Could you do a post on FLOOR tile/grout. Just paint the grout with grout colorant. I love the charcoal. Id probably go with the Delorean gray if its a good medium-dark. Please, please can we see the gray? Every time we pick grout in our office, all the designers weigh in grout is 10000 times harder to pick than tile!!! I think bright colored grout canRead more . Heres how to keep them that way, Avoid going too traditional and too clean by introducing an off-white palette that brings a touch of warmth and elegance, White lacquer and wider doorways help create an airer backdrop for colorful contemporary art in a 1910 Arts and Crafts home, With the right colors and materials, you can have a bright kitchen without going to the white side, Watch and read how a design-build couple knocked down walls and added fresh style to create a light and airy great room, If you live in a warm climate, you can still celebrate the holiday with dazzling decor. Shot in the dark but where did you purchase that blue and white container that holds your wooden spoons in the first picture? QUESTION: We have what is supposed to be off-white grout on matte marble subway tiles in our kitchen. There have been so many threads on here where people are upset because the grout colour has been completely different from what they were expecting. I think you need the contrast. I feel sick to my stomach over it. It really makes the tiles look great!! Delorean grey it will expand your wall paint options, versus the black that will limit. Not a different combo than what you show, but I LOVE the black tile bathroom that Jenny finished in the cabin project she worked on: The white is pretty, but very pedestrian. get it at home depot or amazon. Definitely charcoal but the grey could be the compromise. #teamcharcoal!! Lol. The snow white is your best choice, something you wont tire of in years to come. Good luck. The existing bathroom in our current house went with cream/beige square tiles and chocolate (poop!) Also, I am not only curious about where your responding readers live but also if there seems to be a color preference in certain age groups. Charcoal- easier to not show dirt and adds a pop but that said will the colour stand up to time and wear n tear of the cleaning one has with a backsplash- I would look at reviews and seal the grout . Because it will. My friend thinks the black looks much better. I like that. However, if you want to go with a safer choice, I would go with the Delorean Grey. I just did grey subway tiles and went with charcoal. It was done in 2013 and my only issue is that I didnt carry the tile over on to the other walls. FWIW the whitest white grout is Avalanche by Mapei. (A quick online search revealed that this can happen with dark colored grouts, and is a problem for professional installers, as well.) Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month. In my bathroom I chose marble penny hex tile. Prism Snow White in the right column has the most pronounced beige tint on the board. I suspect its only super mod poppy places that arent my home at all though. Ask your former handyman. There are even grout stains so you can change the color if you change your mind. I just used Delorean grey and loved it. I was told it would dry down lighter still waiting. Charcoal! Windowless Bathroom Grouted shower walls - daltile arctic white subways, bright white grout. (There were so many complications with this contractor I was afraid to ask them to re-grout for fear more problems would occur). some of the greys look pale on the chip, but in real life are quite dark. As you can see, white with white looks great here, and gives the kitchen a clean and simple look. Does anyone know a good epoxy white that is more like the sherwin williams completely white no color paint. I think that should be fine. Next up was Snow White. Maybe like a craftsman. She used it in the coolest modern way possible in this bathroom below. If your tiles are not exactly straight or the spaces not even, then using a darker grout will make them stand out like a sore thumb. Heres another take on this issue. My countertop is white with grey veining, so the grey grout would have looked really great. Delorean grey I am doing an entire room off my kitchen in white 3 by 6 subway with gray grout. Keep it light. I like the charcoal one. Emily! Here is a male opinion. You are much better at painting than I am but you encourage me to take on those tired, ugly spaces! I forgot to mention, it is a pain while doing it because its so dark so cleanup was not fun but I do love how it looks. Impossible to keep it like it starts out. White Tile with White Grout: The ever-popular combo that may seem boring when we type it out, but in reality is classic, timeless and gives any room a clean updated look. Its yellowed and stained over the years. Pale woods, black accents and an abundance of white shine in this Australian-Swedish familys renovated row house, Sure, white kitchens are beautiful when theyre sparkling clean. Go with the grey. The white does nothing to define the tiles. I chose charcoal. Be sure to seal the countertops before grouting the walls as the grouting process can stain the marble. Also, is the dark grout going to be effected by cleaning products? Ultra Colour Plus Rapid Setting Grout is my only white white grout recommendation and has been that way for five plus years. Thank you for this post, very useful . Yesterday was grouting day for my light green glass backsplash tile. Arctic white isn't as stark as bright white but still draws plenty of attention. The color wasnt as uniform as youd expect and I found those shade inconsistencies annoying and it just looked kind of dirty. agree about mixing the two different materials. I do love the slight contrast, but would have been happy with white/white too. March 5, 2020 at 8:38 am. #44 - Bright White #45 - Raven #46 - Quarry Red #52 - Toasted Almond #53 - Twilight Blue #56 - Desert Khaki #57 - Hot Cocoa #58 - Terra Cotta #59 - Espresso #60 - Dusty Grey The link to the photo source is below the photo. Ultracolor Plus Max High-Performance, Rapid-Setting Grout with Maximized Color Depth and Color Consistency I HATE the grouts colors we just used in our $30k++++ bath renonvations. Tile is hard to choose, grout should be easy. Ill plump for light and bright every time. Thank you for encouraging all of us with your projects! Id go grey or charcoal. The grey blends seamlessly. DEFINITELY Grey or Charcoal. Lets break it down and show you some examples of what different grouts do for different tiles so you understand what I am talking about: White Tile with White Grout: The ever-popular combo that may seem boring when we type it out, but in reality is classic, timeless and gives any room a clean updated look. would have loved to see more pictures of white tile with off-white grout or varying shades of gray grout, for those of us who dont want pure white but dont like the black look either. If it is, it is a true pale grey. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It will play off the kitchen hardware as well. Keep your kitchen current and classic, I say! Keracolor Sanded 25-lb White #5000 Sanded Grout. Timeless bright white subway wall tile Ceramic tile for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and shower walls Pair it with coordinating white mosaic and wall tile View More Details Color/Finish: Bright White Approximate Tile Size: 3x6 3x6 Pack Size: case Need a closer look? It works best when your marble has warm gray in it too. Ooh, please post this when you are done. Sorry! Not white, not light gray. You would have to be a really big splatterer to stain grout on the wallsright? I know I am in the minority but I hate the charcoal. The white is just too much white. From a distance it doesnt even look any different than having no grout. I was looking at Fusion pro bright white.. which I also read there are sanded and non sanded grouts but can't find a non sanded fusion pro. All of these are Custom building grout colors. Charcoal grout. Definitely the charcoal, the contrast will work well with your counters and cabinet hardware. The white and off-white are definitely out, but the charcoal is a bit much for me. It might look great! Our bathroom has white grout on the floor, and I regularly (every few months) have to use a white grout pen to paint it or it looks so gross and dirty. A charcoal gray would look too harsh with white subway tile. If you are afraid to commit to gray or black grout, you can grout it white and stain later to a darker color. The flexibility of grout color for white subway tile backsplash is pretty exquisite and if you crave a lighter space, white grout is a great starting point. Snow white is my vote. Good luck! Why use same color for both? AGREED, Tanya. I would use the white. The answer to me is REALLY easy. But after a very short time I realized it read very YELLOW and dingy, especially as its gotten dirty. I really enjoy reading your blog every day, Thanks for your tireless efforts! Theres a dove grout that is really popular. You dont want to be scrubbing grout with a toothbrush trying to get it clean. The grey would work as well. Delorean grey- safe, still neutral, clean, and goes with just about any paint colors. I like the contrast with your drawer handles and knobs. The charcoal. Thank you SO MUCH for this post, especially the comparisons with different colors of tile and different colors of grout. It sounds amazing. Since the HH is afraid of Charcoal- go with the grey. Its effectively like strobe lights to my brain. I always suggest doing a mock up board if you are unsure of grout colours. Grey just adds another color and white is lovely for a bathroom. there is only one picture of gray grout that might, in fact, be a cream or dark white. No brainer Charcoal. Very best wishes to you on your new kitchen! Which to be honest I am usually not a fan of unless it is done very well (like this version) and the rest of the space stays pretty neutral. If you are thinking of white grout with the dove gray, I would take that off the table. disagree on the white grout. White subway tile {however you may feel about it} in a 1920s house is keeping with the original feel/style of the house. It looks too old and not in a good way. I like the charcoal with your counter tops, but if you are looking for something that may be more sell able to your next buyers, the white may be your best bet. Color Code: 0190. Its easier to keep looking nice and goes great with all that new hardware you just installed. Have you seen/liked gray grout with white tile? And when I say flipped out I mean nearly had a heart attack. Great compromise between the other two options. I sympathize with him. I have the DeLorean gray in my house and it works great. I havent cleaned my white grout in my white subway tile in the 4 1/2 years Ive had this house and it never looks dirty. Our sites use cookies to improve your experience. This is a light gray that's on the warm side. Its easiest if grout matches your backsplash tile. It also seals it so you wont have to worry about the toothbrush again. Its a dark sage-y brown. Anythning other then white looks dirty to me. Unlike most design posts on the internet, this is truly useful, incredibly useful actually. How To Select The Best Grout Color Fusion Pro #9 Natural Gray #10 Antique White #11 Snow White #19 Pewter #52 Tobacco Brown #59 Saddle Brown #60 Charcoal #95 Sable Brown The realtor convinced us to leave it and the home did sell within a few days on the market (near Seattle) but I would shy away from ever attempting it again. The charcoal would also enhance the countertop and hardware colors. Kitchen floor is black penny tiles with black grout which looks super cool and Ive been happy with but again its a lot of grout to clean for a kitchen floor. I with your HH no, no , and no on the charcoal. Not sure I like the Fushion grout much either. See our color card for truest color representation. Might be something to think about for my fellow white grout lovers! The grout in the photos, above and below, look slightly darker more like a really light gray which is a good idea if you dont think you can handle it when your white grout gets dirty. The charcoal looks like filthy grout. The sizes 2" x 8.5", 4.25"x4.25"; 3"x6"; 6"x6"; 4.25" x 8.25" have Spacers. grey;it is less sensitive to dirt but does not have as much a contrast to the white tile. My tip is to use the same grout colour as they used in the showroom where you fell in love with the tile. Love your blog Emily! I know its probably too late for that but these are the grout curiosities I have myself . Yes! The charcoal looks nice but maybe if your thinking resale gray would be best. MAPEI. Snow White, for resale value. Our realtor recommended the dark grout as the popular option for the type of buyer (age and demographic) we were looking to market to, but I personally could not have lived in the house with it. Theres always stain, but its not always possible to clean it perfectly. Charcoal goes with the counter top, and then sets off all the white from the tile. After three years, it still looks clean no stains, yellowing, graying, etc. You love the charcoal and he loves the white. I am very happy with everything. No, the backsplash probably wouldn't keep someone from buying the house, but it might get you a lower offer. Delorean grayit looks like itll pick up gray tones from your countertop. This is great info which well use for our kitchen renovation. Is there an online app you could use with a wide shot of your kitchen to play with the grout colors to see what each looks like in the larger picture? Either grey. The guy who laid our additions tile was fussing about us not going with white. charcoal or gray with those counter tops. Uniform consistent color with no efflorescence - Bright White Lightweight for superior handling Fast setting, cures quickly, walkable in four hours View More Details South Loop Store 5 in stock Aisle 37, Bay 009 Text to Me Color: Bright White Bright White Need a closer look? Great post on an often overlooked design decision. I still can't get used to the fact that they close by themselves with a push from youeven heavy pot drawers. I am absolutely paranoid about it discolouring and it is starting to discolour behind the kitchen sink. It is a little busy though. I would go with the Delorean grey. Thanks for the blogI agree that Custom Sisal Rugs is a practical and elegant flooring solution. I personally cant imagine anyone not buying a house just because of a disagreeable grout color- unless it looked extremely tacky. Ive had white grout. I am far from a interior decorator but I would go with the white. Dal's arctic white has a smidge of gray in it. I have white subway tile as my kitchen backsplash the grout is not brilliant white but still in the white family. We had that happen and were able to apply a colored sealer that made all the grout lines the same color. Striking and so lovely. I have so many opinions on grout, please allow me to share. And its important to think about what you want and to tell your contractor because otherwise they dont ask and just make the choice for you. And truly, in a nutshell, I need MORE room for my wool. Good luck to you sorry that happened. the white, and off white- wont last long.keeping grout clean so it is true to its color just wont happen, no matter how hard you try. Uniform consistent color with no efflorescence - Arctic White Lightweight for superior handling Fast setting, cures quickly, walkable in four hours View More Details South Loop Store 4 in stock Aisle 37, Bay 009 Text to Me Color: Arctic White Arctic White Need a closer look? Delorean gray or Charcoal. Remember the big crocodile tears over your trees?! I have white grout in both my bathrooms (built in 1978 and this is the original grout) and it looks pristine and clean. True black grout can be problematic for staining the tiles too, so thats something to keep in mind if you tiles have any indentations or texture that the grout can sit in. In kitchens, I always imagine everything white eventually looking so, so dirty. I highly recommend because the gray resists staining better than white, but its not as jarring as the black grout against the white tile. that is what its for. I have it, love it, would do it again in a heartbeat. I hope you have a fan. But a light color is a great option for those of you with smaller kitchens or bathrooms as it will make them appear visually larger, even if they arent. We have unusually dark brown limestone floors and dark wood work (1930s house) and wanted to keep things warm. Also if the HH HATES the charcoal and hell be doing all the cooking, it might be diplomatic to let him veto that colour inse hell spend the most time in the kitchen. And frankly, if you were going to do white on white, may as well of just painted the whole wall white. So, what is your favorite combo? Should we do a little more contrast with Platinum? Thanks. Try grey today and I think youll both be pleased! Mount Carmel, IL. . I can't wait to see your pictures!!! I dont care for the white or the charcoal. our house is white and grey so the white/cream grout does not work. A tone-on-tone job is much more forgiving, and something a lot of people can DIY. We nearly got divorced over the cabinet color. I think the charcoal accents the white cabinets also. Charcoal is a bit to close to black, but fine as nd classic. We were shocked at first too, but then we realized that grout is not something most people spend time thinking about until they are about to renovate their beautiful new kitchen or bathroom with their beautiful new tile. Snow white. I really love the way it looks and has held up (Being ready-mixed it was easy to use, too.) Order a sample for $23.07 Order Sample Delivering to: 60607 | Store Pickup Im terrified of making a wrong decision because Im never doing this again! It seems like the gray is a good compromise! #fairisle #sco, Good morning from Fair Isle! The floor tiles were Heath Olive #3, so the floors looked more monochromatic. Thanks! My top choice would be grey, then charcoal, then the off white. Charcoalwe are about to do the same in our tub surround, I agree. I could send a picture if you wanted to see it. As you said this is not an all inclusive blog, so unless you are going for a specific design look using grout my suggestion is match the grout to the color of the tile ( by squinting your eyes til the grout disappears sitting next to the tile, also works trying to match paint color to an other material or existing paint you dont want to change). We love it! I think I would prefer the grey. My male friend is 67 and chose charcoal, too. Beautiful!!. Nope. Im sure you picked a grout color already , I used Dorelean gray on white subway tile in kitchen 4 years ago and it looks great perfect contrast and looks brand new still no stains, Your email address will not be published. Island cabinet/counter- white granite with navy cabinet Now there are endless colorseven metallic and glitter are available. There are three conversations surrounding grout and they center on color, spacing, and visual impact. Ive never done it and Im scared to do it, but its something to think about especially after seeing this beaut. That REALLY bothers me every time I go there and have to use that bathroom. I vote for charcoal color. Learn how your comment data is processed. My carpenter who installed them said they were well constructed. I realize you have white tiles, but here's what I did. Definitely Charcoal! look at me! as the charcoal. Someone mentioned chatting with a realtor great idea! I vote for the charcoal. I like the charcoal, but would love to see the delorean grey. I was thinking that gray grout looked like NYC subways, black grout like the London Underground and white grout like the Paris Metro, but a quick look at photos shows examples of all three colors of grout in all three cities. As long as its good enough and you dont have broken tile on the walls, it should be fine. 100% charcoalnot only does it make the tile pop, but is a way cleaner look long term. This has been the go-to tile for DIY home renovations (and Starbucks locations) for quite some time and for a good reason. The charcoal would be my second choice if your husband wont do grey. I think you have enough black with your dark counter, cabinet hardware, and ceiling fixtures. At least try the grayotherwise you may pass up the perfect compromise! The bathroom below is another prime example of that. Ick! I try and feed my family with $100 a month. Im on the light/bright//off white side of this fence. It is a mess when you are applying it and you think you are never going to get it cleaned off the tile but it looks great when done. Thank you! At least for me, it gives the look more character because of the contrasting color (against the white). Every little dab that isnt smooth or perfect is obvious. Plus as a backsplash youll stain the white grout unless you seal it if something like tomato sauce splashes. It gets dirty easily. It looks better than the other two to me. So, this was helpful to me. You are you, and if you and DH can come to some agreement, go for itits your home and you both need to be reasonably happy with it. Happy to DM you a picture on IG. I love the charcoal, but for resale purposes, make the HH do a sample of the DeLorean Gray and see what he thinks. Would have to see the grey but you need more contrast than the two whites. Add some fun color elsewhere in your kitchen to add interest and brighten the space. Used bright white grout. Indem Sie auf Annehmen klicken, stimmen Sie dem zu. It is classic, very affordable, and is something that will never go out of style. I used a blend of Silver Gray and Natural Gray on my floors, with Silver Gray on the bathroom walls. I chose all wood with fully extend and soft closure. I would go with the grey. It has epoxy in the grout mixture which keeps the grout from soaking in the dirt etc, making much easier to clean. I have a large white glass tile and the only bright white I can find has a bit of cream in it. I get that. So my question is: what is cost/process to re-grout, and what labor is involved? The charcoal is striking in my opinion and much more there. I did charcoal grout on the white weave-pattern floor, and Snow White on the green subway tile. Although, I would guess that either of the whites would look cleaner. The whites do not add any depth and dont tie the white subway tile in with the cabinets or counters the way the charcoal does. But it would be tough to paint over that charcoal! My tile wasnt white, it was green but I plan on using it with white tile in the shower which is my next project. {Remember, we bought this house because our last house sold unexpectedly and it was a better option than renting given that we only had 3 weeks to find a house. And I am going to use the same combo in my bathroom remodel. I dont know that white on white or gray on gray would ever be something youd tire of. (The ones for painting on existing grout.) A good one will give you a straight answer. I also think if you use 2 different tiles on walls and floors, using the same grout color on both is a good way to tie the 2 tiles together for a more harmonious room. Love this post and love all the comments I moved into a house that I thought had grey grout kitchen tiles but haha, if I scrub enough it comes up white. They have different cabinet and drawer construction. I cant give you specifics, because your grout color is dependent almost completely on your tile and your kitchen or bath design. We tried bright white {which let me tell you is the OPPOSITE of CHARCOAL on the grout spectrum}. (I see these are older posts), I just made this very decision with my new (vintage-style) bathroom. Does anyone have a super light gray or bone colored grout with white tiles? White will show stains. Do not decorate for the next owner. It will tie in the countertops with the backsplash and is softer than the charcoal. Keep doing them! I kept thinking how beautiful it would be with blue grout. YES! White grout seems to be popular among my moms generation. The bright white is too bright but the snow white is very neutral. Well worth doing it works. I have a light gray grout on my floors in my new bathroom with white glossy tiles and it looks great, I love it!! No doubt, 100% the charcoal. The end result might be a very busy versus restful kitchen, similar to the photo in the link. GO CHARCOAL !! Ha! Charcoal, too harsh Ultra Colour Plus Rapid Setting Grout is my only white white grout recommendation and has been that way for five plus years. Charcoal is fine I dont love or hate it and I doubt it would be a deal breaker to the next buyer. Surprisingly, I love that black on black tile and grout in that bathroom. A bright white would be the better bet or I do really like the platinum, However I also like the rolling fog and the Cape Gray, Bright white or Silver shadow grout (epoxy laticrete). Especially with grout used with colorful ceramic floor tiles or colored tiles, not just black and white tiles. But I dont know how the gray looks. putting white grout w/carrara marble looks off. Delorean grey. There is definitely so much more we would love to know! Arctic White Rectangle. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. White is hard to keep clean and looks washed out. Something that translates much easier to all decor styles, not just 1920s style. If your plans are to be there a while, long enough to enjoy your choices, definitely charcoal! You have what sounds like a lovely and cohesive color scheme and a light to medium grey would look splendid. Really like the contrast of the charcoal with white tiles. If you cant find the exact match, slighty darker will look more sophisticated than slightly lighter. Your husband obviously had a very *strong* reaction to the idea of using charcoal grout. Conclusion lighter grout makes the room feel bigger. Delorean grey! My husband got one of these products in white to go over our white grout (with white tile) in our shower. 384. As everyone who has lived with old floor tile knows, when grout ages it will end up a dull dirt color, so if you can be content with something close to that from the start on your floors, you will save yourself some grief. And the white is isnt kind of blah. I always lean to white on white but I can see the sense in a grey and the less stained appearance that will result. Big regret! My friend did that, with classic white subway tiles, and it looks fab! Jane. And second the question re: floor + wall- why go different? If you splash something on the whites (spaghetti sauce), itll be really hard to get white again and itll drive you crazy. I went with a light grey. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. For an off white grout like for my Marmi tile install I prefer Laticrete's Perm A Colour grout. That is the exact picture that I found that made me not like the charcoal way too busy. The charcoal looks great with the countertops. These affiliate links help support this site. The Charcoal is too dark but I think dialing charcoal back a shade or two would be great. That is beautiful subway tile, show it off! It has held up really well on our kitchen backsplash. If brown is your jam then go ahead with the brown grout. If you arent one that is bothered by things being not perfect then the charcoal would give you the good contrast. But honestly, charcoal ties all your dark accents together. Great information, Emily! It will be a nightmare to maintain. The charcoal looked very dark until you showed the sample behind the sinkI think it sets off everything nicely. One thing that should be mentioned is that you can mix sealer into the grout when the tile is being grouted so it is more stain resistant. I vote for the charcoal. So this isnt the last stop.}. Every little imperfection stands out. Ugh. But it looks off white and on the yellow hue against bright white tile. 6.8 lb (3.1 kg). More modern. non shrink grout delorean gray grout tile grout unsanded grout fusion pro grout gray grout Explore More on Electrical IDEAL Blue Electrical Wi-Fi Dome Security Cameras General Purpose 3 ft General Purpose Cords 1 GHz Ethernet Cables Shop Rotary Black Dimmers Furniture Other Task Chairs Shop Noble House Cross Back Dining Room Sets It also helps the shape of the tile stand out more, which I like. You all are killing it this week with posts on topics Im already considering. The charcoal is too dark and looks institutional. He thought it would be hard to clean the white or any of the light colors. We are in the finishing stages of our kitchen remodel and are trying to decide on grout for our white subway tiles. Color: White #5000. Request LATICRETE grout color samples & tools to ensure your color is the perfect match for any upcoming project. The white grout REALLY makes it look like those cheap, stick-on plastic tiles. Im team snow white. I have white grout with cornflower blue tile in my bathroom. Charcoal is the traditional choice and also because somebody, at sometime is going to splash tomato sauce/wine/grease on the backsplash. Thickness: . Deloreon grey ! Custom Arctic White has a subtle grey tint and appears to be the coolest white grout of all under LED lighting commonly found in bathrooms and under-cabinet lighting in kitchens. Ive been watching home improvement shows and you can see every imperfection in the grout lines with such a contrast. Im glad you published this. So I periodically have to PAINT our grout (yes, its a thing, and it works, but its probably the most tedious task ever) to make it look white again.