83657.wp-show-posts .wp-show-posts-entry-title {font-size: .9em; }.wp-show-posts-columns#wpsp-83657 {margin-left: -2em; }.wp-show-posts-columns#wpsp-83657 .wp-show-posts-inner {margin: 0 0 2em 2em; } And of course, flowers appear earlier in regions with mild or warm winters and later in those with colder ones. The Cumberland azalea, R. cumberlandense, is a low-growing deciduous species with vibrant flowers in shades of melon orange, peach, and crimson that blooms in June and July. Early or mild spring temperatures mean earlier flowers, while a late or cool spring can delay them. Several deciduous and a few evergreen species make good landscape plants for midseason selection. Many gardeners prefer to transplant azaleas in April so they can group the plants according to their flower color. I hope you cancome andenjoy the shade and quiet respite of this creekside garden onthese hot summer days. Late Season Species A small, compact shrub that flowers in April and May, the white flowers are often tinged with pink and have a musky floral scent. They flower in late March and April, produce a light midsummer flush, and give a good final showing in late summer and fall. Azalea bloom times depend more on the weather than on day length. Fertilizer for azaleas is often unnecessary unless the plants are showing signs of nutritional deficiency. When using a powder rooting hormone, dip the cut end into water, shake off the water, dip into the hormone, and then plant. In fact, all North American native azaleas are deciduous. You need a trowel and landscape pins, large paper clips, or a large rock. However, youll have to be careful with this practice, as you might damage new buds. Keep growing indoors, under lights, until large enough to move outside when the danger of frost has passed. When to Fertilize Azaleas in NC (North Carolina) If you live in the western parts of North Carolina, you should apply the fertilizer in spring but not before the blooming period. Because they absorb water through their foliage, wet the leaves and root zone when you water. Unlike the evergreen, they usually shed their dead flowers. For deciduous azaleas, take the cutting earlier in the season when there is active growth and green stems (no woody part). Hardy in Zones 6-9. You will need small, plastic containers with drainage holes, or you can cut off the base of a gallon milk jug and make drainage holes. To keep bushes compact, tip-pinch frequently, starting after flowering ends and continuing until mid-June. Blush Elegance, Purple Spectacular, and Red Magnificence are ReBloom hybrids. Because Phytophthora is a soil-borne disease, refrain from planting anything else in the same spot until the area has been treated well with a fungicide. Flowering lasts for 4-6 weeks in spring, and then another 12-16 weeks in summer and fall. Lavender, Hot Pink, and Red are three options in the Bloom-A-Thon series. Patented plants are illegal to propagate. Cut the top five inches of the stem so that the uppermost is green but the base of the cut is woody. R. austrinum is a large deciduous shrub with fiery and fragrant orange or yellow flowers that bloom in early March to mid-April. : Help Your Plant Bloom, How Long Does It Take Clover to Bloom? Though the mere thought of this terrifies most homeowners, pruning correctly is really quite simple, as long as you remember these tips. Kurume azaleas are cold-hardy and adapted to all of South Carolina. Anthony Koster, Arneson Gem, and Christopher Wren are all Mollis cultivars. Eastern Europe has one species and Asia 11. Keep in mind that most deciduous ones are native to North America. R. kiusianum is one of the parents of the Kurume hybrid series. R. occidentale, the western azalea, is only found west of the Rocky Mountains. Most types generally prefer the partial sun or filtered shade beneath tall trees. Flower colors are mainly pastel shades of orange, pink, scarlet, and white. This is cold injury and depending on how deeply affected the area is, the plant may not survive. There are many different cultivars of azaleas, so the blooming period can vary somewhat. R. calendulaceum is used as a parent in several hybrids including the Ghent and Knap Hill series. Pruning to Control Size. Azaleas adapted to Florida require 4-8 weeks of temperatures below 50F (10C) and generally begin to bloom between February and early April when warm temperatures follow this chilling period. Hope everyone has a chance to enjoy them for yourselves but, either way, please enjoy these rainy day photos from this past week. Early Season Species Popular varieties include 'Coral Bells' (salmon pink), 'Hinodegiri' (vivid red), 'Pink Pearl' (clear pink) and 'Snow' (white). Layering is another method of vegetative propagation that is recommended for evergreen azaleas. Step 2: After pruning, feed the azalea with a slow-release, water-soluble fertilizer (12-6-6). If the soil is too wet, see if something is preventing the drainage or see if you can lift and raise the plant to be higher. Add organic material to your substrate to improve the nutrient content. Don't cultivate around these plants, as they have shallow roots. What to Prune Prune spring-flowering plants like azalea, lilac, forsythia, spirea, and Spotting an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly is a happy bonus. A midsized shrub with lovely rose pink blooms and an intense, spicy scent of cinnamon and cloves, flowers open in April and May. And each of these gardeners, who, like Moore, live, think, and dream azaleas, will have their time in the sun. R. prinophyllum is one of the parents of the cold hardy Northern Lights hybrids. The Bloom-A-Thon, Encore, ReBloom, and Robin Hill series mentioned in the Early Flowering Hybrids section above also give reliable late season performance. Hardy in Zones 6-9. Choptank Rose and Varnados Salmon are examples of R. flammeum hybrids. But hybridizers have developed reblooming azaleas, such as the Encore brand and other varieties that bloom in the spring and again throughout the summer. Large flowers bloom in bright shades of fuchsia, mauve, pink, red, salmon, and white. yes no Growing Season Like many blooming plants, Christina azalea's growing season is in summer. You will also find water lilies at the Conservatory, Village Hotel, The Inn, and the Reception and Ticketing Sales Center. Bloom-A-Thon. So, keep reading! Start by making sure your azaleas are planted in the right sun and soildappled shade and acidic soil that drains well. They need full sun to thrive. However, for the deciduous or species azalea plants, this may be an easier way to propagate as many of these are difficult to propagate from cuttings. It should bloom in the early spring. The growth on the stem should be the current season's growth that has turned woody about five to six inches down. It's simply in its nature to show off. Plants flower in May and June, and are hardy in Zones 6-9. Steve Bender, also known as The Grumpy Gardener, is an award-winning author, editor, columnist, and speaker with nearly 40 years experience as Garden Editor, Senior Writer, and Editor-at-Large for Southern Living. The Azalea Festival WILMINGTON, APRIL 3-7 This month, as music and parade floats fill the streets of Wilmington and fireworks explode over the Cape Fear River, the North Carolina Azalea Festival will continue a celebration that began simply, with one man's love of flowers. 21 September, 2017. So you prune your azaleas in summer, they flush out with new growth, and now you have to protect your plants from prolonged drought and heat exposure. Treating dieback is simple but brutal. What month do azaleas bloom in NC? Make sure to position plants in partial sunlight to prevent compact shrubs in heavy sunlight or lack of blooms in deep shade. Native only to a few counties in the western part of the state, pinkshell azaleas are more abundant on Grandfather Mountain than anywhere else in the world. You can do some shaping while plants bloomtry using cut branches in arrangements. Bloom times are divided into three flowering groups of early, mid, and late or fall flowering varieties. Humans who ingest these toxins may experience mild to severe symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, abnormally low blood pressure and heart rate and cardiac arrhythmia. By Color. Different varieties bloom at different times during the spring so there is something different to check out every week. From a technical standpoint, azalea blooms are typically funnel-shaped and have five stamens, while rhododendron flowers are bell-shaped and have ten or more stamens. The aesthetic effect will be stunning, trust us! There are several factors that can cause this: 1) too much shade (then give it more sun), 2) poor plant nutrition (add fertilizer especially formulated for azaleas), 3) the plant is not cold hardy to the area (pick one developed for your area), or 4) the buds were pruned off in the previous year. Upon approach to the garden you will probably notice the latest azalea to bloom, the coastal azalea (Rhododendron atlanticum; pictured left). Will rhododendrons grow in South Carolina? The azaleas' bloom time can also vary depending on the weather conditions. For late season hybrids, the reblooming series offer a second steady wave of flowers that open from mid to late summer, and continue through autumn until heavy frosts set in. They prefer slightly acidic soil and are tolerant of a wide range of soil moisture, although they prefer well-drained soil. The Azaleas on Gregory Bald typically bloom in mid to late June. Hardy in Zones 6 or 7 through 10, depending on the cultivar, flowers come in a wide range of pinks, purples, reds, white, and bicolors. For instance, the Cape Fear Garden Club offers tours of 13 stellar gardens, large and small ($20 per map/ticket). Sterilize your cutting tools between cuts with a 1:9 bleach to water solution or rubbing alcohol to avoid spreading the fungus from one area of the plant to the next. North Carolina Botanical Garden and Coker Arboretum Chapel Hill Nearly 600 acres featuring our state's native plants in a variety of collections. Plus, azaleas will usually bloom two to three times a year. By Size. Once you get into July, most azaleas will start setting flowerbuds. The 2021 event will be held April 7-11. Prune Azaleas and Camellias after they bloom and push the yearly flush of growth. In 1923, Sarah Graham Kenan purchased a house in Wilmington to be close to her sister, Jessie Kenan Wise. unofficial name, it is aptly given. Upon entrance to the garden, three flameazaleas are blooming to create the perfect welcomingcommittee for yourvisit. Hardy in Zones 4-8. It is best to take a preventative approach for next year. Also, if you like the plant and are concerned it may get damaged, especially from a storm, you can take cuttings in case you have to replace the original plant. Under the ideal conditions (and once you get familiar with what they need), they wont require much attention from your side. New Varieties. There are no hard and fast rules about the aforementioned dates for the three flowering groups, and many plants will overlap at the edges of two time frames. Contents 1 Cultivation 2 Classification 2.1 Native American azaleas After they germinate in two to eight weeks, provide the light in the form of fluorescent tubes. For evergreen azaleas take the stem cutting in early summer, from June on. is native to western central Georgia to South Carolina. Poukhanense is a well-known cultivar of R. yedoense. You can find Lemon Lights plants in #3 containers available from Nature Hills Nursery. For Foundations & Containers. Selecting a species that will thrive in your climate allows gardeners in every part of the South to enjoy these plantseven growing some in containers. When it comes to the ReBLOOM azaleas, they do better in some shade, and while they will grow happily in full sun in zone 6, some afternoon shade, and ever light full shade, suit them better in warmer zone - and they will take some shade in zone 6 too. First bred in Belgium almost 200 years ago, Ghent hybrids are a cross of R. luteum and American species such as R. calendulaceum and R. periclymenoides. If you received one, make sure the container itself has drainage holes and remove the decorative covering. Provide well-drained, humus-rich soil that is slightly acidic (pH 4.5-6). Also known as pinkshell, R. vaseyi is a fragrant evergreen to semi-evergreen species native only to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. PJMs hail from Boston, Massachusetts, and are low to midsized hybrids bred from R. carolinianum and R. dauricum var. Popular for their cold hardiness and masses of pretty flowers in hues of mauve, pink, and rose, the foliage of these evergreens takes on an attractive maroon tint in winter. : A Growers Guide, What Planting Zone is Illinois in? But when do azaleas bloom in North Carolina? Mulch well. A rooting hormone is optional with evergreen azaleas, but highly recommended for deciduous azaleas. The best time to plant azaleas in NC is in spring or fall. While fertilizing, make sure you use acid-forming plant food, which should also be controlled-released. Ever since WRAL Gardens opened in 1959, its been a sanctuary in the city a tribute, as Fletcher put it, to beauty for beautys sake., WRAL Gardens is a sanctuary in the city and enjoyed by all. Also known as the Atlantic, coastal, or dwarf azalea, R. atlanticum is native to the eastern coastal plain from Delaware to Georgia. We celebrate the people and places that make this state great. Some azaleas bloomed early because of the warm winter, and then the frosts killed some of those blooms. Because lace bugs hide under the leaves, they're hard to hit with conventional insecticides applied with a sprayer. Winter protection can include a thick mulch over the roots, a sheltered spot out of the wind, and perhaps a porous cover in extreme cold. If the branches start to die, then the vascular system has been adversely affected and you may have to purchase a new plant. Azalea Groupings EDITORS NOTE: This story was originally published in April 2017 and updated in March 2019. Consider buying one that is cold hardy to the area. Deciduous varieties flower more profusely in full sun. Evergreen azaleas are very common landscape shrubs in the South and well worth the show when you see masses of them in bloom. You can find Conversation Piece plants in #3 containers available at Nature Hills Nursery. As soon as I finish pruning, I spray my azaleas according to label directions with a systemic insecticide called Cygon. More coastal azaleas can be found farther back in the garden and these are just beginning to flower. | Website by Web Publisher PRO. A rooting hormone is optional with evergreen azaleas, but highly recommended for deciduous azaleas. Things are looking great in the Azalea garden thanks to our hard working crew and the garden is ready to receive guests and be a beautiful backdrop for all that nature has in store. You will need a sterilized, razor-sharp knife or razor blade, rooting hormone, plastic bags, sterilized potting mix such as the bagged seed starting mix, and water. Prune deciduous azaleas while they are dormant and leafless. Reliable, vivid colors, masses of blooms, and easy-care maintenance make them a favorite among flowering shrubs. Anna Cash's crab apple in Milford, Ohio, bloomed during the last week of September 2020, and she spotted strawberries flowering in her community garden in October. It is a nice place to let your cares float away and there is even a bench to sit and enjoy Bent Creek for a while. Apply right after plants finish blooming in spring and again in midsummer at the rate specified on the label. sempervirens. Springtime in Wilmington is filled with azaleas and spanish moss, just pop by the Wise House to witness it firsthand. Varnadoes Apricot, Varnadoes Snow White, and Snowbird are R. canescens hybrids. It blooms in late March through April as the new leaves emerge. Large clusters of white to light pink flowers with a sweetly spicy fragrance bloom from late May into August. Mulching will hold heat in the soil and delay the onset of dormancy, increasing the chances of winter damage. The early group starts to flower in late winter to early spring, roughly from February to April. This symptom of chlorotic foliage can be caused by several factors, but the likely reason is that the soil pH is too high for azaleas. Azaleas are classified in the genus Rhododendron. Image: Shutterstock Airlie Gardens 300 Airlie Road | Wilmington, NC Open daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Admission rates vary If we're being honest, there's probably no prettier place in North Carolina in the spring than Wilmington. In the South (Zones 8-10) this means September. . This is another great week to visit the Azalea Collection here at The North Carolina Arboretum. Its only pruning requirement during the growing season is for deadheading after blossoming. Rhododendron is an evergreen shrub or small tree that grows best in moist, well-drained soils. Juniper Level Botanic Gardens Raleigh Indigenous species such as Rhododendron calendulaceum, R. canadense, R. perclymenoides, R. prinophyllum, and R. viscosum are among the parentage of well-known cultivar series such as Ghent, Knap Hill-Exbury, and Northern Lights. In the back section of the garden one of the Gregory Bald hybrids is also in full bloom. Azalea Court, added in the 1960s, displays varieties like the Korean azalea, and has become a favorite spot for flower lovers of all ages. Azaleas require and acidic soil of between pH 4-6 to grow well and to bloom. Also, when plants receive winter temperatures of 50F or below for four to eight weeks, the following spring buds burst into flower all at once. Vegetatively propagating azaleas (e.g., stem cuttings, layering, division), will ensure that the offspring will have the same characteristics as the original plant. Most species bloom from late March to early May. Pruning azaleas should therefore stop by mid-summer. If your garden doesnt offer such conditions, make the necessary amendments. Also, the soil should be slightly acidic, fertile, and well-draining. And their music is taking off. Bake for 25-35 minutes, until puffed and golden. You may have to let it grow in the shade first to minimize transpiration until it can tolerate the sun and winds. It seems impossible it can be so spectacular when, little more than a week ago, tight buds on this azalea could only be spotted upon close inspection. Just don't take it all the way down; stop at about 1 foot off the ground. Gardeners can choose from low growing ground cover azaleas, to treelike rhododendrons over 25 feet tall; from the early . The following species and their cultivars provide early season interest. Bloom peaks along the Parkway in Virginia are usually earlier than in North Carolina due to lower average elevation. See our TOS for more details. When planting azaleas, fill the hole with a 50/50 blend of existing soil and Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Trees & Shrubs. Do not cover with the potting mix but mist with water. More Compact Than Traditional Azaleas Means Less Pruning. Instead, the majority of evergreen varieties come from Asia. The Yodogawa azalea, R. yedoense, is a low to medium evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub native to Korea. . But there are some in bloom currently, including in the Memorial Garden, and other species yet to come, such as those in the Blomquist. You can find Crimson plants available in #1 containers from Nature Hills Nursery. Hardy in Zones 4-9. Either blow in the bag and seal or prop up with wire hangers. This is from mid-April through May when the plant is in active growth and the stems are soft, green, new growth. Khara Scheppmann has 12 years of marketing and advertising experience, including proofreading and fact-checking. Springtime finds North Carolina in full bloom. Flower colors include magenta, mauve, pink, purple, red, and white. Hardy in Zones 3 or 4 through 9, flowers come in beautiful shades of gold, lavender, orange, pink, rose, salmon, white, and yellow. Lemon Lights, Mandarin Lights, and Spicy Lights are a few robust cultivars. The Mollis series began in Belgium and these are derived mainly from crossing R. molle and R. japonicum with American species such as R. viscosum. Collect seed pods in the fall before they open and store in a cool, dry place. With a little bit of soil amendment and a well-chosen spot in your yard, rhododendrons . Keep it at 40F to 50F for five to six weeks, from November to January, to encourage bud formation. The flowers come in many different colors, including pink, red, and white. The flame azalea coined its name because of its candle flame-like buds. Flowering Groups When pioneering naturalist William Bartram discovered the bright blooms of the flame azalea in 1791, he described the plant as certainly the most gay and brilliant flowering shrub yet known. High up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the open balds of Craggy Gardens showcase these vibrant red, orange, and gold flowers, and hikers who take a closer look might discover another reason for the plants descriptive name: buds shaped like candle flames. Azaleas may be started in early through late spring and early to late fall. They bloom in April and May. And in such an environment, your azaleas will display plenty of flowers during the blooming season. . You can check to see if your plant is patent-protected by checking the tag, label, or container. Remove the mulch and replace with new mulch. Also blooming in the garden are the understory. Hardy in Zones 4-8. If you apply fertilizer before this bloom cycle (in late winter or early spring), most of the fertilizer will not be absorbed. A midsize to large shrub, the showy, shell pink to white flowers open in early April to May and plants provide excellent fall color. Sids Royal Pink is an R. schlippenbachii hybrid. Azaleas are generally a low-maintenance plant that will thrive in most yards when planted in the right location and with a bit of basic care. Courtesy Gainesville Convention and Visitors Bureau, The azalea leaves are yellow with green veins, The azalea leaves are not a healthy green, they are speckled and bleached looking, The azalea leaves have brown or dead margins, The azalea started blooming but then flowers became spotted and died prematurely, Top Tips To Help Your Established Azaleas Thrive, How to Grow and Care for Autumn Bonfire Encore Azalea, How To Grow And Care For 'Felicity' Hydrangeas, How To Grow And Care For Panicle Hydrangeas, How To Grow And Care For Winter Honeysuckle, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), US (Upper South) / Zone 6, MS (Middle South) / Zone 7, LS (Lower South) / Zone 8, CS (Coastal South) / Zone 9; varies by species. All 17 of the North American species are deciduous, and many make excellent landscape plants. Dig them up, ensuring you have included their own, separate root systems, and pot up in a container with potting mix. Step 1: If you have a too-big azalea you want to save, go ahead and chop it down with loppers. The Knap Hill azaleas include the Exbury series and these are exceptional English hybrids. There are literally thousands to choose from. Still, dont be afraid to experiment with, Do Asparagus Plants Multiply? This is not to undervalue the Piedmont azalea, also lovely in fragrance, which has been providing a wonderful backdrop to the garden for the past couple of weeks. Bend the branch down to put in the trench and cover with soil. Defined on the USDA Plant Hardiness Map as a swath beginning in west Texas, covering most of the mid-south and ending in the mid-Atlantic states, temperatures in Zone 7 reach a minimum of 0 degrees F. This region experiences freezes but compared to northern states, has short, mild . The following vegetables can be planted this month: beets, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, and potatoes.