Aint gonna change my mind about how gosh darn good this music is. 8:25 pm. Somebody in front of all those people. July 30, 2018 @ Since the arrests, Jamey appears to have overhauled his backing band, which had been stable for many years prior. Mike Honcho 3:42 pm. There were a few at his show at the Shed in Maryville, TN. When asked by fans about the band, Jamey was reported to say they were going in a different direction and he wished the former members well in their new ventures. His first single, entitled "The Dollar", was released that year, followed by his Buddy Cannon-produced debut album (also entitled The Dollar) in March 2006. January 21, 2016 @ We could use guys that arent tough just because they put on a pair of aviators. Roadking Written by Randy Houser and Craig Monday, Lead Me Home is the final track from Johnsons 2006 album,The Dollar,and a song he frequently plays to close out his show. 6:32 am. Fans at the 2018 Crawfish Music Festival in Biloxi, Mississippi jumped in on the chorus, amping up the sound with their free-flowing and raucous backup vocals. January 21, 2016 @ 7:09 am. PAY ATTENTION: Click See First under the Following tab to see TUKO News on your News Feed, Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in Kenya, Linet Toto's Dowry: 7 Delectable Photos from MP's Negotiation Ceremony, Kenyans Share Hilarious Memes, Frustrations as KPLC Announces Nationwide Power Blackout, Xtian Dela's Mum Cries Bitterly As She Begs Son to Come Home, Says She's Not Seen Him in 4 Years, Couple Lose KSh 3.4m on Their Wedding After Guests Don't Show Up: "So Heartbroken", Who is Ashlee Casserly's husband? We all need to remember this is America and people are innocent until proven guilty. I personally hope for more music but hope he doesnt change. 12:54 pm. July 30, 2018 @ Dirt Road Derek Clear Apply. Bad. [4] The album drew the attention of Mercury Nashville Records, who signed him to a record deal in 2008. recently published an article about Jimmie Allen's wife. Contemporary Country Outlaw Country. BwareDWare94 By April 2009, That Lonesome Song was certified Gold by the RIAA. Weed is not the only controlled substance. That song he co-wrote along with hit songwriter Dallas Davidson and fellow country singer-songwriter Randy Houser, who later worked with Johnson again co-writing "My Cowboy" for country pop singer Jessie James for her self-titled debut album. Is Jamey Johnson still married? July 30, 2018 @ Whiskey_Pete Wesley Gray According to witnesses who spoke to Saving Country Music, two male individuals on the front row of the 100-year-old seated theater started causing a commotion as soon as the show started. Jamey Johnson (born July 14, 1975) is an American country music artist. For lack of a better illustration, it was like mom kicking kids out of the kitchen. According to witnesses who spoke to Saving Country Music, two male individuals on the front row of the 100-year-old seated theater started . I was there and it happened so fast that I couldnt believe it at first and was kicking myself for not getting video. Kim I was at the show in Springfield. Shitheads ruining a concert dont really deserve much but do they really deserve being called up on stage to be assaulted with a belt? They probley got paid to do all that. One of the premiere singer songwriters in country music, and one of traditional country musics greatest champions, Jamey has never been one to hold back when it comes to speaking his mind. JAMEY JOHNSON INVITED TO BECOME MEMBER OF THE GRAND OLE OPRY, GoFundMe Established for Cowboy Eddie Long & Family, JAMEY JOHNSON AND RANDY HOUSER RENEW THEIR 2021 SOLD-OUT TOUR BY LAUNCHING COUNTRY CADILLAC TOUR PART 2 SPECIAL ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE TOGETHER, Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser Launch Country Cadillac Tour Special Acoustic Performance Together. July 30, 2018 @ Its a lifestyle. More in 'Outlaws & Armadillos':, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (@countrymusichof) August 2, 2021. Margaret Kennedy January 22, 2016 @ Mike Honcho July 30, 2018 @ He attended Jacksonville State University for two years but dropped out to join the United . I think its an issue because he is supposedly the guy that came back from the brink and cleaned his life up. Singer Jamey Johnson performs in concert during Farm Aid 2021 at the Xfinity Theatre on September 25, 2021 in Hartford, Connecticut. July 30, 2018 @ A life-long musician and performer, this former Marine first made his name in Music City as a songwriter. Jamey Johnson - Artist Details. Please help us show Cowboy how much he is loved. You might be surprised to learn who all has recorded HIS songs. I do know he will miss playing for all of you jj fans reminds me of when John Denver used to kick the bejesus out of anyone who stepped outta line at his shows. None of them were caught doing anything that Jamey hasnt done. So please dont judge any of them until the judge rules on each of there cases. Your email address will not be published. By 2000, he had moved to Tennessee to pursue his career. Saving Country Music recently reported Johnson was given the option of disarming himself or going through a metal detector prior to entering the venue. Venue security should have tossed these morons but they didnt do Jamey did it for them. Net Worth, Salary & Earnings of Jamey Johnson in 2023. King Honky Of Crackershire 10:52 am, Dobe Daddy With such a small venue you can hear everything. It was a pretty fast-moving situation. Jamey Johnson 2023 tickets will be sold on Friday, April 22, 2022 at 10 AM. Seems likely he was aware of how the two assholes were heckling Kelsey Waldon, so he was in a sense defending her honor. Wayds departures was under similar circumstances without the arrests. 63guild 2012: Jamey Johnson - Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran (Mercury) 2012: Willie Nelson - Heroes (Sony Legacy) 2013: Kenny Chesney . Charles A. Shortman Just last month, Jamey made headlines for telling radio DJs to stay the f*ck off the stage. (See 21 U.S.C. Katherine Clark's rise through politics has looked effortless. We spent a lil bit of time with her, such a nice person. Barbara I recommend R. Stan Little. What ever happened with this? I was at that Tumbleweed show and it was pretty unnecessary. I wonder if it went in front of a judge yet? Well, getting arrested or otherwise waylaid in the Magnolia State is country music tradition. Happens at Jinks shows too. Thats almost more impossible to believe than the no video. Just because this is a country forum doesnt mean everyone here lives in a genre vacuum. Dirt Road Derek This album produced two singles, the top 10 hit "In Color" and "High Cost of Living". Thats why a lot of folks were pissed. Answering the call of his fans, he released The Lost Files: Exhibit A album on February 17. Enjoy. 113 Comments. See also my post above about the supposedly mild-mannered John Denver (see his autobiography for some accounts of his heavy drinking, drug-taking, and unfortunately domestic violence). Johnson met Buddy Cannon, a producer, and songwriter, who helped him get a songwriting contract. Awesome,. Maybe something to do with taking the dirt road. Its a shame an entertainer is put in a position like this. And while Jameys team did reach out to the station for an apology, its just an example of the take no sh*t kind of attitude weve come to know and love from Jamey (who also happens to be one of the nicest and funniest guys in the business). July 14, 1975 in Enterprise, AL. Every time they step before an audience, the Oaks bring three decades of charted singles, and 50 years of tradition . Advertisement. 2021 Jamey Johnson Gray Tour Tee From $ 5.00 2022 Country Cadillac Tour T-Shirt (Limited Quantities) From $ 5.00 Black Zip-Up Hoodie $ 40.00 Country Cadillac Black/Black Mesh Cap $ 10.00 Grey Unisex Tank Top $ 15.00 Sold Out. His biggest fear is that shallow songwriting about beer and partyin' could erase the memory and importance of the true country music legends. A fifth single, "My Way to You", was issued in July 2009. Powderfinger Never miss important updates. 8:32 pm. The young artists today its important they learn those songs, its important that they pass it along. 2:25 pm. In addition to most of his own material, Johnson has co-written singles for Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, Trace Adkins, George Strait, James Otto, Joe Nichols and Jessie James Decker. July 30, 2018 @ Even though I went to see Zakk Wylde for him and got my shirt ripped off on the edge of a mosh pit while reprimanding the 21 year old boys like a lame-o. 8:18 pm. He was signed to BNA Records in 2005 and made his debut with the smash hit "The Dollar," which was also the name of his album. 8:37 pm, BwareDWare94 I am working on an update about Rowdy and The Steel Woods that will be up soon. It was anything but. Jamey is 100% about respect. NASHVILLE, Tennessee- Since the neo-traditional country artist, Craig Campbell launched his Grindstone Recordings label in 2020, he has released music and banking even more cuts over the last few years. I was at the concert and it definitely happened. What a badass lol. What a bunch of shit. Your email address will not be published. 7:14 pm. Youve clearly never heard of the Cockney Rejects. Kind of ruined Jamey Johnson for me. Who is Jimmie Allen's wife? I will say that the new guitar player, who is a hell of a picker, is still needing to figure out his timing on songs. Lets face facts, much like in sports its all about how important you are to the team when you get caught screwing up. Jamey Johnson is an award-winning singer-songwriter who rose to the top of country music through fierce dedication to his craft and a never-give-up attitude. "As always, the safety and security of our guests is . The South All-Stars defeated the North. But he just showed me he is a damn it out. 4:38 pm. "In Color" peaked at No. January 24, 2016 @ Whether it really happened or not, I like the idea of it because there are more and more people at concerts these days who are sloppy drunk, talking loudly through shows, with their cell phone selfie flash blinding everyone, to the point where they ruin it for others. [6] The album debuted at number four on the U.S. I was surprised that no one was pulling out a phone when the two men were climbing on stage. (1997 Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces) seems they were right all along about the Iraq war. This song became Strait's 51st No. and play for a respectful crowd, nowayjose (@brandyLA) September 17, 2022, nothing but respect for jamey johnson tonight at laburge in baton rouge. January 21, 2016 @ Singer/Songwriter, Jamey Johnson and his Band perform in a secret show during the 2010 Country Radio Seminar at The Stage on February 25, 2010 in. Gaven Kross' Mom I love Jameys music, and the band is the best. I remember reading about label trouble, but it seemed like that was quite a while back. 'Saturday . 11:25 am. Come on people that belt shit was fake as hell you really think if it was real them guys wouldnt of sued the shit out of him and the place. There was a radio station that came out on this stage uninvited to run a little pep rally before I came out. 8:37 am. We probably would not have some of the bulling problems we have today if things would get taken care of quick, hard and to the point. Unless you sell yourself as a true band, see Turnpike Troubadors, RRB, etc. My brother was there, said he couldnt believe his eyes. Meanwhile, Jamey has not been known to be involved with a girlfriend after his divorce from Amy. November 17, 2019 @ The marriage between Jamey Johnson and Amy Johnson did not last very long since the couple separated and filed for divorce. You win the internet forever. Whiskey_Pete 6:15 am. I never pictured him being like that. It is critical here ( I practice in DeSoto County) to get good local representation. July 30, 2018 @ But, unlike her husband, she does not like the limelight. From Texas to Tennessee, Appalachia to Bakersfield, Whiskey Riff is THE unapologetic voice of the country music fan. 10:47 am. 4:55 pm, That Southern Baptist parking lot Upon its release, The Guitar Song was met with overwhelming praise and universal acclaim from music critics. "Jamey Johnson is an eleven-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and is one of only a few people in the history of country music to win two "Song of the Year" Awards from both the CMA and . January 23, 2016 @ Its disrespectful to modify the American flag to either make a political statement, or to represent an organization other than the us military. Why did Jamey divorce his wife, Amy? Drunken morons got what they deserve. Such HUGE talent not being heard by the massesits sad really. tucker33585 On the subject here. 9:17 am. Signed to BNA Records in 2005, Johnson made his debut with his single "The Dollar", the title track to his 2006 album The Dollar.He was dropped from BNA in 2006 and signed to Mercury Nashville Records in March 2008, releasing his second album, the gold-certified That Lonesome Song. ), but I cant risk it getting scratched or stained when Im careless with my juice box. Earl Knapp January 24, 2016 @ Ask anyone that knows Mike and they will tell you what a caring person and talented drummer that he is. No clue why but hes missed. 2:47 pm, You sound like a Baaaad Maaaan !!. LOL. 3:11 pm. January 23, 2016 @ Yall dont play my music, and I dont play yours, so stay the fuck off my stage. Jamey Johnson is launching a tour later this year with Blackberry Smoke.Ella Langley and Megan Maroney will support on the 19-date run, which kicks off Aug. 12 in Lincoln, Nebraska.. No ones come out and said they were there first hand either. July 30, 2018 @ people talk about Waylon, Coe but forget true badasses like Denver and Little Jimmy Dickens. Alex Gale became famous because of marrying the American singer. The looks on their faces as they ran out of the Belle was priceless! You may think the blue line flag is misguided and I totally respect that. Singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson wrote several hits for Nashville heavy-hitters before stepping into the spotlight himself with a sound that walks the line between outlaw and classic country. It was clear they knew they had done wrong; one of them took 15-20 seconds of convincing to get up there. Im a big time Jamey fan and as such respect him, his music and any venue him and the band would choose to play in. 1:16 pm. 3:45 pm, Ill tell ya somethin if a belt is good enuf for Jethro its darn tootin alright for a drunk shithead at a concert, Silent Also, since it happened in between songs, even folks recording might have missed it, since even the most hardcore phone recorders usually take breaks between songs. [17][18], On March 19, 2022, Bill Anderson invited him to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry, which he accepted; Johnson had performed regularly on the show for the previous seventeen years. Anyway, they were assholes, the crowd in general was disruptive (typical in this hellhole), Jamey definitely did wrong, and it was damn cool to be there first hand and see it. I have been married to Mike since 2008. July 30, 2018 @ 7:28 pm, Jason Hannan Everything you should know. 7:47 am. lol. The country music singer has never come out publicly about his marital issues, and people have only been speculating about the primary reason for their divorce. The album paired him with acts such as Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, George Strait, Vince Gill, and Merle Haggard. Drunk women are bad too. John Scott and Mike Kennedy were given bonds of $25,000, Mark Crum was given a bond of $20,000, and Cowboy Eddie Long was given a bond of $2,000. He was also a main stage act on Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown from May to July 2011. They where telling him to play his own songs, and he didnt like it and acted like a child and threw a cheap shot at one of them and started swinging his belt. These guys were being assholes all night and the venue security let it go on and on. Well I wasnt there but the dude is all about the music, and when you have drunk shitheads ruining your concert why not pull out some good old fashioned discipline? Jamey Johnson is about as real as they come, as he prides himself in writing songs about real life, everything from hardships growing up, to personal experiences. 9:52 am, Sorry, thought i was replying here instead of under your other comment. You know Jamie Johnson smokes weed. Trigger Their antics were going on right from the opening act. [9] The album garnered Johnson a nomination at the 55th Grammy Awards for Best Country album. Genre. The dark side of John Denver was so depressing to discover, Ive loved his songs since I was a kid. July 30, 2018 @ July 30, 2018 @ North Woods Country 9:18 pm, 2 of them were fired and a third left because of Jameys lack of loyalty to the others. January 21, 2016 @ Country singer/songwriter known for his own output and as a writer for Trace Adkins, George Strait, and others. I cant believe hes involved. 10:50 am, give it time and the 800 or so in attendance will magically be in the thousands of people who will say they were there, crazyredhead Darkness on the edge of the Patriots dynasty. As a child Jamey Johnson was influenced by many country artists such as Alabama and Alan Jackson. Country. Just last month, Jamey made headlines for telling radio DJs to stay the f*ck off the stage. Weed is not a controlled substance. Dont really support Jamey on this though.. Point them out, let security deal with it. Another Grammy nomination on its husband and I have always liked him, always will. The latest invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry goes to country singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson. I take it yall have never been in legal trouble (especially in Mississippi lol) straight from the horses mouth: Please note that a substance need not be listed as a controlled substance to be treated as a Schedule I substance for criminal prosecution. 8:29 pm. Act like a child and then sue when you get out in your place. Regular joes lose jobs over much less. Add it to a list of recent incidents involving Jamey Johnson taking a stand at one of his concerts. "The venue tried to tell our Semi driver Dan that it wasn't possible for him to back up our trailer down the ramp and around the corner . January 21, 2016 @ July 30, 2018 @ No microphones, no amps, just Aaron and a guitar. Bryan, I was there. 1:35 pm. My wife keeps asking if she can peel it off (what a weirdo, right? But I believe Jamey Johnson thought it was a protest against the US, and thats why he spoke up. Johnson quit college after two years and served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve for four years. July 30, 2018 @ 10:16 am. The changes were apparent, I didnt know why until now. You dont know a North Dakota crowd. July 30, 2018 @ Even if the charges were dropped, the media should be able to obtain that information. I was actually there and I have to say it happened extremely fast. This story kinda makes me like Jamey more. Johnson was part of the Fox TV television series Nashville,[5] which was cancelled after two episodes in September 2007. 9:23 am. December 23, 2020 @ Time of Day. 34. August 26, 2016 @ Merle Haggard sang it first, but Jamey Johnson and Cody Jinks got this country crowd joining in when they kicked out an over-the-top performance of "I Think I'll Just Stay Here & Drink.". Unfortunately, further information about the two is scarce. Dirt Road Derek He was stationed at Fort Bragg, serving for roughly 11 years. Yee Haw !! Likewise I cant defend the quality of You Can or Alabama Pines (the latter of which is solid, but forgettable). Leon Russell & Willie Nelson) Living for a Song (feat. January 21, 2016 @ Mike loves jamey as much if not more than any of you do, but he feels its in his best interest to step away from that I too noticed the changes, however this was the best show Ive seen them play. How do you know it was weed? 5:10 pm. I knew that place was just bad luck, Theyre out on bail & strapped for cash 9:25 am. However, he was previously married to a woman named Amy. He released the song sometime after the divorce to showcase his pain about losing his wife and having to rebuild his career from scratch. January 22, 2016 @ seeking any comfort , that I can Its phenomenal, unique, and will be iconic when all is said and done. Johnson was dropped from BNA in 2006 and signed to Mercury Nashville Records in March 2008, releasing his second album, the gold-certified That . [2] While in the Marines, he began playing country music in various bars in the Montgomery area; one of his first gigs was opening for David Allan Coe. Jamey has never disclosed the year he married Amy and has been silent about the relationship over the years. August 2, 2018 @ if you could only see me now. Johnson, a wild-haired and bearded favorite among Nashville songwriting circles, said "yes . 11:43 am. 9:11 am, Sat in the front row at one of Jamey Johnsons show a few years ago in St. Pete and before the show an usher came out and told everyone in the front row that Mr. Johnson did not want anyone yelling out song requestsGuess these guys didnt get the message, S amato July 30, 2018 @ Hovering at the top end of Rolling Stone and Spin's albums of 2010 lists was a name unfamiliar to most British readers: Jamey Johnson. January 24, 2016 @ 1 on the Billboard country charts, setting a new record for most No. This only furthers my theory that the future of country music is my dad forty years ago. I found them after they posted about it on social media, so there are some accounts out there. So, who is Jamey Johnson's wife? Steel guitar player Cowboy Eddie Long also remains in the band. But I mean, Jameys gonna do Jamey and I wont complain too much. Jamey Johnson Net Worth. How bad does it suck when the performer has to perform and handle security and crowd control at the same time? Been seeing the same act for years now. Johnson was born on 4th July 1975 in Enterprise, Alabama, where he was raised. Hypocrite? Despite successfully keeping their private married life under wraps, the two certainly hit the news when fans heard about their separation. If there is a government record that is not marked classified for the safety of the State, it should be retrievable. This Ain't My First Rodeo (feat. Well no. 8:33 am. 9:03 am. As for how the crowd reacted to the belt-whipping incident, It was kind of 50/50, says one witness. July 30, 2018 @ July 30, 2018 @ But when the crowd wouldnt get quiet, he just said goodnight.. Check your inbox to be the first to know the hottest news. FLYINGBURRITO2486 Billboard Top Country Albums, selling 63,000 copies its first week of release.[7]. They left so much good music on the table. I gave him the scare of his life and he slithered away probably with soiled britches! Yeah, I dont understand Triggers view on Jameys voice either. Jamey Jason is not currently married. Rick Diamond/Getty Images. Born . Dirt Road Derek I get where the comment was coming from, though. He could have handled that A lot more sincebly . He used to be a stand up guy but too many fans and too many industry kiss asses have swollen his ego and he has turned into one of the biggest let downs in the business and as a personI raise my finger to this hypocrite poser he needs to take notes from chris stapleton who is really one of the guys saving country music and music in generalHe treats his band and crew and everyone with the ultimate respect which is why he is also respected highly as a musician AND a man no matter what the details are when they are released he will always be a poser and a asshole who talks down to people , cusses fans , friends , anyone who defies his clouded pot and pill filled brain .I mean how shocking it must have been for those fellow former fans to get pointed out and scolded like he is some holier than though role model for humanity.fuck ive heard the n word come out of his pie hole more than once but that aint what the rebel flag is about . saw the dude done hop on his pussywarmer and get the hell outta dodge real quick afterwards. 6:24 am. Multi-Grammy award nominee Jamey Johnson was invited to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry tonight. July 25, 2017. Paul Silas, two-time Celtics champion, dies at 79. The Jamey Johnson crowd was said to be a little more rowdy for the regular performances at the Belle Mehus according to concertgoers, and multiple other individuals were kicked out of the venue during the performance. He also discussed how he didnt realize the importance and relatability of those songs until a little later in his music career: You dont realize that until you get some age to ya when I was young, I didnt understand Merle Haggard lyrics, the same way that I did when I got to be 25, 30, 40 years old. Sir Adam the Great His office is on the square in Hernando, and criminal work is pretty much all he does. A time during which Jamey was trying to clean up. Performers. After Kelseys set, Jamey Johnson took the stage, and about halfway through his show, and just after finishing one of his signature songs In Color, he called the two individuals up on stage, coaxing them to climb up the 5-foot riser. There was never nor ever will be a band that so perfectly blended rock, country and the blues all into one sweet sound. Since there were no stairs, the two individuals had to belly flop up onto the stage, and once they made it to their feet, they started shouting and waving their arms in victory, not noticing that Jamey Johnson has set his guitar down, and taken his belt off. 6:23 pm. You moan and groan about the pussification of America, but you are that pussification. 2:48 pm. Is that part of the reason he hasnt released much in the last 4+ years? . Currently we dont know how he died and his death is labeled as unclassified. However, there seems to be good evidence he died from complications from diabetes, which he suffered from. Date Range. 6:02 pm, Man, what a redneck idiot Jamey has turned out to be. I cant imagine that nobody, out if the 2000 people there, didnt whip out the camera and start recording as soon as he started talking about dragging a couple idiots on stage. In 2006, George Strait reached No. Or at least an almost ass whuppin! ..Now dont get me wrong everyone of these guys are very good pickers.But John Scott better keep him closeBecause you are probably going to need him.. Hans Rosen July 30, 2018 @ Clear Apply. Jamey left Jacksonville State after two years to chase his country music dream. Submit Corrections. I think he has a good voice, but doesnt fully utilize it. Lead guitar player Jason Cope has left the band, though he was not one of the members named in the arrest records. January 22, 2016 @ Saw Kasey Waldon a couple weeks ago.. Johnson attended the same university as Randy Owen . Mistaking it as a protest flag, Jamey Johnson shouted down the owners. January 24, 2016 @ Jenny ive said it about million times before but seriously: if you cant get wasted without being an obnoxious person, than you have no business drinking. Opening acts, especially those still making a name, are often lucky when they draw polite applause. July 30, 2018 @ Unfortunately, we got a false alarm here recently as one of Johnsons bandmates told the world there was a new album in the works, but Johnson declined the rumors. Who was Jamey Jason's wife? July 30, 2018 @ Including comments about how the person on the stage is in charge and has to be the bigger person.) July 30, 2018 @ Jamey Johnson and daughter Kalley at the funeral of George Jones on 2 May 2013 (Photo: Moreover, Kalley even served as her father's backup singer in one of his concerts in 2017, so she could also consider a career as a professional singer. January 22, 2016 @ But seriously, who hasnt heard Oi, Oi, Oi!? I would have left also for lack of loyalty. Jamey Johnson- Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Education. That said, anyone live near WI wanna go see Jamey Johnson in march!? I wonder if these drunk dudes were the same flannel shirt beard-motherfuckers that Sturgill threw out of a concert a few years back? Johnson released an album in 2008, That Lonesome Song, which was only made available online. The music video for the single was released in October, and was directed by Matthew McConaughey, who also stars in the video as a dancing gorilla. When Amanda Watkins, former member of the country duo Miss Willie Brown, set out on her . July 30, 2018 @ In most states, weed related crimes are separate from a controlled substance. As close nit as the community that likes Jamey is online or on Facebook, for not one person out of the 800 or more that were there to say they saw it first hand doesnt add up.