This work could have adult content. Here you can post art (link the source) fanfic memes,screenshots, edits, and head canons. It's been a few years since Frogvasion, and things are starting to go back to normal. Episode 1: Alone In My Garden- Upon arriving to Amphibia, Anne finds herself growing magical flowers from her head due to her connection to her calamity stone. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth voting for Toadstool is here. Marcy and Anne had obviously loved each other. She certainly hopes not. In order to restore their magical powers and save Amphibia, Anne, Sasha, and Marcy journey to the Grand Temple to undergo one final ordeal a test that will push their physical and mental strength to their absolute limits. Instead, she reunites with Sasha, and discovers that both of them have been lured into a trap, forcing the two girls to put aside their drama and work together if they both want to make it out alive. Work Search: Sasha is feeling insecure and upset. I have been riding the high that ( has given me with their Lost and Found amphibia au and came up with my own ideas on how to make the girl's relationships darker. Please don't steal this idea <3 On the way to Toad Tower, Anne and Sasha finally have some time alone to catch up and reconnect with each other. Hot . the cover is so c 13 year old Marcy Wu is confused on her love life. Ongoing. For Anne, life was focused on balancing her frog family in her world while trying to get them back to theirs. Skilled at angst and toothrotting fluff alike! -Anne? Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Comments: A fun examination at the differences between frogs and humans, and how those differences can help bring them together. I should probably draw out Sashas tattoos. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. A wish to be with her.A chance encounter with a strange old man has Sasha finding a strange music box. Connexion (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) Despite only having two chapters as of this writing (and some grammatical errors), it already shows great promise. Go check it out, its a absolutely amazing fanfic! And that's it aside from a wholesome little War of the Warlocks detail. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. Comments: A very good look about how Anne, Sasha, and Marcy's lives might be after returning home from Amphibia. Work Search: season 1 -?? But adapt they must, and so adapt they do. Sasha Waybright and Anne Boonchuy are left to face the consequences in a war that's desperate to tear them apart. Amitashrefica (Amity x Sasha x Andrea x Pacifica), Mabollstalunne (Mabel Pines x Molly McGee x Star Butterfly x Luz Noceda x Anne Boonchuy), Annuzstabel (Anne Boonchuy x Luz Noceda x Star Butterfly x Mabel Pines), SashAmiJanFic (Sasha Waybright x Amity Blight x Janna X Pacifica Northwest), Sasha and Anne's Relationship in Amphibiapedia. Comments: I hope this theory gets confirmed. Sashanne is the romantic pairing ofAnne Boonchuy and Sasha It quickly rose in popularity, especially after the episodePrison Breakwhen fans started questioning how much the two cared for each other. It has been three years since Calamity War. Meanwhile, her other friends are in their own path as they dared across their journey. feat. Marcy getting some of that forbidden Sashanne high school lore that Sasha would've taken to her grave. requests are open But, even they can't get over how, sometimes, a human's eyes flashes blue. (Disclaimer posting nsfw is prohibited and you will be instantly banned also ship bashing is not allowed) Created Oct 22, 2021. all sorts of existential bullshittery and a whole bunch of hcs. Worse yet, no one even knows what you really are. Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian My chest exploded with excitement, his words making me clench my thighs together. "I warned you Allison that you are mine that no one "The fuck? Anne and Sasha start to make amends after Amphibia. It was an awkward silence as Anne and Sasha stood in Sasha's bed room. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Comments: This author has well-written fanfics focusing on Anne and Marcy's relationship. "And then They offer you a job. - a sashanne fanfic is updated Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google OR Setting is 13 years later after leaving Amphibia. Preview:"Don't stop." You are Anne Savisa Boonchuy. (Y/n) and Marcy meet and become friends before Marcy and her friends get stuck in Amphibia but here's the twist (Y/n) didn't get transported to Amphibia and -Anne? Tags: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, guilt complexes, Horror Elements, What Once Was Yours Is Mine (My Baby's Gone) by mira_blue, Differences Between Us by May Day Girl_Save_Our_Ships. - rico "I swear nothing happened" I tried not to moan I will play with Marcy and Sasha being the opposite of this.~Please visit themissakat for their au and art! "I know that you feel the adrenaline focused like I was on Ritalin" It's adorable!! Note: In some chapters, they could be adapted to segments or paragraphs of the full-on, long-length chapters in the AU, which is attached to the series. 15 year old Anne's shorter hair style is based on one of Marcy's suggestions in her journal (Entry 76). Tags: Self-Care, Future Fic, Therapy, Medication, Post-Amphibia, Gardening, Nail Painting, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, PTSD. The multiverse is vast, and full of alternative worlds and timelines. Don't forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe for more videos like theseSasha and Anne belongs to Matt BralyArtist ~ CroakGua, Daxdraws, Sourbeefio, Gok. A young male human teen emerges from a coma in Amphibia but is in the custody of Captain Grime and his men. That summer night, motivated by the summer heat, the two had decided to sleep in the backyard at Anne's place. Even a blind toad could see it, it was just so clear.They had always been there for each other and nothing could ever tear them apart.To be honest, they had never really needed Sasha in the first place. Tags: Fluff, Angst, Growing Up, Family, Character Study, Minor Injuries, Friendship. Synopsis: Once, the Boonchuy home was full of life. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Mattheo shoved hi 10 years after Amphibia they finally reunite and Sasha remembers how much she had/has a crush on An Just a French guys who write Lumity one-shot in English for getting a better English . Sasha could only stare at the blood pooling beneath her feet. She's had tragic family troubles that had consequent First off, all credits go to Disney because I am NOT claiming Amphibia is mine, I am only using it's content to make the one shots. Solte sua imaginao, escreva suas histrias, tenha sua prpria pgina personalizada, compartilhe idias, faa amizades. ill just say they did it, but there will be romance and lesbians being useless. Best books to read online - Free light novel online. *COMPLETED* Marcy lets her curiosity get the better of her and spies on Sasha while shes getting dressed. The girls all go Cover art by @fattofu_ on Twitter, do check her out! And inside is a genie who grants three wishes. Contains a main course of fluff with garnishes of angst and found family feels. Showing how our heroes now live their lives now that the war is over as they all begin to get into some new adventures. Good morning, Sasha echoes, and her voice sounds relieved for some reason, as if the simple greeting managed to send all her worries away, leaving nothing but Anne, Anne, Anne. Also found here, Everything's Better with Friends by WritingRegularly, Living in a Frog World by Cowboy Alchemist, A Moth to a Flame by MagicMan001 and TheAllTimeGreatest, homesick (if it helps you breathe) by ghostadventurespiritorb. Or, what if Anne said yes, and therefore stayed dead?? Anne Boonchuy & Sasha Waybright & Marcy Wu, im sorry life is getting stressful again so I need to write this. This is a Band AU involving the characters of amphibia. Has a sequel that looks at the events following the Plantars return, and focuses more on the Sasha/Anne relationship. Lista de leitura Amphibia. It's not the same story this time. Anne captures Sprig in one of her traps and is seen . Sashanne oneshot. Some fun, some deadly as hell. In this Fanf Marcy Regina Wu, a young 23 year old girl recently moved out of her home into a new dorm for her studies at college. Comments: An excellent look at how the three months of Sasha building up the Wartwood resistance with Grime could have gone, it's biggest strength's are showing Sasha's growing relationship with the various Wartwood residents that we already know and love, while also giving us a good look at her introspection following True Colours and Turning Point. She took a step forward, hand raised tentatively. You are dead. She wanted to live a fantasy with her friends. - Sure, pls give me time to reply SPOILERS FOR THE HARDEST THING AND EVERYTHING BEFORE THAT!!!! Am I taking requests? Synopsis: Humans are weird. Copyright 2021 by ShayZayit. The town is rightfully wary, but the Plantars are learning to live with these oddities during the course of their human guest's stay in their household. It has been one month since Anne has come back to the surface to stay forever with her princess. Spirit Fanfics e Histrias uma plataforma para autopublicao de Livros. Trans!Anne. But after getting caught she will learn even more about her friend. In Anne of the Year, Anne and Sasha share in a heartwarming embrace. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, tbh this is mostly just abt their friendship (i ship them but this isn't about that), and how anne feels about the aftermath of the fight, It's A Beautiful Day and You Are a Naughty Marcy, Anne Boonchuy & Hopadiah "Hop Pop" Plantar, Alternate Universe - Untitled Goose Game Fusion, some good gay ducks helping good gay girls, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Both episodes have a happy ending though dw, i don't wanna talk right now, you're asleep outside my house, sasha's way too hot to be acting like this, does it count as established relationship if they're exes, I havent yet hit that truly dark stuff but, that feels like such a strong tag to have, like i need to write more about the obsession to be able to have it, this takes me back to my crystal gem spinel au writing days, This Is Not Going To Go The Way You Think, The name is terrible please help me think of a better one, Spoilers for Episode: s02e20 True Colors (Disney: Amphibia), The calamity trio gets drunk..or something, Post-Episode: s02e20 True Colors (Disney: Amphibia), i love all the other pairings but sahsanne is so fun to write for some reason, This can be taken as romantic or platonic, I've been in a Sashanne vibes for days now, And this fic also started after a twitter talk, not actually canon compliant anymore thanks to True Colors showing us childhood Anne but whatever. What if Anne were to get stabbed instead of Marcy? Sasha lets slip that their intimate moment means something more. Alfa, Beta e Omega. poor little sasha used to always quit, but shed never really quit. *** What happens if Anne finally comes back after these ten years? Timeskip to five years, Marcy and Sasha have found eachother a year-ish into coming to Amphibia, but have yet to find Anne. Comments: An excellent writer for fics focusing on Sasha/Anne. Medicated by Opin88 and DragonLovingGirl6. Lista criada por: miraculer089 2 histrias One Shots Sashannarcy (Amphibia) escrita por Nathagi Em andamento Captulos 25 Palavras 54.709 Atualizada em 15/05/2022 21:33 Idioma Portugus . Contains spoilers for the. Reviews are also encouraged, but please make sure to make reviews have substance; if you simply want to recommend a fic without an extensive review, put your Troper name in the Recommended by line of the fic in question. A more confident, stable, and mature Anne. Please consider turning it on! Space adventures, family fluff, angsty moments, Sashannarcy interactions, redemptions, comedy, sibling relationships, friendship, therapy (lots needed), and subtle references to almost anything. Based on a Sashanne video I saw a few weeks ago. First ever story lol. I Love You! Her breathing unevens as a pair of arms wraps around her body. Sasha makes Anne a new sword. The last time Marcy was in town, six months ago for Anne's 23rd birthday, the trio almost revealed everything. But it meant losing everything. Tell me.It all started with a street rat in love with a princess, a princess who wanted to be loved for who she was, three wishes and, Andrias opened the music box. They're only sixteen and all of sudden they have to save another world from a crazy King of Newts and save Anne from herself?? With a help from Sprig, her new best friend must adjust to life in Amphibia and discover her first true friendship in her life. In 1650, precisely the beginning of the appearance of pirates, who always . Instead of returning her immediately, they accidentally placed her five years into the future. Comments: A very effective and emotional one-shot of Anne laying bare all her pain from Sasha's toxicity. Anne Boonchuy and Sasha Waybright still continue to use their powers to protect the people of Earth. Her number hit zero. The author has worked to differentiate the story from canon and is clearly not just going to be a rehashing of the show's events with Marcy shoehorned into Anne's role. Also found here, The Invasion by GoodSR (tgsr). Making her have a new wish. I'm just.. getting my gremlin hands on it. like the monster I am.. :,D haha. It's trying to come to terms with the things she's done and the person she desperately wants to be. Spranne is the romantic and friendship pairing between Sprig Plantar and Anne Boonchuy. Over the next few years, the Calamity Trio struggles through grief and hope and loss and new beginnings.- A oneshot made up of a series of interconnected drabbles and ficlets set in an AU where the girls end up stranded in Amphibia. Acceptance of change and growth was a big lesson the trio learned and now they'll have to face a new challenge, Marcy moving away. She certainly hopes not. A young girl, Anne Boonchuy finds a music box that sends her and her friends to Amphibia, a world full of frogs, toads, and newts. Aps um trmino conturbado, o trio forado a voltar a conviver novamente, ser que ainda existe algum sentimento entre si, ou o rancor das palavras ditas ser mais alto que os batimentos do corao? Also found here, If I Die Before I Wake by infinitetailwag. What did she do? Amphibia-FC Marcy-Wu-Fan-Club Anne X Sasha Comic Published: Jan 22, 2021 By Issabolical 665 Favourites 57K Views sashanne amphibia comic commission fanart commissionart fanartfriday fanart_friday anne_boonchuy anneboonchuy amphibiafanart amphibia_fanartamphibia_anneamphibia_sashasashawaybrightsasha_waybright Anne X Sasha Comic. Dance with Me by Hugh Jidiot. Please use the discussion page for conversations about fics. Synopsis: What do you do when you're raised your whole life believing you're one thing, when you're actually something completely different? After defeating the core, Marcy moves away, and after two months, things between Sasha and Anne are Marcy's a new student at Saint James High School and they soon meet a "kind" girl called Sasha but somethings off about her. Anne, Marcy, and Sasha. The Break up (Marcanne story) by Mitskiluver. 10 parts. Their legs are twice the length of frog legs, but they can only jump half the height. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I'm Sorry! I'll accept your requests in the comments! Sasha waybright goes in the bathroom every night when she cant sleep, even when she cant sleep she still goes in there! She hates herself for the way she is, shes just a big crybaby. No matter what you choose, your family will always be there for you. fanfiction; lesbian; slowburn +8 more # 19. That made its emptiness all the more painful. These drive her and Sasha together and the two of them start working through their feelings about Marcy, the rebellion, and each other. Do you go back to pretending that you're no different from those around you or do you choose to embrace your true self? They dragged an old mattress abandoned in a guest room down the stairs, threw a sheet, pillows, and a blanket over it, and, with snacks and soda, lay down to enjoy the evening. Enjoy this fanfic <3 (if I know you irl please don't comment on this irl) (See the end of the work for more notes.) Unfinished History (A The Owl House Wolf Gir Luz Noceda loves nature. Three girls arrive in three different placesand begin a new era for the world. It's supposed to be over. Sashannarcy (Amphibia) vs Bumbleby (rwby) usually i'd put marcy in the middle but today it's anne!! Tags: Drama, Angst, Reunion, Tension, Deliberately Ambiguous Ending. Discover more posts about sasha waybright, sashanne, anne boonchuy, marcy wu, amphibia sasha, marcanne, and amphibia fanfic. I got inspired by some of the pieces in the SashAnne bible by @bichasspice, so I decided to write write some scripture to go with the art. A sob pulling at her ribcage before cutting off in a pained wheeze. A wish to be with her. Anne, Sasha, and Marcy got transferred to Amphibia at the age 4 when they were playing together in Sasha's backyard. 243 Stories. But, what are they goi Fem reader Episode 2- Toadstool Follies: After the trio is finally together again, they venture outside of Wartwood to find an ingredient for a potion Marcy's making. ! Comments: A great look at what might happen following the Season 2 finale, shown in the form of Anne's text messages. Author: Now she turns to Marcy for help in hopes of better understanding her side effects, and possibly get rid of them. The story will progress through both Anne and Sasha's points of view. amphibia anne anneboonchuy gay girlxgirl hophop lesbian marcy marcywu polly pollyplanter sasha sashanne sashawaybright sprig sprigplanter Table of contents Last updated Jan 05, 2022 Missing her Plan To Find Each Other Get notified when I'm Sorry! Synopsis: Battles are filled with chaos and bloodshed and hard choices with no right answer. The torrid relationship between them somehow manages to be both utterly simple and frustratingly complex. All the while trying to get use to the world she had only seen from afar. A series of episodic chapters that all take place after the events of Calamity War. I Love You! Tags: Anne and Plantar family bonding, slice of life, character study. Will anyone ever figure out why? Just a gay who wanted to try writing some gay romance. - Cantinho seguro pra Sashanne, Marcanne e Sasharcy shipper Status: Complete. And as soon as her palms touch her temples, the reality around the three girls changes Anne, Sasha and Marcy are dragged into another universe when Anne discovers some strange, terrifying blue powers. Downright idyllic, and when she feels like she's forgetting something, she can close her eyes and a soothing purple light calms her down again. Tags: Heavy angst, Violence, Protective Marcy Wu, Trauma, Sleep Deprivation, Hurt/comfort. Now Sasha has a chance to become a princess. Never Gonna Give You Up (sashanne) Chapter 1, an amphibia fanfic | FanFiction I WILL TRY TO UPDATE RIGHT AFTER NEW EPS. Sasha waybright goes in the bathroom every night when she cant sleep, even when she cant sleep she still goes in there! Im eating marshmallows as I write this. Making her have a new wish. Tags: Non-Linear Narrative, Immortality, Memory Loss, Angst, Canon Divergence, Canon Compliant, Comments: A beautiful fanfic exploring the possibility of Anne choosing to be the Guardian. The mission wouldn't be so bad if only Anne didn't need to pee. They take him into their home to help him yet he's taken an instant liking to Anne. The Plantar family still adopts her. Sort by: Hot. F you, Troubling Times, UNLOVABLE IS IN Some minor Marcy thirdwheeling incoming, but this is all pre-Amphibia. In Reunion, Anne is holding on to Sasha's hand as she is about to plummet to her death, and Sasha chooses to let go. Synopsis: Anne returns to Wartwood after the events of Season 3A. Overall Synopsis: The trio are gifted magical powers due to their connection to the calamity stones which affect their daily lives in Amphibia. Now they're finding out the truth. x reader Once, it was where - not one, not two, but three best friends practically grew up. They treasured it nonetheless but none of them really knew just how much until they were without it for days on end, stranded in a strange world with even stranger people.
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