Service Mesh automatically captures insights from metrics and logs for all incoming trafficas it does for intermicroservice communication. Which statement is a valid for OCI container registry (OCIR)? These metrics are required to use features such as autoscaling, metrics, alarms, and notifications with compute instances. Request A does not specify a resolution and thus uses the default value equal to the interval (5 minutes). Use the LaunchInstance operation. C. It is a Python library that makes tasks faster, easier, and less error prone. 4. For general states, the key format is: App-ID||state key The OCI Object Storage state store maps the first key segment (for App-ID) to a directory within a bucket, using the Prefixes and Hierarchy used for simulating a directory structure as described in the OCI Object Storage documentation. B. Comparments ca be used to logically separate OCI resources. Availability Data Catalog See how our architects and other customers deploy a wide range of workloads, from Alarms, What is the IAM service feature that enables instance to be authorized actors (or principals) called? To specify a nondefault resolution that differs from the interval, see Selecting a Non-Default Resolution for a Query. It distributes traffic to different backend servers in a virtual cloud network (VCN). 4. 2. displays one monitoring chart per metric for selected resources. (Correct), Audit Vault and Database Firewall option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Physical security of OCI data center facilities, Two Oracle Autonomous Databases This topic describes security for Monitoring. It enables enrichment of the metadata Only Paid accounts can open service requests API Gateway 3. For more information about alarm evaluations, see Alarm Evaluations on this page. It enables you to analyze cloud resources using custom metrics. Data Plane 4. 3. 3. A banking platform has been re-designed to a Microservices-based architecture using Docker containers. Custom Logs, Which service is NOT part of OCI Observability and Management services? 1. Which is a feature of the OCI OS Management Service? D. 100% avaibility to manage resources. 3.Policy (Correct), Answer :*It acts as storage for Compute Instances (This illustration does not cover raw and aggregated metric data. Which OCi storage service can be used to meet this requirement? In this lab you will deploy a Container Engine for Kubernetes cluster, connect to it, The OCI monitoring service enables to perform active and passive monitoring of cloud resources using these metrics and alarm features. It always gets a private IP address. Which OCI service leverages terraform to configure infrastructure-as-code? Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes Also Read How to install VirtualBox and Guest Additions in Ubuntu Bare Metal Disk Encryption D. You are not responsible for any aspect of security in OCI. OCI Service Mesh's default setting is to emit telemetry data, such as latency, HTTP errors, and requests, from all microservices in the mesh. Which OCI monitoring service feature uses metrics for monitoring and consists of a trigger action and notification method? B. 2. For these details, see the "Monitoring Overview" illustration at the top of this page.). Which statement is true about OCI identity and Access Management (IAM)? Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. 2. For example, use a resolution of, For more information about the resolution parameter as used in metric queries, see, The only valid value of the resolution for an alarm query request is, For more information about the resolution parameter as used in alarm queries, see, To specify a non-default resolution that differs from the interval, see, For common policies that give groups access to metrics, see, Limits information for returned data includes the 100,000 data point maximum and, If you expect more than 60 messages per minute, specify. How must you deploy the application to ensure the highest level of availability and resilience? 1. 3. Which database edition would you use to launch a two-node Oracle RAC DB System? 2. A. Select an image dated after November 15, 2018 (except Ubuntu, which must be dated after February 28, 2019). What should you use to achieve this? 4.Backups, Which storage option is NOT availagle in OCI? This access Create partitions based on expected load. 4. Dedicated Infrastructure, Which fully managed database would you use to achieve a single-digit millisecond latency with high performance workloads? A. OCI private region 2. For Notifications, messages are sent to subscriptions in the configured topic. A single fault domain can be associated with multiple availability domains within a region. Traffic routing rules govern all intermicroservice network traffic and calls between microservices within the mesh. B. In fact, the container runtime space has been rapidly . Which virtual cloud network (VCN) component enables both inbound and outbound traffic between a VCN and the internet? Review the instance's IP address. Which TWO statements are valid regarding VCN peering between two VCNs? Which OSI layer traffic is supported by the OCI Network Load balancer? 3. The first OCI service Monitoring service receives these metrics as data points or timestamp-value pairs with dimensions and metadata. An availability domain is a logical data center. When you query metrics and view metric charts, the returned data is subject to certain limits. Fault domains are logical data centers with availability domains. Which of these is customer's responsibilities in the shared responsibilities model for security? This button displays the currently selected search type. 4. Bare Metal Infrastructure (Correct), Compartments can be used to logically separate OCI resources. The Alarms feature of the Monitoring service works with the configured destination service to notify you when metrics meet alarm-specified triggers. 4. For information about how to secure Monitoring, including The following example shows an alarm message sent when the alarm destination is a stream (Streaming service). This topic describes how to enable monitoring, specifically for the compute instance metrics, on compute instances. 2. 4. 1. Many of the accountants I work with do so from a range of different locations. 1. Availability Domain, Which Pricing model is supported by OCI? OCI Services Oracle Cloud has a broad platform of cloud services to support a wide range of applications in a scalable environment. 1. Bare Metal Logging Analytics Data Science 2. When you expect a high volume of alarm notifications, follow these best practices to help prevent exceeding alarm message limits and associated delays. Resources within one compartment cannot interact with resources in other compartments. The previous illustration depicts the flow, starting with resources emitting metric data points to Monitoring. Use the GetInstance operation (or ListInstances operation, for multiple instances). For Notifications, messages are sent to subscriptions in . and API. 3. 4. 1. For exposing multiple hostnames, the ingress gateway allows wildcard hostnames in the prefix form, which is useful when exposing several domains. For example, if you select one hour for the time range, then all interval values are supported. Understand the best practices, Autonomous, Which types of traffic is charged under the data transfer cost? Control Plane For example, use a resolution of 1m to retrieve aggregations every minute. Which OCI service allows you to run code without provisioning any underlying infrastructure resources (such as virtual machines)? Which TWO are valid targets for setting OCI budgets? Secure software development. An old streetcar rounds a flat corner of radius 9.1 m, at 16 km/h. Data Science Logging, Which OCI service will send you an alert for high CPU usage? Virtual Machine Your IT team has created a web-based marketing site that needs to be protected against internet threats including Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) and SQL Injection. It is a local file system for a compute instance. Which type of data transfer incur costs within OCI? 1. Same information as in timestampEpochMillis. Yearly Flex, Which OCI service should you use to run Apache Spark applications? Each Availability Domain has a single Fault Domain. 2. 2.Encryption Wallet Which Observability and Management service would you use to monitor them? 2. Application Plane. For supported subscription protocols and message types, see Friendly Formatting). 1. Editor's note: this post is part of a series of in-depth articles on what's new in Kubernetes 1.5 At the lowest layers of a Kubernetes node is the software that, among other things, starts and stops containers. B. Adding additional compute instances. Data Science Which OCI service should you use to achieve this? Service gateways or public IP addresses: The compute instance must have either a public IP address or a service gateway to be able to send compute instance metrics to the Monitoring service. Nice to Have Skills/Qualifications For more information, see the Overview of Monitoring. Resource OCID (Correct)*Budgets 3. 3. Pre-Authenticated Requests Database Enterprise Edition Both requests apply the statistic max to the data within each five-minute window (from the interval), resulting in a single aggregated data point representing the highest CPUutilization counter for that window. 1. For supported subscription protocols and message types, see Friendly Formatting). Autonomous Database. Administrators:For common policies that give groups access to metrics, see Metric Access for Groups. Manageability Data Catalog. C. Events This resolution changes the regularity at which the aggregation windows shift, or the start times of successive aggregation windows. Analytics 2. Bastion Database Enterprise Edition High Performance See Metric Access for Resources. 3. Data Integration Security Lists 3. 1. Personnel security It organizes files in a hierarchy of named directories. (Correct). 4. 1. Regions It is only supported for Linux instances. The Monitoring service uses metrics to watch resources and alarms to notify you when these metrics meet alarm-specified triggers. This button displays the currently selected search type. D. A single registry can contain both private Docker repositories. File Storage For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting Monitoring. Which statement is true about a Vitual Cloud Network (VCN)? 1. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new blog post, "AWS DMS key troubleshooting metrics and performance enhancers"! (Correct), Availability Domain and Fault Domain locations, Public or private visibility of the Compute instance, Automate Provisioning of OCI resources Tenancy ID. Defined as a number of nines for a week and a percentage credit. You want to use an orchestration service that can reduce time and cost to build modern cloud native applications. Which statement is true about a Web Application Firewall (WAF)? CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) is a notation for describing blocks of IP addresses and is used heavily in various networking configurations. Archive Storage OCI Region 4. The resource that was emitting the metric might have been moved or terminated. 4. Storage, and Autonomous Database, as well as US$300 in free credits to try additional (Correct), Answer :*OCI Autonomous Transaction Processing Compartments are restricted to a single region. 4. If you are running Grafana on a machine instance in Oracle Cloud, use the Instance Principal with a configured Dynamic Group and policy to . alarm. By default, the proxy writes logs to the standard output of sidecar containers. Which capability enables you search, purchase, and start using software in your OCI tenancy? Ans: OCI Registry 3. (Correct) Each fault domain has three availability domains. Access policies define how microservices can communicate with one another declaratively, without affecting the underlying programming logic. What kinds of workloads can I run on OCI. Dedicated Virtual Machine Host, You have a web application that receives 10X more traffic on the weekends than weekdays. Monthly Flex, You have developed an application for your company and you want to deploy it in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For more information about how to enable and run plugins, see Oracle Cloud Agent. Data sent to new or existing metrics using, Key performance indicators (KPIs), such as sales and engagement quantifiers. For attribute descriptions, see Alarm Reference. For a list of available SDKs, see Software Development Kits and Command Line Interface. You have developed an application for your company and you want to deploy it in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You store multiple versions of objects in a bucket, but your IT team has asked you to delete any previous object 120 days after the object version transitions from the latest version to a previous version.