Dating back to 1260-1400, coconut fibers were first discovered in Smith's Cove in 1850 along with five stone box drains that were meant to booby trap the Money Pit by filling it with water. And the treasure will be found after seven men have died on Oak Island looking for it. One such theory suggests that the hidden treasure belonged to King Solomon. Though they developed their burning desire to explore the Oak Island mystery at a young age, the Lagina brothers waited for a long time to pursue their treasure hunt. The Truro Company thought of creating a dam to obstruct the flow of water and dig out the treasure. One fact that supports this theory though, is that when Marie was arrested at Varennes, there were no pieces of jewelry or gold on her. Plenty of theories have surfaced. Later on, they found some old timber at Smiths Cove that appeared to be the exact material that was used when the pit was initially built. We have variations on the Oak tree There is a single tree There are 3 trees arranged as the points of a triangle The tree has already been cut down and only the stump remains We have variations on the Block and tackle The rumours of treasure being hidden on the island date back to the seventeenth century and to this day are the main reason why hunters-and tourists-visit the island today. It is currently privately owned. However, they also inhaled the carbon monoxide and met their deaths down the pit. However, a horrific tragedy ended his mission and his life. But what would a British naval officer be doing visiting the home of a simple cabbage farmer? The mystery of Oak Island has been widely spread thanks to the shows popularity. Determined to apply his engineering skills and, of course, try his luck in finding the controversial treasure, he arrived on the island with his business partner, Fred Blair. As the legal battles took over, Oak Island fell silent for over a decade (1990 through 2005). Tweet . Spanning 15 episodes of length 42-60 minutes each, the season concluded its run on February 15, 2022. Surely this kind of effort would only be undertaken to protect a pretty hefty treasure, right? The one with no treasure.. Its a total sham. The storm created an unusually high tide which destroyed all their hard work. Ok just say you dont like the show. A Roman pilum/Crossbow bolt - Season 6, Episode 3 - If it is the former, then this is the oldest treasure found on Oak Island. Various theories and speculations were made out of the significant pieces of evidence found. The team uncovers what appears to be a wooden doorway under Samuel Ball's property and a new Templar connection is made when an ancient tool is discovered in the swamp. He tunneled approximately 140 feet down, reaching the thick limestone layer that was previously discovered. Besides the Lagina brothers team efforts to find the treasure, the historical and scientific insight into what happens in said Nova Scotias island is what the majority of the audience surely appreciates, treasure aside. The team used heavy machinery in the hope of making significant findings and, most importantly, unearthing the treasure. In The Curse of Oak Island, the presumed existence of the Money Pit is hyped-up, and there are a lot of operations centered in the area where its supposedly located, but contrary to what many people assumed, the pit is not an invention by the show. They most likely just didn't have the tools and knowledge to do so. Thanks to their geologist, Dr. Ian Spooner's electronic slide, they believe they have pinpointed where the gold might be buried on the island. May 6, 2022 - Breaking News: My friend Agatha from Oak Island Nova Scotia found the mysterious money pit or parts of it in a very old log cabin down under in some kind of . However, the next theory were about to reveal to you is by far the most engaging. With the intriguing stories and shocking discoveries about the many attempts to crack the case, Oak Island was receiving public recognition. Shards of pottery were discovered at an astounding 192 feet underground. The mysterious island was featured in an episode of the 1979 TV show, "In Search Of " The episode concerning the island earned the mystery a huge fan base, both locally and internationally. There is a depression and oak tree in the middle of the red clover with the block and tackle. Some people, oddly, traced the source of the treasure back to William Shakespeare. Maybe this meant that there was a treasure lying beneath, just waiting to be discovered? Researchers have found that swearing when in pain may . And with age and wisdom on their side, they came prepared. Eight years later, the Onslow Company launched a team to search the area. Recent scientific evidence confirms what's really there. In this vid were going cover all the updates regarding the Oak Island mystery, and if the Lagina brothers ever found the legendary Money Pit, so keep with us to discover all! The first confirmed gold found on Oak Island, this brooch dates back as early as the 14th century. (DigitalGlobe/Getty Images) A retired geologist has taken decades of experience. That place has so many holes in it, its a wonder it hasnt sunk by now. The mystery continues. Oak Island Treasure Found January 17, 2020 The Money Pit Found. There is Treasure there but has been hidden by the KNIGHTS TEMPLERS AND SUBSIQUENT FEEE MASONS! Someday it will be found on an entirely different island. You have to praise them for their determination, could you ever see yourself just digging for hours in the ground? With a rumored amount of 2 million pounds buried on the island, it is not surprising that conflicts would arise. The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 Treasure Finding00:40 Lagina Brothers Oak Island 202201:20 Oak Island Treasure Update You May Also Like To Watch:Who is the richest person on Gold Rush? much is Freddy Dodge worth? much is Fred from gold rush worth? Credit:Track: Blind MemoriesArtist: CheelTrack: BonfireArtist: An JoneTrack: Clean and DanceArtist: An JoneSource: YouTube Audio LibrarySubscribe to our channel https://ecelebrityfacts.comFacebook you have any suggestion/complaints, contact us at: social@ecelebrityfacts.comSubscribe to our second channel: are an entertainment outlet and on our channel, we will post videos about your favorite celebrities, shows, movies and more. In 1939, he planned to secretly visit the island but it didnt materialize due to weather and certain international issues. Some of these findings are materials such as copper, iron, coconut fiber and granite. Treasure hunters have been intrigued by the legend of Oak Island for more than 200 years. Leather bookbinding was found 160 feet underground along with bits of parchment. While searching the spoils excavated from the Money Pit area, Alex Lagina discovers evidence of human activity deep underground, dating back to 1492. He mustve been the only Oak Island fan in the area because his house was the only one on the block that was saved. They successfully drilled through two chests filled with coins. Recently the island has been showcased on both the discovery channel, and the history channel. This only sparked their curiosity even more. The discovery of beams dates back to 1771two decades before the first discovery of the Money Pit. The determination to find the treasure they dreamed of as kids still lived on in their 50-years-old forms. More payoffs are coming. The list of theories goes on and on and some entries even involve the participation of pirates and sailors. Some of us are just more adventurous and curious by nature and such was young Rick. 'The Curse of Oak Island' season 8 released on November 10, 2020, on History, with the season wrapping up on May 4, 2021. Later in 2013, and after almost ten years of exploring the place without finding anything, the Lagina brothers were contacted by the production company Prometheus Entertainment, which wanted to create a show for History channel, following the brothers operations on the island. Answer one question . He rushed to the pit and tried to rescue him, not knowing he will soon suffer the same fate as his father. Im going to find another video on a better channel. The camera was lowered down into the cavity. Gilbert Hedden and Fred Blairs decision to take on Oak Island did not disappoint them, as they became the first witnesses to the islands newest revelations. One that would surely be answered in the future if only enough clues could be found. At this point, there was already new technology available that did not exist when previous expeditions tried to solve the case. When he remembered all the pirate and treasure chest stories hed heard over the years, the boy talked to his friends and asked for their help to investigate further. As much as we would like for some shows to be around for many years, the truth is that the TV industry is more often than not unstable. Could it be that the Free Masons have anything to do with the island, and could they have hidden a treasure there as well? If the team wants answers, they'll have to take a plunge into the past. He and his brother Marty got even more fascinated when their father showed them an article about Oak Island in The Wall Street Journal. Stirred by his familys sailing stories, he continued following the islands treasure mystery until his death, in 1945. In 1976, the Triton Alliance came up with a brilliant idea on what they can do to try and reach a breakthrough. Speculation has run wild ever since. Rumor has it that even the French Navy was involved in the oppression but it was never confirmed. Thats whats driven people to continuously visit Oak Island, a ridiculously tiny island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. They didnt have the technology nor the desire to create it. Every day it feels like were turning a page of a really good book, Rick said. It's likely the wood was stained a vegetable dye and may be a fragment of bookbinding that the parchment was once part of. Applying science, I discovered that 1804 came AFTER 1802. The wood's color resembles Tyrian blue, a dye used by royalty and church documents. So basically nothing was found or solved. Why it took them so long to start the search, we will never know, still, better late than never. Get ready to read all the deets about this mystery. The curse of the oak island found weight in the last few decades. As if this story wasn't terrible enough, Robert Restall Jr. was there, and he witnessed his fathers fall. The ship sunk had slots in it or shafts that were planned so the deep once ocean current would wash the island away but travel through it. Oak Island has attracted treasure hunters for more than 200 years and now its secrets may finally be uncovered, with the help of a B.C. In 1861, the Oak Island Association tried their luck at cracking the case. Eventually, they realized they couldnt go any further and thought to themselves that theyd have to wait years before theyd have the ability to pursue their mission. Since the 19th century, explorers have tried to locate the loot. Bogus clues to it existence! The Oak Island mystery is a series of stories of buried treasure and unexplained objects found on or near Oak Island in Nova Scotia.Since the 18th century, attempts have been made to find treasure and artifacts.Theories about artifacts present on the island range from pirate treasure to Shakespearean manuscripts to the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, with the Grail and the Ark having . Two workers in the area, Karl Graeser and Cyril Hiltz, hurriedly went to the pit and tried to climb down to rescue the Restall men. The main reason why Oak Island holds so much intrigue is because it's said to be where Scottish pirate Captain Kidd buried his infamous treasure. It was only in 1886 that the shocking message that was engraved on the stone was decoded. After seeing shocking images from below the shaft, the Triton Alliance sent divers to recover the objects, but they were in for yet another surprise: none of the items theyd seen on the camera could be found. shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(40280, 2496875, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_wideSkyScraper_populate'); Please remember to disable your adblocker to view content from our sponsors - Thank you. This stone wharf, which was determined to be at least 300 years old, was unearthed in Season 8 and provides further evidence that the Oak Island swamp is a man-made feature. Were all on one in our own different way, and we happen to be on a real one right now.. The map also dropped hints that the alleged treasure may have come from Africa. "Oak Island" seems to be as much about brotherly bonding and their testosterone-fueled adventure as it is about finding the actual treasure. Video by . Since the 19th century, many attempts have been made by explorers from different parts of the globe to locate cryptic artifacts and treasures. After putting in the work, day in and day out, their lucky break finally came: as they were drilling, they hit the jackpot. When they came ashore to restock their supplies, they reportedly located a depression in the ground. They found an efficient way to drill samples of the pit without the water being an issue. While metal detecting on Lot 21 in 2019, Gary Drayton and Dan Henskee unearthed two iron objects that blacksmithing expert Carmen Legge believes to be swages or tunneling tools used to sharpen rock drills. Was this just an accident? Dendrochronology dated the wood structure to 1769. This human-made drainage system implements an ancient method of rock placement that controls water flow without pumps or pipes. And Gary uncovers evidence suggesting a treasure was, or is, nearby. He was able to make use of these connections, enlisting them to serve as professional counsels. This artifact was unearthed near the site of Daniel McGinnis' old home on Lot 21. While searching Lot 2, Gary Drayton discovered a cartwheel penny with a depiction of King George III made in 1797. This was the islands biggest disaster: four deaths in one day. During The Curse Of Oak Islands eighth season, the exploration team extensively analyzed the excavations adjacent areas, discovering through the data that a large amount of silver was detected under the ground. As the team meticulously uncovers the swamp's stone roadway, they hit on the first signs that it could be heading toward the Money Pit. The map indicated that an anchor, a valve, and a hatch, were in place to help explorers on their quest to find the islands treasure. After locating the strange markings, the explorers dug deep until they hit something solid. While these findings look quite promising, hopefully the most interesting discoveries are yet to come. The Curse of Oak Island has not been officially cancelled by the History channel: the Curse of Oak Island season 8 premiered on November 10th, 2020 (Season 7 premiered November 5, 2019). Even though the crew of explorers didnt make much progress on their hunt for the islands treasure, he continued to monitor the Oak Island attempts and developments. I think its a big snipe hunt, but the history is fascinating. Found in the spoils of borehole 8-B in the Money Pit, this leather boot heel dated to as early as 1492 and is believed to have come from the boot of a very prominent individual. Testing showed that the shaft is made of iron mixed with manganese and could date back to the Ancient Roman Empire Century, BC-500 AD. The curse states that seven people will die before the prize is found, and so far, six people have been killed trying to get at it. What do the Lagina brothers think of it? To prove it, by the time the show's eighth season ended in mid-2021, the island's mystery hadn't been solved, but left viewers with many open questions and unsolved theories. . They found a Roman sword and a Portuguese carving. Found during a metal detection search, this pilum was discovered on Lot 26once the home of 18th century privateer, Captain James Anderson. UTAH'S FIRST COAL TOWN. Faced with the threat of a shut down in the swamp, the team focuses their energy on the Money Pit and are euphoric when they find more gold, with evidence suggesting it's of Spanish origin. When the pump burst, one of their members was killed. The team is unstoppable when more evidence suggests the stone roadway is heading directly towards the Money Pit. Then a storm came. The only thing this farce was missing was Geraldo Rivera. How does it come to be believable. They did find a pile of dirt under the rock, but that's to be expected right? As he was being hoisted up, his rope untangled from the pulley and, tragically, Maynard fell to his death down the shaft. While this theory is attractive, today it is already widely believed that Shakespeare was, well, himself and not Francis Bacon or anyone else for that matter. Rick Laginas fascination with the Oak Island treasure is not a surprise, as the young boy was already a natural explorer. Oak Island, Nova Scotia is the location of treasure hunts, investigations and excavations since the late 1700s. Narrator says $ (half a billion). Find out what keeps them obsessed with cracking this ancient mystery. This means water can get in freely from the sea, and any time theres an attempt to empty it, it quickly fills up again from the endless oceanic supply. The son inhaled the same toxic fumes that caused his father to plummet down the pit. The discovery of a tag with the name Ball engraved in it might have belonged to Samuel Ball, a freed American enslaved person who became one of Nova Scotia's wealthiest land owners. To Rick's and his friend's dismay, not a trace of any valuable items was found underneath the big rock. Hamilton was thrilled with his findings but reached an impasse. Wow what a great way to piss always millions of dollars and valuable time. Restall arrived on the island in 1959 and discovered a stone with 1704 engraved on it. Unfazed by the challenges of the Oak Island treasure, in 1849, a new team of explorers called The Truro Company, set foot on the island. Another theory suggests that the hidden treasure of Oak Island actually belongs to one infamous royal lady - Marie Antoinette. - May 10, 2022. Could this mean that all of their work was for nothing? The ninth installment has not yet been . It was all thanks to a professor from Halifax. With the help of experts who assisted them with sonar readings and in draining the Borehole 10-X, Rick and Marty eventually discovered the islands greatest bounty so far. 2020 Southwest Legends | Designed & Hosted by SWD. When the History Channel learned about the hard work of the Lagina brothers in the Oak Island mystery, the company commissioned a TV show called "The Curse of Oak Island." As with other reality shows, The Curse Of Oak Island is not immune from criticism. For copyright matters please contact us at:, Heres the answer. This paid off, and the hardworking explorers were rewarded with some pretty amazing things. Rick and Marty Lagina have led the charge for nine seasons now on their. But when delicate discoveries are made in the swamp, the fellowship faces the possibility of a government shutdown. His next discovery was an odd layer of natural limestone that contained some oak splinters. What the pair discovered was a stone with markings almost the same as the one that was discovered in 1804 in the Money Pit. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, the brothers were able to search not just the fabled Money Pit, but also other unexplored parts of the island. For now, that seems to be enough reason to keep watching the show, besides the obvious excitement that watching people searching for an ancient treasure inherently entails. This provided evidence that people from Spain had visited the island before. The series has been heavily criticized for several reasons, especially for giving the appearance that it prolongs the treasure hunt for the sake of TV time. In Season 8, water sampling tests conducted in numerous boreholes in the Money Pit provided scientific proof that a dump-truck-load of silver lies buried deep below the spot that started the mystery more than two centuries ago.