As a White Mage, it would be a good idea to equip Yuna with something like the Seething Cauldron Garment Grid (which grants a bonus to Magic). Get the band together and speak to the Hypello. In the main menu, under Abilities, you can choose the ability your characters learn. Some equip auto-abilities. [PS2 original version] Acquiring "The End" Garment Grid and using "Finale". There are numerous Garment Grids scattered around the game, each one possessing a different path. Med Bitter Farewell Garment Grid udstyret eller Mortal Shock-tilbehret vil du tilfje en Instant Death-effekt til hvert fysisk angreb. If you don't, you end up smashing into a wall over and over. Use this method to quickly max your Dresspheres and learn troublesome abilities (like Mascot's Ribbon) with relative ease. Attain the best finish at the Wild Cocobo chase. re: Rare Garment Grids. Garment Grids are then equipped by a character. Sometimes it's better to use certain Garment Grids whilst equipping a certain dressphere. Finally, we will quickly mention the character's special dresspheres, which weren't actually mentioned in the FFX-2 Suggested Dresspheres article. Cuts the time to cast Black Magic by 50%. Cuts the time required for Ghiki to attack by 30%. Cuts the time to cast White Magic by 30%. Rescue all people in the Cavern of the stole Fayth. A Garment Grid can also endow the user with specific abilities depending on where they are situated on the grid. The creatures you raise can equip Garment Grids and also obtain a number of Auto-Abilities as a result. Remove ads and unlock special features, Strength +10, Magic +10, Defense +10, Magic Defense +10, Cuts the wait time for Black Magic by 30%, Removes half of the targets current HP (25% under Protect), Cuts the wait down by 30% on Instinct skills, Applies Haste, Protect, Shell, and Berserk to the party, 10 Strength-based magical attacks to the enemy party, Deals damage equal to that of Attack, plus the number of enemies youve killed, Damages the targets HP and MP, using that damage to heal those of the user, Your attacks will usually put the target to Sleep, Physically damages and Poisons the target, You absorb all Gravity-based fractional damage, Physically attacks the target and lowers their Magic Defense by one level (-1/12), Fully restores the targets HP (up to 9,999 without Break Damage Limit), The wielder is healed by all Fire-elemental damage, The target is revived from KO with 25% HP, You often get the first attack and avoid ambushes, Applies Haste (Agility x2) and Evasion +10 levels (Evasion +5/6) to the user, The wielder absorbs all Ice-elemental damage, Revives the target from KO with full HP (up to 9,999 without Break Damage Limit), Physically damages the target and nulls their stat buffs/debuffs, Extreme non-elemental magic damage to all enemies, The wielder is healed by Water-elemental attacks, You are unlikely to be ambushed, and often get the first attack, Physically damages and heavily Delays the target, Physically damages the enemy and cancels their charged-up attack (if any), The target is automatically revived from KO with 1/4 HP, Cures 1/4 of your max HP and Darkness, Poison, Silence, Slow, Curse, and Pointless, You are not vulnerable at all to Sleep or Poison, Imbues Shell, halving your magical damage intake, Imbues Reflect, bounces magic that hits you to the other party (allies to enemies to allies), Physically damages the target and lowers their Magic by one level (-1/12), Boosts your Strength by 2 levels (+1/6) and Accuracy by 10 (+5/6), Doubles your max HP (up to 9,999 without Break HP Limit, and 99,999 with), Your physical attacks are Fire-, Ice-, Lightning-, and Water-elemental, Your damage output can exceed 9,999, up to 99,999, The wielder is healed by Lightning-elemental attacks, You win double the normal items from battles, Attacks the target and also attempts to Steal an item, Physically damages the target and removes Protect, Shell, and Reflect, Recovers 5/8 of the partys HP and heals all ailments but KO/Doom, Physically damages the target and lowers their Defense by one level (-1/12), High Holy-elemental damage to a single target, Heal HP & MP whilst walking around in the field. Character Stats. Cuts the time required for Flurry to attack by 30%. Slowly regenerates HP while walking on the field. The Heart of Flame Garment Grid is depicted in the trophy's icon. Triples the amount of AP earned after battle. - Accessories. You can also press or to cycle through that characters obtained spheres. If you fail on the reel, you can cause serious damage to yourself. Recently, I found myself in a situation where I wanted to get a lot of money to pay off Oaka and had to grind the Lady Luck dressphere to unlock a hack that generates huge amounts of money. Final Fantasy X was Tidus's story; X-2 is Yuna's. The world of Spira may have changed, but we are with you every step of the way! Onstage, Leblanc looks identical to Yuna and even spherechanges from Yuna's summoner appearance to her Songstress dressphere. Battle Stats. Menu Seen al . Allows user to target party members with Scan. Colored gates between nodes are activated by passing through them. In FFX-2, grinding or farming ability points (AP) is an inevitability. Final Fantasy X-2/Garment Grids Discussion Read From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki < Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy X-2 | Table of Contents | Gameplay | Walkthrough | Characters | Enemies | Dresspheres | Items and shops | Minigames Go to top Accessories | Garment Grids | Minigames This is good in some cases but against an enemy that specialises in that element, your physical attacks will be useless, and even give the enemy Health Points. Gates come in four colors: yellow ( ), blue ( ), red ( ), and green ( ). Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). Each Garment Grid can be customised by placing Dresspheres in empty nodes. During this time, the real Yuna was forced to wear a moogle costume while undercover, and changes into her Gunner dressphere via spherechange, using similar magical effects shown in battle. The HD Remaster version on Playstation 3 and 4 features new dresspheres and mini-games. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The "Treasure Hunt" Garment Grid may refer to Locke Cole, the thief from Final Fantasy VI who would call himself a treasure hunter. There are grids that, although saved onto the game, can only be obtained through hacking: "Bum Rush" is a homage to Sabin's ultimate Blitz in Final Fantasy VI. Performing a spherechange on some Garment Grids during battle will allow a specific skill to a character for that battle. Causes all physical attacks of the user to deal critical damage. The strategy below is particularly valuable for grinding AP for dressheres where no special dressphere ability is instantaneous. You can have Yuna start off on one location of the grid and Paine on another location, but the jobs that are available to them are the same if they are on the same grid. Cuts the time required for Fiend Hunter by 40%. Allows the user to rotate targets when casting Scan. Garment Grid does not matter in this battle if your HP is higher than 4,581 for each Dark Knight. Improves the odds of enemies dropping items. Allows for the damage cap to exceed 9,999, to a maximum of 99,999. Linking all nodes activates a character's Special Dressphere if they have one. Gives high priority to the character at the start of battle, regardless of ambush rates. Causes spells cast by the user to ignore the. A Garment Grid harnesses the power of the dresspheres, and are collectable throughout the game. Garment Grids allow you to switch between jobs. Certain abilities come into effect by activating specific gates, but they are never required to be activated in a specific order. Increases chance of party getting First Strike. Yuna is called on once again to protect the world she loves. Complete the O'aka mission in Makalania woods. For example: So, for instance, a character can master the Warrior, Samurai or Black Mage abilities, switch to another dressphere, and still be able to use the moves from their mastered dressphere. There are numerous Garment Grids scattered around the game, each one possessing a different path. Allows the user to cast, and only cast, any Black Magic spell learned, cuts the time to cast Black Magic by 50%, and negates double/triple AP effects. Question: Can you explain the uses of these special dressspheres in Final Fantasy X-2? Warrior: Even though Paine starts as a Warrior, put Yuna in Warrior mode instead (or as well). The fewer sections, the quicker youll be able to use the special dressphere. When youre in chapter 1 with your starter dresspheres, you would think it would go fast. Special dresspheres acquire AP and abilities just like any other dresspheres, but also require key items to completely master. In Luca following the meeting with Shelinda. *It's useful to know that if you're not attacking with physical attacks, it doesn't matter how many times you change dresspheres in battle. Each character can start off on a different position of a Garment Grid, but you cannot have different jobs on a Garment Grid for different characters. Doubles the effectiveness of recovery/attack items, as well as the AP, EXP, gil, and items earned after battle. You can get the ability in less than five minutes in a battle by using my AP grinding strategy. Unobtainable (all creatures are completely immune to Curse), Unobtainable (all creatures are completely immune to Itchy), Offers complete immunity to all negative statuses, and automatically puts the user in. Cuts the time to cast Black Magic by 40%. Final Fantasy X-2 (pronounced "ten-two") is a sequel to the tenth entry in the fist-bumpingly popular Final Fantasy series. I know what youre thinking why did learning Samba of Silence take forever. Hand over the Awesome sphere to the New Yeavon and complete the mushroom rock mission. sauce pizza and wine mac and cheese. And yet, using Trigger Happy with Yunas Gunner is allowing her to zip along. Items and actions only work if they have an effect. I don't know how to use the triple AP because the few battles I've used it didn't seem to triple AP one bit. Instead, you'll have to seek them out yourself. Yuna's special sphere is Floral Fallal. Equip Yuna as a White Mage, e.g., the healer. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! "Healing Wind" refers to Aeris's first Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII. Leveling up is for stats but AP is for abilities. In this section you will see a table listing abilities with their effects that are applied to the monsters. Covenant of Growth: Double Ap & EXP. Final Fantasy X-2's playable characters (from left to right), Rikku, Yuna and Paine. Cuts the time required for Kogoro to attack by half. In the International and HD Remaster versions, Garment Grids can also be equipped by creatures, each bestowing a special ability or bonus. International Last Mission Original Soundtrack. Final Fantasy X-2 uses a unique feature for character development and battle. AP in FFX-2 are points you need to acquire abilities for your dresspheres. Leveling up is for stats but AP is for abilities. For example, the songstress. For example: Other examples include equipping heavy attack dresspheres, such as the Warrior, Berserker, or Dark Knight, with a Grid that raises Strength, which would be the Strength of One. Garment Grids are used to harness the power of Dresspheres. If you're a Black Mage or a White Mage, Lightning Strike, Firestrike, Waterstrike and Icestrike won't mean anything, because you're not attacking the enemy with physical weapons. lisa left eye zodiac sign Search. Gunner dressphere forms for Yuna, Rikku, and Paine from Final Fantasy 10-2 Acquired: Chapter 1 Abilities: Gunplay, Trigger Happy The Gunner dressphere is one of the four dresspheres that you'll start the game with and is Yuna's default class. Allows a character to evade an attacking enemy, if possible, then physically counterattack. Garment Grids allow you to switch between jobs. All Romance Candidates in Harvestella and How to Marry Them (with pictures), Best JRPGs on Switch in 2022: 7 Best JRPGs to Play on Nintendo Switch, 9 Best JRPGs on Steam That Are Available at This Moment, Your move has no effect.